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Tetra packs!

Hello, I am thinking about Slim and Save and considering against Cambridge which I have done before. The price of slim and save is tempting as is the ease of ordering online.

My main problem is that Cambridge do tetra packs which i really liked as no matter how well I tried to blend I always found that those darn powder bits were there to stay! Also I have just started a new job and really would rather keep it to myself that I am doing a VLCD and tetras are great for this.

Just wanted some ideas as to how others manage work and making shakes there.

P.S. I only have ever liked a strawberry and banana shake so never had soups etc as I could not stomach them .
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I don't have shakes at work, I just have bars and oatmeal which I make up in the microwave, just looks like normal oatmeal :D I love the oatmeal sooo much!!
Hello, thanks for that.
I will have a look at the options online. How have you been finding it? I am 5ft 1 and approx 14 stone so have quite a bit to lose so just a little nervous about the amount of time I need to be on it for and I know I will have to take some planned breaks!
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I use a shaker at work... I have done Cambridge in the past and the s&s shakes mix much easier!

Good luck
Thats good to know! How do you find S and S compared to Cambridge...I didn't like so many of the Cambridge flavours that I could only have shakes as I never usually drank milkshakes so I think I didn't compare them to other foods but the soups etc were very odd!
S: 21st0.5lb C: 20st7.5lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 49.3 Loss: 0st7lb(2.38%)
Hi, I have personally found S&S to be great, when I first started I had my favourite shakes but over the last few months my tastes have changed and ones I loved I gag on but ones I hated I love...

I think the S&S ones are a bit sweeter too... I guess it's personal taste but for me the fact I can have a meal every day makes it so easy!

I've not tried the soups but I've had some of the meal packs which have been fine, tended to have them with my protein and veg allowance... Guess its all trial and error... With hopefully not too many errors :)

I would recommend getting the taster pack so you can see which you like... Good luck :)


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I've also done Cambridge in the past and think the S&S shakes are nicer, I only drank the chocolate tetras & cappucino shakes on CD, whereas I like quite a few of the shakes and a couple of the meals, plus they do shake up easily and are not gritty. The bars are really nice and a good option for work if you don't want to be mixing something up. Agree the starter pack is really good for a taster and a good price too - best of luck
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I found with the powder water flavourings (exante ones, as that was the VLCD i used to do before ww, starting sns on thursday) making them with boiling water then let it cool then stick in the fridge, they dissolve much better :)
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It would be good if slim and save offered tetras too. Along with the wafers this would make days when im unable to prepare my meal really convieniant. Maybe we should pitch the idea to them!


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awh I love the chocolate tetras! my CDC was really nice and she'd let me just go and buy some tetras from her if I wanted, you could always do that?
there are so many options with S&S that you might not miss the tetras too much, the meal packs are lovely, and blending shakes in a blender makes them super smooth, adding more water also makes the texture better, less floury


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Tetra packs are terrible for the environment as they can't currently be recycled. That might be a decent reason to ditch them :)


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You could take salad with your protein in it. Egg salad etc.


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S&S wont do tetras because of the weight, it would push up the delivery charges way too high (this was posted in a previous thread) :)

On a plus side though the shakes mix perfectly in a shaker unlike the CD ones seemed to for me, I take them to work daily
oO~SaDiA~Oo said:
It would be good if slim and save offered tetras too. Along with the wafers this would make days when im unable to prepare my meal really convieniant. Maybe we should pitch the idea to them!
It's already been done and its not a consideration for them. Not only will it massively increase the postage but there's the risk that if one burst it could ruin packs. It's just not something s&S are considering


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If it's a problem with the shaker consider trying one with the metal ball rather than the 'sieve' one that S/S sell

It mixes all the shakes really well, I use it for everything shakes, soups, porridge etc apart from the meals.

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