Thanks everyone I'm now on xenical

new me 20009

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I went to doctors today to ask about going on xenical as you all put ideal in my head to ask. I explained everything that I had used alli and been succesful.

She said they don't normall just prescribe it normally try other methods first but would prescribe it to me as I had been sucessful on the alli tablets. She's weighed me and said I need to be weighed monthly and pick up my pills and that they don't like me to be on them too long.

Well I'm over the moon now it's going to save me loads of money and I'm so happy that I have them. So starting them lunch time today.

Thanks everyone x
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woop woop
well done...
Good luck! hope they are as successful for you as the alli!


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Don't forget they're a bit stronger than the alli so you might get the dreaded side effects! :D

new me 20009

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S: 16st2lb C: 15st8.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st7.5lb(3.32%)
I hope I don't get any dressed side effects lol but I'm sticking to it 100% as I don't want any accidents. I'm so pleased I have them now and going swimming tomorrow as not been able to much with this bad weather but that's going now.

Well can't wait to see my weight loss this week scales are really moving much at the mo but my period started yesterday and I normally gain weigh around that time.

I'm very excited now and have any of you notice these tablets shut the voice in ur head. Mines on silent lol hahahaha


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Yes I notice that voice has gone lol!! Fab! Good luck xx


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just posted on the other thread, I'm so pleased the doctor gave them to you. :party0049:

I know what you mean about the voices in your head, it was someone's birthday and I was very determined to be good, they had cakes and stuff all day and i just had an apple.

Well done again and hope you enjoy swimming tomorrow.