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thankyou exante members


is slowly shrinking
i would just like to send a sincere thanks to all who helped me thro yesterday. It was a horrrible day but glad to say i did not crack and even gave a honk.
I know we will all get these days but all your support encouraged me and helped me through so much. I ended up having an early night to avoid temptation, and glad to say i am more poisitive today.
Sorry for being so miserable,
kind wishes to you all x
shirley (calligas)
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reaching my goal
hope you are ok , last nite was ok felt more tempted today but thats gone know . Drinking lots of water and im enjoying black coffee to x calli you will do it i have faith its a journey we can do together and with theres lovely people . x
Calli, never ever apologise for feeling or being grumpy, you did not bite anyone's head off or hurt anyone, hell we all go through those days. Just glad you got through it without paying a price. Good stuff girl you are doing a fine job of this diet, do not let it beat you.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Do you know what Cali... I've said it before and I meant it, you show so much strength on this journey.. it keeps me going.

You weren't grumpy and far from upsetting or annoying anyone, I personally kind of feel honoured that we can share with each other the though times. It's a long journey, and we can be at our most vulnerable.. sharing that and supporting each other through it, means so much to me.

I would rather and I am sure the others agree, have you here and being the you we adore, than thinking you should carry the hardships alone.. Damn.. Shusuushhh! Be told!

Remember your honesty and strength to admit its hard one day, helps more people than you might think.. there might be others feeling the same, or lurking and wondering how to get through the day.. The fact you show us all that it is possible to get through it.. and it a beautiful smile the next day, I think you would be suprised at how inspirational you are.

there is no need to ssay sorri hun that is what we are all here for..to support each other through the good and bad times of this diet...its is hard and we sumtimes will end up feeling low but you are very strong and you inspire me so keep it up n no need to apologise as i don't think you was grumpy at all..in fact i think i am more grumpier then you lool
:gen126: It's great that we can share the downs as well as the ups though. Well done for staying strong!!


is slowly shrinking
thankyou all for your lovely comments. (let me wipe my tears) i have never been so touched by people i don;t even know, its kinda weird isn;t it? We are all building a friendship up and we have not even met. I feel so honoured to of come accross such a lovely group and hope we all remain good friends through this long journey to success.
dont be sorry...we all have ups and downs, and its great we can share them. this forum has kept me sane this week so like you, i'll thank every one of you for that. keep strong, you can do it xxx

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