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That's IT!

I can't do this right now (again).

I haven't been to the sodding dentist, OH trying to convince me to go tomorrow - we'll see.

I've not eaten, i've just not had any CD packs either, and now that i just spilt a pint of water all over my £167 textbook i'm GIVING UP!

I'm seeing my CDC on monday (get home from weekend off SS in belfast) and i'll be weighed. I'm then not weighing until 22nd April. I will do SS until at least the 22nd, oli's brithday is the 25th of april so it's a good incentive. I also have to write my dissertation, and start sorting myself out with revision in that time (not to mention a few hundred other assignments) so it gives me the perfect opportunity not to think about food/weight/scales/measurements/BMI/blah blah and to sort my uni life out once and for all.

Sorry for letting you all down in many different ways, i just have to do this for myself.

Ramble ramble xxx
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Leah big big big big huggles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You're so lovely and have been supportive for everyone including me (thank you) and have been so forgiving and kind to all the struggling CD ers, you should cut yourself some slack too hun methinks! you'll do the right thing you're a clever woman! Important thing is (I think) is that you're happy, that's all really, everything else can be worked on!! If I'm talking tripe someone will put you straight soon!!! I think your great and hope you carry on posting regardless!! (my OH's bday 25th April too!! btw:D)


Taking Back Control...!!!
Aww... big hugs to you Leah:hug99:... you sound really stressed.....:(

Go to Belfast.... meet your lovely mate Delli and the others - have a fab time.... come back see your CDC and if, and only if you feel ready to SS do it.... but sorry to inform you your gonna have to stop before the 22nd April - cos the Bham Meet is on the 18/19/20....lol;)

Take care and have a fab weekend....:D

Oh and I hope you get your teeth sorted.... ouch...:eek:

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HEY that's enough of that nonsense, you haven't let anyone down! You have to do what is right for you and when the time is right. You have sooo much going on at the moment hun and CD isn't the be all and end all. You are a gorgeous young lady and don't ever forget it. CD or no CD I still expect to see you around and about as you will be missed!

Love n hugs


Doing it for keeps now!!
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Leah don't you give up or I shall text yu to death....;):D
Aaww Leah! You are a real support here on Minis, you are one of the main people that I remember from when I very first joined! I am no expert on CD at all but like all the other girls have said you will do this and you will be a success but that aside you are a lovely, thoughtful, kind-hearted person and that's what comes first! Enjoy your lovely break in Belfast and come back with a fresh head :)

If it's any help (and I am whispering this) - I am really struggling this week too! This is my second restart, I am turning in to a serious restarter that can't get passed day 1-2 ;) See you could be worse!!

Take care honey and above all, keep smiling xxx


Gone fishing
Awww Leah.

Lots on your mind at the mo eh. Maybe too much energy spent talking yourself out of things? As one of the greatest procrastinators around, I know how exhausting it can be;)

Damn teeth business doesn't help does it:mad: Wish I had some words of wisdom for ya. Wanted to send you huggles though friend.
Thank you people, you are a great bunch of coconuts xxx


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Posted to you on your other thread. Good luck Leah in all you choose to do!
Hey bluegrapefruit,
sounds like you have lots on your mind, which is causing a bit of a funk! You'll get thru this, take care and here's wishing you wonderful and less stressful days ahead! Your doing great, best of luck on your final goal!

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