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The beachball is back!!!

Wow, your looking gorgeous. Well done on with your weight loss. Your pic's are really inspirational!



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Another 3lbs off!

Off on my hols this Monday. Half board so I know I shall make a pig of myself. Still, it's only four days so I'll try to be good from the minute I get home next Friday.
Hey :) I've really enjoyed reading your diary. Well done on the losses so far! It's great to see how you fit SW in with your life, still allow yourself treats, but have fantastic results x
Thanks :) it's gone on and off over a few years but I'm determined to get to my goal this time x
Hey Jan, just read your diary - well done you! Your before and after pics are amazing - you look fab! Keep up the good work,



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Thank you Zoe. Sorry for the delay in replying ...............

Basically I fell off the wagon, big time. After my Butlins holiday I was doing ok & shed the weight I gained there, then I just lost it. Had a real hungry phase & pigged out on everything & anything. That lasted quite a while & wasn't helped by another holiday (up to Alton Towers & on to Thorpe Park). I went back to class last night after a four week break, fully expecting to have gained a stone ........ it's 13.5 lbs!!!!!!!!!! Still, I did expect it.

However, my C stunned me by saying that while I was away the class had voted for woman of the year & there was only one nomination - me :cry:. Can you imagine how I felt, there was me having gained a stone, holding this beauiful bouquet & certificate because my C told me the people in my group felt that I was the person who'd inspired them to lose weight the most :cry:

So, I'm back on it with a vengeance. I'm hoping for a 7lb weight loss this week. Don't know if I'll do it, but I'm sure as hell gonna try!


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After my spectacular 13.5lbs weight gain :eek: I've been really trying this week. However, I don't half find it hard with the kids home. You go out somewhere & even if you take a packed lunch, you're inundated with ice cream kiosks, hot doughnuts, pick n mix sweets .......... or is it just the places I go to? Mostly I've resisted, but when I've paid £2 for an ice cream & half way through my six year old tells me she can't eat any more, sorry but I can't throw it away!

And take yesterday, we were going shopping 25 miles away, to get some clothes & stuff for the house. I told my lot to have brunch around 11.30 (we all got up late). At 21, 18 & 15 they're all old enough to get their own, except the six year old, so I got hers & mine. Around 3.30 they're all moaning, saying they're starving. So I was good - drove past McD's, Pizza Hut & we went to this Tesco cafe ........ no jacket potatoes left, no meat, basically all that's left is pies, pasties & sausage rolls :-(

I bought a takeaway sandwich for myself, even though I'd already had my 'B' choice, plus because of their meal deal, I got a bag of crisps.

Anyway, I must have done something right, because last night I'd lost 5.5lbs :)
Thats fab hun, well done on getting back on track after your time off, it's so hard to do! Blooming kids hey, I'd have told them they can wait until they get home, hehe.

Could you get your little one a mini milk instead? That way if you have to finish it it'll only be a couple of syns?

Well done on the woman of the year too, thats fab xx


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Thanks Lou.

I know I should get her a Mini Milk or something, but I'm a sucker when it comes to her - she likes REAL ice cream, you know the butterscotch/fudge/choccy type that tastes like heaven in a cone lol!

I do think it will be easier when they're back to school. I'll be at uni or at school placements, so hopefully I won't have time to snack on junk!
Hehe - a mini milk just doens't compare does it, think on the plus side though, if you've got all the kids at home you'll be running around like a mad arse so lots of body magic xx


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Yesterday we went to Pizza Hut ......... 5 slices of pizza, patsa & salad, followed by a mini cheesecake & coffee. Plus I helped littlun finish her ice cream. Naughty or what? Having said that I wasn't hungry for the rest of the day so that was all I ate, apart from a banana.

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