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The beachball is back!!!


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Well it's 36 weeks from today until Christmas day. In those 36 weeks, if I lose an average of 2lbs a week I will be at target. Now that would be something. I'd be the lowest weight I've been in 27 years.

So, to the diet bit: although I do follow the SW diet, I chop and change to calorie counting as & when it suits me. For example last Sunday, went out to dinner. Told myself I WILL NOT HAVE DESSERT! Ate a lovely roast meal & the dessert trolley was calling to me. Gave it an hour & then buckled & ordered chocolate fudge gateau. With ice cream. So of course it must have had about 100 syns in with the dinner, so for that day I changed to calorie counting. I'd had yoghurt & fruit for breakfast, so that was light. I skipped tea & painted the bathroom instead, when I got hungry. Then made myself an Options hot choc & went to bed. At WI the following Weds I'd lost 2.5lbs.

If I stick to the SW diet 24/7, week in week out I get bored. Same old food, if I fancy a bag of crisps that's half a day's syns etc etc. So chopping & changing works for me. I'm not recommending it by the way, it might not work for someone else. And it might stop working for me one day. I hope not. I do whole days at either one or the other though.

See with last Sunday's dinner, if I was 100% doing SW, I'd have felt guilty, bad etc. I'd have tried (& probably failed) to make the syns up and may have even given up counting syns for the rest of the week. By changing to calorie counting for that day (and yes, I know I was hungry for the evening but that's my choice & a sacrifice I need to make if I seriously want to lose weight) I did ok.
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I should really introduce myself: I'm 44. I live in Cornwall with my family (the old man, two grown up boys, 15 & 5 yr old daughters).


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I've had an apple for my brekkie (nagged by a five year old to go swimming so no time for proper breakfast!) Lunch was fried eggs on toast (1 syn). Dinner was liver, potatoes, carrots, runner beans & gravy (1 syn to thicken it). Followed by SW banana cake mmmmm mmmmm. 3.5 syns worth as I had a slice & a bit. So 5.5 syns so far today. I'll have an Options hot choc later, so today's syns will be 7.5

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Hi hun, thought I'd pop by and say hello from across the bridge!! Is it really only 36 weeks until Christmas - scary thought! xxx


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Nice day today. No time for brekkie again..... too busy making banana cake to take with us & prepare dinner (spag bol) in the slow cooker for this evening's meal. The 5 year old is a hard taskmaster when she's promised a day out - hurry up mummy! So as I made the packed lunch I nibbled on the salad & that was my breakfast. She helped me make the banana cake & that cooked while we packed the picnic up.

We went to a seal sanctuary 35 miles away. It was extra nice because her 18 yr old brother & 15 yr old sister joined us. They don't often want to come out with their old mum, especially the 15 year old! Beautiful day weather-wise. The seals were funny, so noisy (and smelly). 5 year old loved it.

Lunch was a ham sandwich, bag of Wotsits (5 syns), chunk of banana cake (2.5) & a Walls Solero (5 syns) during the afternoon. Syn free spag bol for dinner, which was extra nice as I'd prepared it all & put it in the slow cooker earlier so only had to cook up the spaghetti.

So another good day to mark off on the weight loss journey.
Hiya, great way of looking at your target, one of my aims is to wear a dress on NY eve this year so will be with you all the way x


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Today. Was planning to get the old man & kids back to work/school/college & go to college myself this morning, followed by an afternoon of housework (thrills!) but at 8.15 this morning the phone went - littlun's school - can I cover for one of the teaching assistants who is stranded in Barcelona? I said yes (could do with the money!) So no college today. School was fine, in with a reception class & they are little sweeties. Came out of school & noticed I had an answerphone message. It was from uni - I've passed the science equivalency test I took four weeks ago. Wow, I passed! Never expected to, it was a really difficult test. So what it means is that this September I have a place at uni, doing a PGCE, learning to teach primary. Excited and worried at the same time. My main concern is littlun, because I'll be doing long days (I live 30 miles away from uni).

So then foodwise, been an angel all day - a plum, a banana, 2 x low fat sausages, 1 egg, 2 slices toast. Because of the phone message it called for a bit of a celebration, so that took the form of Chinese - 2 sweet & sour chicken balls, chow mein, honey chili chicken & egg fried rice.

If I convert today to calorie counting rather than SW I should be fine.
Fab news on the exam and uni course, well done! I haven't got a dress in mind for NY eve, just any dress would be good.. I went out last year in trousers and a top, but sooooo wanted to wear a pretty dress like everyone else, so this year I will (fingers crossed). x


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Well, guess who got into size 20 jeans & a pair of trousers in Asda today? Guess who's chuffed to bits!!!!!!

I didn't buy any - wanted cropped ones & they'd run out. I just wanted to see if I could get into 20s & I did.

Lovely jubbly!

Been a good day foodwise too. Lasagne for tea, one of my favourites.

Got a boring evening ahead of me, filling in all my uni forms (finance etc). Poo :-(


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Well that's all the forms done, except I need to do a cheque to the uni for an enhanced CRB (expensive business, this learning malarkey) & also need to go on Tinternet re the student finance. Can't be ar$ed to do it tonight (got lazycowitis) so that's going to be a job for tomorrow night.. One spanner in the works - I need to get 5 days' experience at Key Stage 2. The school I work in only goes up to KS1 so I'll have to ask in the school next door. Got my relevant experience at KS1 so that's covered. Would be nice if they would let me do it during June as college will be over by then. Although it's only five hrs a week, it's spread over three days. It takes half an hour to drive there & get parked too, so I lose the whole of Monday morning, Weds afternoon & Friday from 10am-1pm. Would be difficult to fit my school work experience in really, especially as I'm in littlun's school all day Thursdays!

Right, enough about uni/college etc. This is supposed to be a weight loss diary! Weigh in tomorrow night. Been silly to myself - keep jumping on the scales. According to the Wii Fit this morning I'm 1lb lighter than I was last week. Hopefully the SW scales will be kind. 1lb off is another 1lb in the right direction. Was hoping for 2lbs as then I'll have my 1.5 stone award. That would be cool. Still, can't have everything. I'm still chuffed at getting into a size 20. Haven't been that size since I had my littlun, nearly six years ago!


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A good start today - I walked littlun to school. As we live quite a way away that means I've walked 3.5 miles!

Had a good brekkie to set me up for the day.

Weigh in later.


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Half a lb off for me tonight. I didn't expect much. Over the past three weeks I've lost 7.5lbs, so that's an average of 2.5lbs a week.

Everything crossed for a good loss next week :)


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Thanks Louise :)

Today ...... got called into school to work as one of the teaching assistants is off sick. Nice class again, Reception year. The phone call asking me to work came in just as i was getting ready to leave to take littlun in, so i grabbed a plum & a banana to have for brekkie on the way to school. Halfway there this little voice in the back says "I'm hungry", even though she'd had a bowl of porridge! So that meant I got half a banana & a plum for my breakfast.

Jacket spud, cottage cheese, vlf mayo & ham for lunch, plus another banana. Dinner was low fat sausages, potato wedges & baked beans.

Littlun went with her big sis (aged 15) to the park. I was supposed to pick littlun up at 7.45 for bed, but just before that my phone went ........ littlun had run into a metal bar in the park & had a huge egg on her head. Honestly that child is an accident waiting to happen! A trip to A & E showed she's ok, but as a precaution she's in my bed tonight & she's not to go to school tomorrow (she's very pleased!) I've got to wake her up every two hours to check shes ok. Poor little kid.

Just had an Options hot choc & am sitting up in bed keeping an eye on littlun.


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It's the weekend!

Booted it off last night with a bottle of wine, mini treacle tart & some white chocolate. It's kind of like a tradition for me - Friday nights is my night off of dieting.

Back on track today. Had fruit for breakfast, jacket spud for lunch & SW quiche for dinner. Now having an Options hot choc. Been on the Wii Fit+ & burned off 230-odd calories, so all good :)

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