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THE Beginning

So I have tried losing wait for a while now, but it seems I'm just putting it on all the time.
Breakfast and lunch are fine. Then when I come home it's too early for dinner and I have some food. And then I'll have coffee and biscuits with my boyfriend. And then we have dinner. And maybe some more biscuits.
I don't know I'm just so tired of this. Trying very hard all day and then just letting it go.
Will try to note down every single thing I eat and drink (I do have a online food diary but usually I don't write down anything after lunch!)
I just had a look at the pictures on the gallery here. They are amazing! So happy to see that it is possible.
I'll try too. Just need a bit of support. :)

A bit about me. I'm 28...Been struggling with my weight since I was 3. I was a normal child but then suddenly with couple of months gained weight. Went to doctors and they checked everything but no one knew why it happened. I think it was an evil witch. The same one who gives ladies moustache sometimes :)
Anyway...when I was about 16-17 I fell in love for the first time. I think I weighed about the same as I do now. And then I stopped eating. I could go days without food. In the end I weighed about 130 pounds. I know it’s not healthy but I couldn’t help myself!
I stayed in the same weight for couple of years, and then I met someone who I was with for 4.5 years. By the end of that relationship I weighed 213 pounds. After that ended I lost some and came down to 175 pounds. I maintained that for some years.
But in recent year or so I've gained weight again. Might something to do that first time in my life I've got an office job. I do cycle to work and back but I don't think it's enough.
It's awful how obsessed I am with food. I do eat healthy food, at least I try. I don't know how to describe it...I know whoever has problems with eating knows what I'm talking about.
Anyway...would love to get back to 140-130 pounds again. I liked the clothes in that size more! :)
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Right now I
Weight: 14 stones 12 pounds (94 kg)(92.4kg 12.02)(88 kg = 13.8 stones 08.04)(85kg 13.05)
(81 kg 22.06)
Chest: 42 inches (107cm)(104cm 12.02)102cm 08.04, 100 cm 13.05, 97cm 22.06
Tummy: 42 inches (107cm)(104cm 12.02) 101 cm 08.04, 100 cm, 99 cm 22.06
Hips: 46 inches (118cm) (115cm 12.02) 111cm 08.04, 111 cm 13.05, 108cm 22.06
Waist: 33 inches (84cm) 84 cm 08.04, 80 cm 13.05, 79cm 22.06
Leg: 28 inches (71cm)68 cm 08.04 66 cm 13.05, 65cm 22.06
Arm: 14 inches (36cm)35cm 08.04, 34 13.05, 34cm 22.06

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First morning..I'm a bit poorly so I don't even feel hungry.
Drinking hot lemon water. Apparently it's good for your digestion too when you have it in the morning first thing.
I didn't go to work today. It's always a challenge when I stay home because the food is just there. And I can take as many breaks as I want to eat something. Well luckily I don't feel so well today and maybe I won’t snack so much! Fingers crossed. :)
I weighed myself in the morning now and it's a bit different from yesterday. I'll take it as a weight loss. I need the motivation :D
I'm just trying to count my calories. Last week I tried to keep it under 1200. It was 1200 but I didn't count the chocolate and biscuits :( I'm not eating too much of them but I think I really shouldn't have any because I don't exercise and I've got an office job. I do cycle to work and back but it's only 2x15 mins per day. I guess it's better than nothing.
I recently discovered smoothies what are really yummy and filling. I make them myself with a bit of low fat yoghurt, skim milk, berries and sometimes a banana.
What plan are you on? x
Sounds good to me. I'm trying to stick to slimming world as I like the way there are so many free foods so you always know you can have something at least! I just find it quite difficult to eat out and sometimes it takes me a while to decide what day to do. I think though that it's got good habits which will hopefully stick!!!
I'm trying to have 1200 calories per day...Today so far I've had:


Blackberries frozen
Soy milk ligth 31
YOGHURT Bio Activia, Fat Free 69
Seeds flaxseed
Orange juice
Total Breakfast 182 (364) (actually I had half of it only, rest of it in the fridge, might have it later on)


New Covent Garden
SOUP Tomato & Basil 132
YOGHURT BREAK Forest Fruit, Go Ahead 135
Total Lunch 267

Afternoon Tea

BREAD Best Of Both, Medium Sliced 171
HAM Lean, Average
CHEESE Babybel, Light, Mini 43
1 Tangerine
1 Plum

Total Afternoon Tea 303

Total so far:

448 calories left


On A Mission!
If early evening is a bad time for you try making some homemade veg soup and heating up a bowl when you get in, it will fill you up nicely until dinner and will be easy on the calories.

Its really easy to make veg soup and will keep in the fridge for about 4 or 5 days quite well. You dont need a recipe as such, just put some veg in a pan, make up some chicken or veg stock or boullion and cook the veg in that for about 20 or 30 mins then wizz up in a food processor or with an electric wand. Tesco sell one for about £7
Oh that's a brilliant idea! Thank you. I just saw on this program on BBC how soup is very good for you. Much better than solid food with the same nutritional value. I have to make lots because my boyfriend is mad for soups, he'll eat them before I get home :)
Had some vegetable soup plus sweet crap - square of dark choc, cereal bar, bit of toblerone, 2 little blackberry muffins I made yesterday :(
I've had around 1500 calories all together today.
I guess it's ok. Tomorrow is another day.
1500 calories isn't a failure, I know you're trying to stick to 1200, but even at 1500 you're still 500 calories under the daily recommended intake for women.

Are you planning your food for each day or are you getting to mealtimes and hunger danger spots and grabbing the easy eats? I have to say that if I fail to plan then in reality I am just planning to fail, if that makes sense. It really does make the world of difference.

Good luck :)
Thank you! Yeah I guess you're right. Still when you are planning on something and it doesn't happen feel like I failed. Have to change my thinking a bit to stay positive :)
I don't usually plan my meals. It does make sense though to do it. Thanks for the tip! If I would have everything down on paper it would be so much easier. Yes I shall do it today! Thank you!
I think I have tried to plan too but failed and then planned to fail ;)
Hope your planning starts working too! x
Food today so far:
Smoothie what I made yesterday.
Blackberries, light soy milk, orange juice, linen seed and wheatgerm and fat free yoghurt. Should be around 182 calories.

Tin of tuna steak in brine + tomato + fat free vinegrett + 10 raisins.
130 + 15 + 7 + 30 = 182

Afternoon snack:
Danone fat free yoghurt 65
Vegetable soup 100
Apple 50

Ok a bit of naughty stuff too
After eight 35
Toblerone triangle 130
Some chok buttons 30

Made a fish stew for dinner. It's just veggies and fish. Can't imagine it being more than 300.
So total today:
about 1100!!! :) (might celebrate with another toblerone square...ha! )
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I think today has been ok. I feel like I've eaten loads but looking back to it it isn't like that at all.
Feel like I would like to have something sweet. Might have some raisins.
Hope that day 3 goes well too.
Feeling better today. Lots of lemon and fresh ginger tea always helps to get over flucolds.
So it's my 3rd day today. Feel more confident than I did on first day that I can actually do it.
Went food shopping yesterday. Bought lots of veggies and low fat food stuff. I was so happy to see that my local Sainsbury's had quark in stock! I always had to go to big supermarkets to get that.
I love quark and it's so low fat and versatile!
Anyway..back to my day 3 foods..
Had a smoothie for breakfast again. Made of half banana, raspberries, light soy milk, 2% natural yoghurt, flax seed and wheat germ. yum. 190 calories.
Drinking lemon and ginger tea with squeeze of honey in it. I'll make the total to 200 then.

My mum sent me my favourite sweets and I just had to have 3!So that's 100 cal I think. And 3 squares of dark chock 75 cal
Plus little bowl of leftover fish stew. 150?

Afternoon snack:
150 g fat free quark 100 cal
Strawberry jam 60
Bite of pizza roll 50

Chicken breast 150
Steamed Broccoli, carrots, parsnips 100
light yoghurt dressing 40

fat free yoghurt 2 little sweets 150
Had 3 pints of water today and 2 lemon and ginger teas. Should be enough water.
Made it through day 3 and stayed below 1200!!!

Calories total: 1175

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Day 4 (haha, when I wrote that they guy who did voiceover for Big Brother said that in my head:) )
Another day, another yummy smoothie! Had it with half of banana and 75 grams of blueberries. And now washing it down with lemon and ginger tea.
I've been poorly last 3 days so I haven't had any coffee. I do like my coffee. I've heard it's not really good for you when you're on diet. Is it really possible to live without? Can I just have 2? :)
Feeling full of energy. Woke up at 6 already. An hour and 41 minutes before my alarm. That doesn't happen often.
Anyway today's food diary:
smoothie with added wheat germ and linen seed 250 Calories

Chicken Fillet 150
Vegetables 100
Cereal bar 80

Afternoon tea:
Half of banana 50cal
3 sweets 100cal
blueberries 30cal
Fat free yoghurt 65

tin of tuna 130
1 tbs seafood sauce 44
lettuce, tomato, cucumber, chikpeas, linen seed, pepper, fat free vinegrett salad 150

Also I cycled to work and back today 2x2.5 miles.
Should be aroun 300 calories burnt in there. :)

Total today: 1149 calories (might have a little something later on)
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Hi, it sounds like you've had a similar up-down pattern to me in the past, you sound on top of it now, your plan is looking good. 1200cal a day isn't a huge amount so on those days you hit 1500, you really shouldn't beat yourself up! Keep it up with the smoothies, they sound delish!
Had some vegetable soup plus sweet crap - square of dark choc, cereal bar, bit of toblerone, 2 little blackberry muffins I made yesterday :(
I've had around 1500 calories all together today.
I guess it's ok. Tomorrow is another day.
I never push my ideas on people, we each have our way. But, there is a great article on here about emotional eating and for the first 4 days dieting I was getting cravings like mad, I read the article and now understand when I'm hungry and when my mind is playing tricks on me. It really works.
Thank you Pippa! I know you're right but it just makes me feel guilty!
And I do love my smoothies, they get me up in the morning and give lots of energy. And they are good for my tummy. :)
Last Attempt Have you got the link for it please? Would be interesting reading! I really need to get over this.

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