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The Biggest Loser - Wii Review


Shake Challenge Diary
The Biggest Loser for the Wii, which is also Balance Board compatible, is the latest workout aid I've purchased.

I like the fact that you get to choose a character to represent yourself. It tracks your weight weekly and sets targets. Food, nutrition and fitness tips are available just like in Jillian Michael's other workout games. Although multiplayer is available, you have to do the routines without the Balance Board and is only available on certain exercises.

You can create your own workout routines and warm-ups. The option to set the amount of time spent on each exercise is a useful function as fitness levels vary with each person. You have the choice of easy, moderate and advanced exercise moves. Much like Wii Fit you can chose between having a female or male trainer.

I'm enjoying my custom workouts as you can mix the exercises from the easy, moderate and advanced tabs, and set the time you want to spend on the complete workout as well as each individual exercise.

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Thanks for that, will maybe consider getting it once I get bored with Just Dance 2, can only seem to do one thing at a time, big flaw but hey.

I would recommend Just Dance 2 to anyone who doesn't have it too, great fun and easy to follow, had everyone dancing in my house New Years Eve, even had a bit of a competition going on, which incidentally as the biggest person in the house, and the most unfit, I won.

I do love Biggest loser though so that may help encourage me to give it a go.


Shake Challenge Diary
I prefer to do a workout based around dance or aerobics anyway, I personally find it more fun than any other types I've tried.

I have Dance Fest for the Playstation/Dance Mat which is alot of fun, on your own or if you have people round, but I guess it depends how a person feels about exercising in front of others. Personal experience was a Christmas get-together with my 4 year old (at the time) and my tipsy mother in-law on the dance mat, very entertaining! lol Only problem is the minimal choice of music and not being able to add more.

The ads and reviews for XBox Kinect and Playstation Move are very alluring and would love to try them out but I think I'll have to wait until they go down in price before I'll consider buying 1 or the other. You have any thoughts on either?

Thanks for commenting! :D
The only experience that I have of the Kinect for the xbox was my three step children in Tesco dancing on the Dance game there, it was fabulous,it started with a group of teenagers all playing in the middle of Tesco's and ended with my partners 12, 7 and 5 yr olds dancing their little socks off, they were so upset when we had to literally drag them away, especially the 5 yr old.

I have to say though that I really wanted to have a go too, and when I can afford it, I will definitely be investing in this system, one of the things that I love is the fact that you don't need to hold any gadgets and really do just use your own body as the controller.


Shake Challenge Diary
awww bless there little cotton socks! that sounds like something my 8 yr old would do. hes very much into gaming and console fitness. loves wii fit plus.

I agree, it is definitely worth the investment, the fact you are the controller. my single sceptical thought was if there were any problems or glitches picking up movement or with the multiplayer function. youtube reviews cleared that up for me though so I'm happy to invest once it goes down in price or the funds become available.

do you have a favourite form of workout or preference?
Have to say that I think swimming by far outweighs any other form of exercise for me, am waiting for the day when I win the lottery and can afford a house with a pool, lol.

In the house I do love dance, I can then pretend that it's not exercise, why is it that that word is just so scary.

I'm hoping to start up my own company this year so who knows maybe I'll get that pool one day.


Shake Challenge Diary
I'd love a house with a pool 1 day. I'd be in it all the time lol. My weight issue is the reason I don't go swimming.

Exercise relates to bad P.E. experiences at school I think. And aching afterwards. Dancing sounds like more fun don't it. :)

People all over the world are waiting for lottery wins to get what they want. Shame that it comes to this, especially when you know the chances in winning aren't high.

Good luck with you business goals, what is it you plan to do?
I'm setting up a Holistic Therapy mobile business to begin with, with the goal of having my own premises in 2-3 years time.

Firstly need to complete my course in full, but I've been given a grant to start up and have now purchased all my marketing materials and Aromatherapy oils and the like so getting closer to my goals all the time.


Shake Challenge Diary
that's a great idea. I've been looking into aromatherapy and reflexology courses so I can treat people from home in my spare room downstairs. I've done the research on the materials and treatment aids I'll need. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, although I still need to see if the service is going to be successful in the area I live. otherwise I will have to wait to start up business until I move house.

I wish you all the luck in the world and hope it's successful for you :)

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