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sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...

Oh dear..... Having a rubbish moment. Thought I'd scribble on here rather than blogging as maybe someone can give me the kicking I seem to need.


I'm looking at that tickermagig & thinking 55lbs.... what have I done to myself? & also that's too far & gonna take too long & what's the point of looking nice when there's no one to see or go out with to show off the hard work? I don't know why, I was ok this morning. It's all a bit overwhelming realising what needs to be done.

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Hey Sweetie,

I am the same as you but instead of trying to loose the whole lot in one go as it does look very daunting .... I have given myself a 10% goal as to what I need to loose.

That way I can just focus on 10% at a time instead of looking at the figure overall.

Hope this helps :D

sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
:) Thanks, that's V sweet of you. Just so frustrating b/c when I actually lost weight a few years ag I did really well. I kept going, kept focussed & was happy with small results b/c each time I dropped a dress size I was so excited. Now however all I can see is a big long road and taking forever till I get my ahppy back. Ho hum.... keep your eye on the prize....


is going to loose!
Yep keep your eye on the prize. Dont think about the 55 think of 7 for the month or something like that. Perhaps set a new ticker with a smaller goal above your main ticker?

What diet are you on hun?

Also i think avoiding the scales until the end of a couple of weeks might be a good idea.


sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
Just eating low fat - checking the fat content of everything I touch lol!! It worked before, my lifestyle/job doesn't suit having to plan & organise meals. If I can't eat low fat or check fat content I'm just going to use a small side plate & eat a tiny bit. Sometimes at work it's difficult to have the right food available. That plus I *have* to drag myself to the gym. No diet has ever worked for me without a *lot* of exercise :( So whilst I have this stupid cold/chest infection I'm just trying to walk places when possible (which is also good for saving pennies on parking & petrol lol!!)

I'm going to try & stay away from the scales, but I really want to move that ticker along lol!!!!


Silver Member
You can do it :) I had 90lbs to lose when I started.... still a long way to go but the weight is coming off, I do it in 1 stone targets and try and focus on how much I have to lose until I get to the next stone rather then my over all target.

sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
Thanks all, I know you're all right.
I think I'm just cross with myself because I lost so much weight a few years ago & then my weight's been yoyoing so much. It's annoying because I've messed up so many times & each time I re-start I'm starting off heavier than the last time so I feel like even when I've lost I'm only back at square 1 again. Anyways, trying to keep focussed. Have lots of good food in stock now & have managed a week (had to buy WW choc desserts as was having serious chocolate issues lol!!! Thank God for WW food hey?!! :))

Right well I'm keeping away from the scales untill I've done 2 weeks, I think that'll help me focus as I'll be worried about undoing any possible good results!!

Going to go for the Homer Simpson weight loss measuring method - give yourself a shake & see how long it takes for the fat to stop jiggling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! :banana dancer:

sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
Someone help? Give me a good kicking? I saw my ex tonight (we for at the same place) & I am a total wreck now. This situation is beyond stupid. I can't keep going round in circles like this. I'd managed to avoid him for a few weeks but I'm all over the place now.
Everything will be grand

Hey there,

did you know that 8lb of 55 is more than 15% of the way there, thats brilliant......

Ex's are ex's for a good reason, think about new things to be done and people to meet, not what happened in the past......:D
It doesn't matter if it is water weight hun, that's still 8lbs less that you have to lose next week. Chin up, short term it may be tough, but long term you're going to power through and feel better for it.


sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
Hmm, just wanted to post, not sure there's any point to the blogging as not really any feedback. I don't go to WW or SW & not doing any of the meal replacements so I don't really ''belong'' anywhere. To begin with, I was quite inspired by finding this site. Kinda feeling a bit lost now tho....????

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Don't think about him, he's your ex for a reason! Concentrate on your diet, because taking care of yourself is the most important thing. Baby steps, right? If you do it slowly but surely it'll work and you'll keep the weight off. Just think of every pound you lose as proof that you can do it, and it'll be self-motivating and next thing you know you'll fit in a smaller size :) Don't think past flames, they don't matter.

Keep your chin up :)

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