The Chatterbox- The Challenge- Can you beat it??


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I have had an idea to start a thread so that whenever we have a victory over the chatterbox ( voice that tells you its ok to eat, whatever you want to call it) You post it here as a roll of honor!!!

This will show others who are stuggling that we all have are demons and we may pick up tips on how to kick the chatterboxes a**e!!!!

OK who's first???
My chatterbox is winning everytime at the moment!!!!


Maybe today will be the day when her powers

My Chatterbox is a crafty one, She quietly suggests a biscuit when I least expect it or guides my hand to open a cupboard to reveal forbidden goodies. I find if I ignore her immediately I can keep her at bay but if I cave in once I tend to cave in all day!
That's a great idea!

My chatterbox is pure evil
Needs a good slap sometimes!
My Chatterbox thought she would have ago at trying to get me to eat my sons breakfast cereal whilst he was having his breakfast, what makes me really sad about this is my children dont bat an eyelid when i pinch something from there plate as they have grown up with it and think its normal!!! But today i had my arm in the cereal box and had 2 minibix in my hand "on the way to put it away" and i nearly had them out the box but then i dropped them back in!!!! So she lost on that occasion!!!
At the moment though she just wont get of my case!!!
Tough luck I am going to fight her today, let you know how it goes!!
my chatterbox had a go at me in asda his morning when i saw pringles now have a chilli flavour for halloween, but i told it to buggar off, :)
My chatterbox TOLD me to pick at my hubbys pizza leftovers last night but do you know what happened?? My right hand picked up the kitchen cleaner and sprayed it all over the leftovers before my left hand had a chance to pick them up!!!
Hi, I think this is a great thread!

My chatterbox spent all of Saturday trying to make me eat the lovely chinese prawn toast my DH was eating. I imagined a big red alarm button marked over ride. I ran towards it and pressed it. Guess what - it switches off my chatterbox.

OK -Mad, but it works for me:)
My chatterbox is in overdrive at the moment! must be a man!! and keeps saying eating more will make me feel better....stinking cold at the moment and spliting headache......I did have to shout at him earlier when I spotted someone had left an open box of jaffa cakes in the he wants me to finish off DD lunch...NO NO NO.

Excellent thread Lavender!
Heidi..Great idea for a thread!
I know the feeling about kids thinking it's normal to pick from their plates! my daughter is the same.. but now she tells me off! lol

Today.. my chatterbox wants a cuppa tea and a good handful of biscuits... I'm keeping it at bay.. washing the kitchen floor worked a treat! lol
Well is anyone else really cold?? That seems to be the time that CB comes into her own, well tough S**T today because I have just made really yummy warming courgette soup, (so simple a monkey could make it) which I am sipping at now and will remain my "comfort" for the rest of the day!! Only down sude is the wind it gives me but as my DH is away this eve it wont matter , i will indulge in duvet lifting and not worry!!!!
anyway the choc muffins she want me to make "for the children" aint happening today, I know her sneaky game!!!
My chatterbox got me to buy a box of toblerone chocolates on saturday.But I've put them in the fridge and as soon as I get the chance will wrap them up to give to someone for christmas instead, or maybe I'll wrap them up to give to me for my birthday lol Thats in january so I will hopefully have lost plenty of weight by then AND it means I will still get to eat the delicious lovelies, just not yet.
ooh my chatterbox was really active at lunchtime - went out to lunch to a pubby type place - it was all chips, bread & carby stuff or SALAD!
My chatterbox told me it was far too cold to eat a salad & it would not hurt to indulge oneself in something warm & satisfying - after all it would only be "just this once"
So I ordered a cappucino - that kept me warm - and enjoyed my salad which was scrummy!
I beat her I beat her and do you know what Miss Chatterbox - i am not even gonna have tea cos I am so full!
Excellent thread Heidi!

I've just beaten mine again! This is my 'danger time' - from when i get in from work, until OH gets home from work. There is a 1-2 hour window, which pre-LL i would use to eat myself silly, then prepare a healthy dinner and not be able to eat all of it. OH thought this was a sign of me trying to lose weight, and up until 2 months into LL was unaware (at this stage I decided no more secrets, so told him, and also told him where my hiding places were).

Errrrr, where was I?

Oh yeah. So this is my danger time - I am always incredibly hungry when I get in from work. It makes me panic sometimes (pathetic? Yes. True? Unfortunately yes!). So I have to be very very careful not to eat the first thing I can get my hands on and not to continue until i feel 'full' especially if I have had a bad day. So today, Miss Chatterbox was saying 'toast, hardboiled eggs, apple and cheddar, go on, you've had a bad day'. I gave myself a telling off (I was also desperate for a wee wee when i got in, and would actually have eaten something rather than go!), and had a pear. Chatterbox was still at it 'a pear is not enough to fill you up. You need a hardboiled egg. While you're at it, make yourself 2, it will make you feel better, and it's protein, so you won't get fat.' I jumped up and almost ran to the kitchen (oh, there's no stopping me when i'm in binge mode), but managed to shout in my head 'STOP!'. I made a cup of tea, and said to myself 'if you are still hungry after you have drunk this, you can have something else to eat'. Of course, I wasn't hungry, cos the pear was enough, and now it's all calm again!

Oooh, and I also managed to avoid a lot of biscuits and a large slab of triple chocolate cake at work! I just reasoned 'one leads to ten, and you really want to shed this extra 16 lbs'. And on this occasion it worked. Rock!!
Well done Dom, and everyone else who has given her/him a pasting today!!

My danger time is also late afternoon/early evening, when i am dealing with food prep for others and myself, I have tested this so many times and found that if I dont have my own meal at about 6ish then I will eat bits of everyone elses!!!
I have now tried to eat at the same or almost the same time!! I am still not good and sitting watching them eat something I would really like( lots of carbs!!) so do tend to eat on my own (ahh, poor me but actually I prefer it as then I dont feel deprived).

Like you Dom I dont really ever get full so have to judge with my eye what is a sensible portion of protein/ carbs and then just fill upon veg and salad!! I love volume so just have to make sure the volume is veg or salad!!!
White cabbage(raw) is my current fav!!!
This evening I will be ready for CB when she tells me I have been "really good" so can have a treat!!! I think as DH is away I shall be off to bed with mug of coffee to watch diet doctors as that inspires me!!!

keep at folks, we shall claim victory!
had quite a good day with chatterbox although she had a small victory over me with a peice of weightwatchers cheese, how ever she wanted me to go back for the rest of the block and im afraid I WON, so feel a small acheivment.