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The Diary and Ramblings of WINTER. [Please read 1st post!]

Alright. Todays menu. :p


Breckfast -
1 tin of mushrooms - 12cals.
Some, slightly less than half an Onion - 20cals.
1 leek - 25 cals.
2 Quorn Sausages - 120cals.

Lunch -
1 Plum - 48 cals.
1 Orange - 52 cals.

Dinner -
1 Stir fry - 70cals.
Some onion - 20cals.
Spinich - 10 cals.
Some podded peas - 20cals.
Mushrooms - 20cals.

Snack -
1 packet of snack-a-jacks - 89cals.

Total - 506.

Today has been quite easy. I still have 300 cals left until i make it my boarderline cal intake.

I find it hard to get up to 1000 cals a day like im meant to. Urgh.

Im going to eat something else later though.




Creating my life
Your calorie level is super low there! I'd suggest starting much higher than that. If you start higher then, when you hit a plateau, you can drop down. If you start low there is nowhere to go.

Also if you eat 1000 or under your metabolism will slow right down...which means you'll struggle to keep it off afterwards. Plus you can't get all the nutrients you need under 1200 cals.

Start higher, lose steadily and you can keep it off. That's the point isn't it?

There are plenty of online calculators to work out how many calories you need. Work that out and don't drop more than 1000 per day.
Yeah, i know. But for the most part i find it very difficult to eat that amount of cals per day without going stupidly overboard.

I plan on being alot less strict with my diet as soon as i hit my next mini goal. As my weight is going down im putting my cal intake up.

Besides, i ate more after i posted. [: So, i had more than 506 cals. [:

Thankyou for the advice, i'll take it all into account. I do try and up my intake, its just i dont start eating til quite late in the day and by the time ive had 600 or so cals its bedtime.

Im going to rethink how my eating is going i think. I dont want o work so hard for so long only to pile weight back on at the end of it.



Creating my life
If you eat earlier you get your metabolism burning. People who eat breakfast are, on average, thinner than people who don't. You wanna get that furnace working as soon as.
Okay, thanks for the link.

Yesterday i upped my cal intake, ALOT. I deffo had over 1000 cals.

I am today starting to have extras with my meals to up the cals. I dont want to pile everything back on. [:

Advice noted, and action taken. :p hehe.

Today so far ive eaten -

2 bags of snack-a-jacks.
Stir Fry.



B -
1 bag of snack-a-jacks - 89cals

L -
Stir fry - 150cals.
Spinich & an onion - 50cals [ish]
1 bag of snack-a-jacks - 89cals.

Salad - 100cals. [Greenary, tomatos and onion ]
1 WW chicken hotpot - 274cals.

S -
Snack-a-jacks - 89cals.
Some mateasers - 30cals.

TOTAl - 871.

This is only "so far"



wants to get super fit!
Great link Coley144!
A bowl of Special K and some milk - 200cals. [Rounding up it was a bigger serving.]

Lunch- [Even though i only ate it like half an hour ago]

Chargrilled Tuna steak.

Still to have dinner, going to have mushrooms and stir fry.

So, all in all we're looking at 1000 cals today.

[: Did well, didnt i? Its actually over 800 haha.

Okay, so its well well WELL over 1000. Probably by slightly too much.

Had some of my Father in-laws birthday food. He got alot of stuff in from the Indian. I wouldnt even like to hazzard a guess at how many more cals ive had.

The portion sizes were between 1 and 2 tablespoons full:

I ate 2 veg pakoras, afer potato type things with some sort of sauce on, some chicken with tikka curry sauce, some "sweet rice", afew chips and some popadoms with like..dip stuff.

Even though none of what i ate was a full portion, more of like a snack size portion of each..i still dislike the fact i ate it. MEHH.

Nevermind, due to it not being a full portion of each i dont feel like ive messed up too badly. Its like, a couple of mouthfuls of each thing.
Not like eating a full blown curry with rice, naan and side dishes.

So, hopefully the damage shouldnt be too harsh! Im going to take this downfull very lightly and just be positive that i didnt over do it and any changed made to my weight can be corrected easily.

RIGHT, tomorrow i need to sort myself out.

Its coming around to that time of the month where i want to eat the whole world and everything in it.

Im going to have to really focus for the rest of the week. I havent weighed myself properly in a couple of days, been doing it after food ect. And its showed some horrible results. Maybe if i weigh myself in the morning, with no clothes on it'll show my proper weight.


B -
2 slices of toast - 98cals.
3 rice cakes - 84cals.

L -
2 slices of toast - 98cals.
Mushrooms - 35cals.
1 Veggie sausage - 60cals.

D - [to be eaten]
Stir fry - 150cals. [Might not have Stiir fry, might find something of equal cals to have instead.]

Snacks - [To be eaten]
Rice cakes - 84cals.
1 WW yogurt - 48 cals.
Malteasers - 99cals.

Total - 756..

I'll have to find something else to have aswell.

B -
3 slices of nimble bread, toasted - 144cals.

2 Rice cakes - 56cals.
A bite of a kitkat [lol] - 20cals.

L -
Stir fry - 109cals.
BBQ Sauce - 100cals.

D -
Stir Fry - 109cals.
BBQ Sauce - 100cals.

Snacks -
Special k - 250cals. [big bowl]

TOTAL - 888.

Hate dieting.
Bad mood today.

Im trying to up my cal intakes but its not doing so well.



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