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The Diary of a Villain


I'm not really a bad guy, honest... just couldn't think of a name to sign up with and chose a Bond villain! :eek:

Anyway I thought I'd start this as a way to help me keep going on this diet and hopefully get some support along the way while I try and support the rest of you on here. I'm sure we can all help each other to our goal.

Will be trying the soups tomorrow for the first time, what are they like?
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Hi and welcome although I wouldn't actually have known your name was that of a James Bond villain lol.

Some people can't stand the soups, especially the tomato. Personally I love them and the tomato is my favourite, lol. The addition of salt, peppern chilli flakes and the like does help though. I always add a lot more water to them as well.


He was a bad guy from From Russioa With Love, tries to kill Kerim but Kerim ends up shooting him with Bond's sniper rifle!

So far so good today, is it true I only need 3 packs even though I am a man? Or do I need 4?
Nope only 3 Im afraid. Although you can have 4 packs if youre really struggling. The other diets advocate 4 packs for men because the packs are smaller than Exantes.
I really like the thai chicken as well. The longer you do this the more you actually get to like all the packs surprisingly enough. How much do you want to lose if you don't mind me asking?


About 5 stone if I am being honest, I am about 18 stone at the moment. I was over 20 stone about 2 years ago mind, not really set a time scale on it.

Going to try and avoid the scales as much as I can, I might even take the battery out or I'll be on them 10 times a day.
That's not too bad. You'll have that off in no time if you stick with Exante.

I really struggle with avoiding the scales. I'm a daily weigher. I'm changing diets on Friday though so I know I'm going to have an initial gain so have asked my daughter to hide the scales for me so I don't get disheartened, lol. I wonder how I can manage to have the willpower to lose so much weight but not to avoid the scales.
I actually really like the tomato and basil with a little curry powder or chilli flakes. In fact its actually my favourite out of the soups although a huge number of people disagree with me, lol.

That said, the first time I tried it I poured it down the sink so your tastes do change on this diet as well so if you dont like it dont give up on it right away.


Thanks Starlight and thanks to Jo for keeping it going! I should have more time now to get more involved on here and in other thread, I've been very busy this week but today isn't too bad, another hectic day tomorrow, meetings, meetings and more meetings!

For some reason I feel unbelievably hungry today yet felt fine yesterday, been on plan 100%, only had 1 litre of water so I'll sink another one and see how I feel.

I actually feel physically hungry rather than craving food, which has been a problem with dieting in the past but not at the moment, thankfully.
Sometimes you do get hungry even if youre in ketosis which I dont think you will be yet. You just have to fight through it unfortunately but you do feel great about yourself when youve done it mind you.


Yeah did CD 3 years ago and found it easy. I must say overall I am actually enjoying the packs more and certainly enjoying not having the hassle of going all the way to see the CDC and getting the money out every week and lugging all those packs back on the bus!!!

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