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The dog ate my dinner :(

haha - it could only happen to me.

I had planned to have bubble and squeak for my tea tonight and the dog munched his way through my bag of cabbage and leek this afternoon and now i don't know what to have for my tea :( :cry:

Was really looking forward to it as it was something different to do with potatoes!

Any other ideas what i can do with my spuds apart from baking, boiling or chipping them?
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Not sure...but I don't envy your poo pick ups tomorrow. Or the cabbagey farts you'll have to endure until then! lol


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Oh dear!

I wonder what you were (planning) to have with your bubble and squeak - and are you on green or EE?

You could always turn the mash into tuna fishcakes or mix in a HE of cheese, cover them in cous cous - that could be nice :)

potato gratin - slices of potato (layered with onion or just plain) in a dish, covered with stock mixed with yog / fromage frais (pretending to be cream obviously) baked with or without a HE of cheese on top
i'm on a green day - been racking my brains and i like the idea of potatoes fried in frylight with a wee bit of onion mixed in :) Boiling them now so they are all ready to go after my WI! I'm starving!


loves food and cooking
Where do I find the recipe for that please Emz?
It's essentially Baked Potatoes but I like to cut them in half, scoop out the filling and mash with quark until creamy and add, cooked, onions, sweetcorn, quorn sausage, bacon, or whatever I fancy (or have to hand) in it and I'll use any Cheese Healthy Extras I have, mixing some in and sprinkling the rest on top, then it goes back in the oven until the cheese is melted.

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Lol...oh dear!!! Naughty Dog!

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