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The fat is back

I think you are!!

fat in the jing

as happy as a lark!
My first (real) entry!

A couple of months ago, I asked my hubby to bend down and help pick something up for me. He did it but muttered, ‘if you can’t do that for yourself now, imagine what you’re gonna be like when your 60!’ That’s when I made my decision, 2007 is going to be the year that I stop farting about, stop pretending that I don’t have a problem and get rid of this weight. I cried…a lot…I argued that it just was not fair, me and hubby always eat together, he’s 50KG and I was 115KG! What was I going to do? I saw an ad for weight loss massage and the masseuse was confident that I’d lose at least 20KG after 20 sessions. I signed up and paid the money straight away! Wow! I don’t even think that 26 hours of childbirth was ever that painful! Kneading, squeezing, pulling, rubbing and to top it all off, chilli oil rubbed all over and a steam session! I stuck it out, didn’t lose the promised 20KGS but got a good start by getting down to 107. That was July 2007.
At the end of August, an angel in the disguise of a new teacher for our school joined us here in Beijing. I was showing her around, took her to the local supermarket where she told me she needed to be careful what she was eating as she had just lost 35 KGS on the LighterLife programme. I pounced on her demanding more details and spent hours googling this miracle diet. I e-mailed several counselors and the head office itself who said they could not help me. Unless I was in the UK, I would not be able to join the programme. My heart sank, I saw my dreams disintegrate. When I spoke to my friend, she told me that Cambridge is pretty much the same just cheaper and without the group therapy. My googling, thus, restarted. I found a place in Singapore who promise to deliver some time next week. Have ordered and paid for 3 months worth to start with, but I know I will probably need longer than this. I am so excited. I have been reading this site religiously and am so inspired and at awe with everyone. I have tried so many diets in the past, but always half-heartedly, never with great enthusiasm. This time, I’m ready. I’m so geared up that I think I’ve lost a kilo just from reading entries posted by you guys!
My plan is set, every evening at teatime I plan to join you guys while my hubby and daughter munch their tea, I will pour out my heart (sorry but I don’t have a counselor here, you might have to read some gruesome stuff!!!) I hope that you can join me on my journey!
Welcome Paula! Its lovely to meet you and i look forward to sharing your journey with you! Best of luck xx
S: 20st5lb C: 18st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.58%)
wanted to wish you lots of luck and look forward to reading your diary
Hi Ings and Kazbro, thanks for your support. Heard from my 'dealer' that I should get the stuff by Friday! Am so excited to start and have been eating really little over the past few days and drinking soooo much water in preparation. The feeling of hunger has been really satisfying as sick as that might sound!
Anyway, we'll see how things go and I'll be back here when I really get started.
Well. they've arrived! I've been waiting eagerly for them to arrive all day. I keep asking my secretary, 'has a parcel arrived for me?' 'has there been any calls for me' and at 4:30pm the huge box arrived. I've put them all away in two drawers in the kitchen, 252 packs of CD. My breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 12 weeks! Am off to start writing posters of encouragement to put up around the house, and tomorrow will be the big day. Wish me luck!
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
Hi Paula,

Good luck with the diet. You sound really focused and determined.

I did laugh when you said you heard from your "dealer" - made it sound like drugs.... ssssshhhhhh, dont tell everyone, they'll all want some lolol
Thanks Sam, I've just been reading through your diary (hope you don't mind?!) You have done so well and have given me so much confidence that this time is for real. I know it's gonne be hard at times, but I'm ready to get thin! NOW! You know that feeling when you've dated quite a few guys and you always think it's for real, until you meet the guy that you really love and you realise that all of the others were just 'lust', that's how I feel about CD!
so pleased your packs have arrived. What flavours do you have over there. Not sure if it is the same as ours. And good luck take small steps and concentrate on one day at a time and keep drinking the water

Irene xx
Thanks for all the support. There are lots of flovours, really not sure which one to have for brekkie this morning, toffee and walnut sounds like the tastiest, oriental chilli, spicy tomato, chicken and mushroom, cappuccino, choc mint, chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry, vegetable, mushroom. I think that's about it. I've got a mix of them all!

I can't sleep! Its Saturday morning and I've been awake since 6am. Lying there, dreaming of my new self! Hubby and daughter are still fas asleep, so I've decided to post on here. I feel like a kid on Christmas eve! I'm sooooo excited. I know that this is gonns work and I'm so positive...you guys and this forum has helped with that positivity so much!
I weighed this morning and I'm 2 KGS (4.4 pounds) lighter than last week. I've marked that on my ticker and can see progress! Wayhay!!!! All week I have been thinking such positive thoughts, cutting out a lot of carbs and drinking plenty of water. But, I think that the positive thoughts are really the most important!

I will wait for hubby to get up and get him to help with my measurements. I've just fininshed my first 1/2 litre and will probably keep breakfast until a little later on. I have a huge function to host this evening at a castle converted 5 star hotel. I know that there will be lots of delicious food and I did toy with the idea of starting tomorrow. But, it's now or never. I want this so badly and will do it!
As I crept out of bed this morning, my back killing me under the enormous weight, I dreamed of jumping out of bed, skipping and running with my daughter and feeling no pain in a couple of months.

Two weeks ago, my mum called and told me not to panic, but both Dad and her have had a little scare and are both with High Blood Pressure. Dad also has a little sugar in his blood. I love them both so much but living thousands of miles away can sometimes be difficult. We're a 'big' family, always have been. Mum always told me 'oh, you don't want to be too thin, you're cuddly as you are.' The cupboards at home are always filled with sweets, chocolate crisps and the like. Since I've been living here, I don't eat so much junk food, but the habit of eating everthing on the plate before you can leave the table is a hard habit to kill! My daughters eating habits are like her dads, thankfully. She loves her fruit and veg, mangoes, apples, spinich, broccolli, carrots, anything really. She gets 'treats' but I try to treat with fruit so that she doesn't feel that rewards always need to be chocolate or something. The first few times that we went home with her was very difficult. Chocolate, sweets and crisps were being pushed on her. So much pressure for her to try the 'Bad' stuff. And when she herself chose some celery and cucumber sticks, or a slice of melon, my family said that I was depriving her! What is wrong with these people? That sounds terrible I know, and I really do love my family so much, but I don't want to put my daughter through both the emotional and physical stress that I have had due to my weight.

I know, I've gone on and on and on....Sorry. This stuff has to come out though and I have to fill the space with positivity! (smiles) I know that this diet will work. I haven't told mum about it as I know she will only say I'm being ridiculous. Let's see how ridiculous I feel getting off the plane in 3 months!

I'm sure I'll be on again later today, probably have more gunk to spill.

Wish me luck!
Well it's gone nine at night and I'm through the first day of ss on cd. And, I'm so very pleasantly surprised. I've got through the day, just having my third shake now, and not feeling in the slightest bit hungry. I've had a couple of pangs through the day, but all in all a pretty good first day! Chicken and Mushroom soup really delicious and the choc mint that I'm having now not bad either!
Will post more tomorrow!
Hello Paula,

you sound so positive and excited!

The weight loss is a wonderful feeling when it's so rapid. How exotic to be doing it in Bejing! Glad that you've discovered Minimins and can get the support you need at the end of a keyboard.

I remember exactly a year ago when I first heard of Lighter Life then CD. Didn't know how I'd never heard of them before. I know exactly what you mean about the feeling of discovering a new lover and realising all the others were mere lust! I don't think I could have got down to not being overweight without CD and I knew, as you know, from my research before I started it that this would be the one.

All the best!
It's 3:15 in the afternoon and I'm just having my second shake. I'm a little worried as I don't seem to be having any headaches, hunger pains or anything that I've seen so many of you describe in the first few days. I'm wondering if my stuff is the real mccoy??!! Not too worried though, I'm thinking that it's probably more likely down to my healthy eating over the past few weeks, getting my body used to this stuff.
My period came this morning which was a little bit of a shock (I don't know why as it has been a month since the last visit!), went back to bed for an extra half an hour and wondered if I would feel affected at all. I usually feel very, very cold when I have my period and enjoy comfort foods. But, I think the determination and excitement of the beginning of the rest of my life has helped ward off any of these usual cravings....and I know I can always curl up with a hot choccy later if I really need it.

I've also been thinking a lot about the amount of food that I usually eat. So many friends and family can never understand why I'm the size that I am. I eat pretty healthily, usually a yogurt and some fruit for breakfast, a chicken salad or sometimes a sandwich for lunch and stir fried vegetables and meat with a small bowl of rice for dinner. But yesterday as I reminded myself not to pick at my daughters corn puffs, her fruit salad and my hubby's soft drinks, I realised that all of that stuff adds up to. And when your as allergic to excercise as I am that can be you bane!

Anyway, am thinking of treating myself to a spa session this afternoon as daughter is sleeping and hubby watching some strange tv programme, so see you again later!
I'm so upset and disappointed with my husband....I wanted to omit angry, but no, I'm bloody furious too. I know that I'm probably overreacting but it's only day two for me and I'm already feeling like he just doesn't give a s**t!

I had some photos to pic up from the kodak shop so we walked together there. As we passed KFC he said, oh let's have some kentucky for dinner tonight.' 'I can't' I said, as if he needed reminding. 'But you and baby can have it, get a take-away and we'll eat at home, I'll have my soup' 'OK' he says and off we go on to pick up our holiday snaps. When we get to KFC, the smell promotes the first real hunger pangs that I've felt in these two days. Off hubby goes while I play with the little one in the play area. He comes back 5 mins later with a tray full of food. 'You're not taking out?' I ask, 'No, lets eat here' he casually replies...


'Fine' I huffed, I'll go home and have my dinner alone...so here I am, oriental chilli (delicious) in hand, peeved!

What to do?
Day 3 and all going well. Have forgiven hubby and calmed down a little! Am feeling a little peckish this morning and have already drank 3 litres of water. My secretary thinks I have a problem as I have been in the bathroom more than in my office this morn!

Don't have any ketostix (sp?) here so I'll just wait for the feeling of hunger to go away to know if I'm there or not. Should be today or tomorrow right?

Anyway, I'm a busy lady and the toilet is calling...once again.
Will post more later
It's almost 8pm - day three and the hunger has struck. i' ve drunk about 5 litres of water today, am back and forth the toilet like a yoyo. I think I just need to go to bed as I know I'll feel better in the morning. Thinking all sorts of crazy thoughts about maybe I could do this by just controlling what I eat. Doing it slowly over a couple of years...BUT NO! I want and need this so much more than anything else right now. I am making a commitment, 12 weeks of abstinence.

Hubby cooked dinner for him and daughter this evening, and you know the crazy thing about all of this, I think I'm gonne miss veggies more than anything else on this diet! Stir-fried broccolli or lotus leaves...mmmm
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
sounds like you are doing great Paula. Dont give in to that hunger, Its only temporary and once ketosis comes along you wont have to put up with it again.

Hopefully ketosis will be with you by morning.

Keep up the great work

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