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The future


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Weird thread seeing im on my like 2nd day. But all i can think about is what i'll look like when im finished.But i freak out in case i dont look slim by then, or what size clothes will i be able to wear, or how i'll feel about my new body etc. I've read threads about people buying bikinis for the summer cos they'll be slim enough to wear one.. but i've never ever been slim so i have no idea if i could get to that stage.

any1 else ? or am i just odd
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I know exactly how you feel, I still cant get used to buying smaller sizes. I bought 2 pairs of trousers last week for work as all my clothes were too big, and I was in sizes 16 + 18, so when I went to the changing rooms I took a 14, but I had to swap them for a 12 and they fitted lovely. I am in work today and went to Asda at lunch time and thought I would buy some black jeans as I only have 1 pair of jeans which fit but are getting loose and they are 14. I still took a size 14 to the changing room and it was hanging off me, so I tried the 12 and I was gob smacked that they fitted, so I now have trousers and jeans in a size 12 - I am still in shock.

It takes a while for our brains to catch up with the weight our body loses. Just enjoy trying to think about what you will look like because I have found that very motivational throughout my lipotrim journey.


Slowly but surely!
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Im the same lol except ill never be bikini size but I have bought I nice size 14 outfit for the summer that I would like to be in :)


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Have a look at www.weightmirror.com ..... that can show you what you'll look like 10-50lbs lighter. x


S: 14st8.0lb C: 14st8.0lb G: 10st8.0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
oh thanks for this, will have to give it a try


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HI missy,

like you say, i've never been slim since I was prob about 13/14 so have no idea what i'll look like when i do lose all the weight i want to.

But yes, i agree - i do keep thinking of what it'll be like when i do get there! i've never hada goal before when i've dieted, it always felt too unrealistic. And this current one does seem years away, but with LT i do feel it's achievable. She says on week 2, lol!

We just have to keep going :)


One last chance
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I know exactly what you mean. I have never been slim in my entire life. I too am worried about my body when I've reached target. I don't even know if my thighs are going to go down. I mean my waist and stomache is small, but I still have big thighs and arms and my bodonka-donk is still there.

I really do hope that I will get slimmer, I'm quite scared actually.

But everyone will get slimmer, you will too. It is a very different experience I'll tell you that. I go to the shops and go into the size 18 section but forget that I'm size 14 now XD.

You will feel different and it's a good feeling :).
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I felt exactly the same way, I was slimmish in my teens but never slim enough to wear something like a bikini and found it almost impossible to imagine it.... BUT keep going because it can and will happen!



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OMG Porgeous you should change your tag to gorgeous!! You look so different:worthy:
I hope I am as successful as you at this. I can't imagine losing enough weight to show my tummy like that. Its a bit scary really I have always been overweight. I was a podgy child who carried on getting podgier!!.
I'm not even thinking that far ahead yet. taking 1 step at a time.
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we can all get there just takes time and motivation

keep it up and you will do it


S: 14st8.0lb C: 14st8.0lb G: 10st8.0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks everyone for the comments.. i guess it just takes a bit of imagination.. (alot in my case lol) but i really hope i get there. good luck to everyone xx

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