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the grass isnt greener!!!


Back on the diet train...
ok so even tho at the time there was nearly 3 months till crimbo, i decided to come off LT coz wasnt really stickin 2 it an had loads goin on at home an even tho i shudnt av let it all get to me it did, so my mum sed to come off till after crimbo. which seemed like a good idea.

however after a few wks back on food all my bad habits av come bk. i just so feel crap, skin bad, tired all the time an bloated. ok so i no its the sweets an pop but gosh its hard an im lazy so will crab somethin quick which is usually bad 2. :mad:

i miss the control u get from LT plus even tho u think about food on LT ur imagination is far better than the reality. :sigh:

im still restartin afta crimbo coz that way i can focus on LT an not worry about staff do's an meals wiv friends an family plus av money. lol. it is crimbo after all.

sorry im avin a moan but its totm aswell as feelin like a failure an just wanted to get it off my chest an then start agen. not gonna buy any cakes, sweets, choc or pop from now on. it soo aint worth this feelin. :cry:

btw well done to everyones losses. :D. u all my inspiration for january.

ps hope u dont mind me postin even tho not on the program yet. :eek:
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u should know we dont mind hun. u nutter.

try not to feel 2 bad, in jan hopefully u can fully commit to LT and get to ur goal weight.

theres about 10ish wks till jan so why dont u aim at less calories and healthier options till then. when ur in a rush instead of grabbing sweets, grab some fruit. bet ull lose at least a stone by jan if u eat sensibly.
u can do it hun.

x x


Recovering Cookie Addict
i miss the control u get from LT plus even tho u think about food on LT ur imagination is far better than the reality. :sigh:
You summed it up perfectly Bex with that sentence, the reality is never as good as what we imagine it will be. Perhaps it's taken this experience for you to truly get the determination that you need to do LT til goal when you start in the new year.

I agree with Jenny though, watching a little more of what you eat, making healthier choices, between now and when you start LT will naturally lose you a few pounds and also get you into a habit of thinking more about *what* you eat.

Whatever you decide to do you know we're here for you. Glad you posted though, it takes strength to be able to admit to our mistakes and by posting it shows you're accepting the consequences of your actions and taking control again, well done!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Bex, sorry you are finding it hard just now. Try and think through how you feel about food. While you havd potponed starting till jan, dont use this time as an excuse to veg out. Try and cut back and think about everything you eat and why you eat. You will succeed, just keep strong.


Back on the diet train...
hey guys thanks for all ur lovely comments. it was nice to put it all into perspective. have been shoppin 2day an bought 'good' stuff so will hopefully lose a few pounds leadin up to crimbo.

also been takin my 2 puppies out which shud help. didnt realise how unfit i was until i was pantin away after 10 mins. lol. i also use my car 2 much which isnt good really.

thanks agen. xox

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