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The gym or exercises at home?

Hi all,

Do you go to the gym or excerise at home? If so what sort of exercises do you do?
I go to the gym 3 times a week and do 10 mins on the bike, 20 mins on the cross trainer, 100 crunches on the stomach machine (i'm terrible with the correct terms for the machines) 90 twists on the twisty machine, then I do some free weights and do 100 sit-ups with a ball (think it's called a medicine ball) I have been watching a programe called bulging brides on living tv for some work-out inspiration and just wondered what everyone else did!
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I do quite a bit of walking, this is mostly because I can't drive yet, so have to rely on these podgy legs of mine to take me from A to B.
I have joined the gym in the past, but found that I got bored with the same exercises, then felt extremely guilty when I stopped going and wasted half of the money I paid for a 6 month membership. Sad.
I now have a treadmill and elliptical at home, a stepper, weights and a rebounder. I have about 12 different workouts, as well as the ones on youtube, specifically from sparkpeople. So, yeah, I definitely prefer exercise at home to the gym, but that just works for me and the saying goes 'don't fix what isn't really broken' :p
I rarely do any exercise, but when I do, it's always at home.
I use the Wii Fit Plus, and the EA sports active, and I also have an exercise bike (but last time I did my cleaning I had to dust it off :eek:)
I did toy with the idea of joining a gym, but if I can't be bothered to take the four steps from the sofa to the exercise bike, I'm not likely to find the motivation to go to the gym either...
Oh dear...I'm a lost cause!

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