The Kissme "i should of started this when i first joined" Food Diary


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Hi all! Starting my food diary today altho i haven't eaten much so far due to the nerve damage in my face :sigh:

But after my 1lb gain this week, i'm hoping the shame of posting what i'm munching on will spur me into eating well as so there is no embarrasment.

ok so what have I eaten so far today?

So far 2 pints of water and some carrots sticks. :eek:

Anything else would hurt my face too much!

I know it hardly thrilling but it still something!

Update on munching

Pasta n sauce leek and ham + Hexa milk = 1 syn
2 quorn sausages = free

lean steak, beansprouts, mushrooms, onions, egg noodles, soy sauce, chinese 5 spice = Free

hexa milk hexb none syns = 1
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