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The last stone - or thereabouts

Now I'm nowhere near to that mythical "last stone" I need to lose but have noticed a few people saying that as they approach a healthy BMI (or the weight they want to be) they intend to come of TFR and lose the weight through healthy eating, exercise etc.

What do people think? Are you best sticking to LT until you reach your goal weight (then refeed etc.) Or will coming off TFR (still refeeding) with about a stone to go and losing the last few pounds slowly be better?

How do people decide - any thoughts?

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Positivity is the key
Interesting post, it is hard to decide when to come off LT.
I began in May at 20 stone 5lb and intended staying on till I reached 12 stone, if I was to stay on to my ideal BMI I should reach 9 and a half stone. I could never imagine myself at that weight not to mind 12 stone.
I made my decision to come off around 13 stone purely on sight. I now notice the skin loosening around my inner thighs and I know this will get worse. You got to know I was overweight for a long time and at 42 not got the same elasticity that my younger LTers on here have. I also suffer from lack of energy on Lt and therefore don't feel I can do exercise, getting better but not there yet.
So after that long winded explanation my belief is that if I come of soon I can lose the last part with more strenuous exercise as I will have proper fuel in me to enable me to sustain it. Slower weight loss may also give me time to tone my skin more and work on the problem areas. In saying that I will be here most likely for another 2 stone but that depends on how I get on over the next few weeks. I do plan to refeed for as long as I can and do the maintenance plan and also join a slimming club as I need the discipline of the weekly weigh in.
You are doing very well, keep up the good work.
Thanks Doirin.

I know what you mean about the exercise and loose skin issues. I'm 32 but have never been blessed with "bouncebackability" skinwise. And exercising too - I don't think my energy levels are low but have tried the gym (just toning really and some gentle cardio) and suffered terrible palpitations - but not really sure if the exercise or LT or any number of other factors were the cause. It scared me enough to leave off anything remotely strenuous for a while and maybe until my LT journey ends completely.

I'm maybe thinking of getting to 10 stone ish and just seeing then where my body wants to settle - be it 9 1/2 stone or less or more. A slimming club sounds like the best bet for me too. Have tried weight watchers and have heard some good things about Slimming World too so may look into that later on. Still another couple of months on the shakes for me I think.

Good luck with your journey - you have come so far - and your posts always make sense or make me stop and think.

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