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The long haul


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17lb pretty good!!! I'd say bloody fantastic, I challenge you to try another diet that you would loose over a stone in a week. So you may not loose much next week but so what, you've done fantastic. As for the long haul, I'm there with you as I also have about 10Stone to shift. So it dose suck I agree. But lets just keep at it and see how we do, good luck for the next week x


please try again
dont worry hun, theres a few of us here for the long haul, just take it one week at a time


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sumayyah said:
dont worry hun, theres a few of us here for the long haul, just take it one week at a time
Yep, I am in for the long haul. It's to be

Me too.
It'll be at least until Xmas for me - got 6.5 stone to lose. Would love to be one down after a week!!! That's incredible - well done!:D
17lb blinkin heck!! amazing i'll be here for the long haul too hun once i get started WE CAN DO THIS!!!!! good luck xxxx
p.s hope i havnt offended anyone having a lil shout lol xxx


I will do this...
The months really do go by quickly, along with the weight. I remember having similar feelings as you when I started. It helped me to break the weightloss into manageable chunks. And the feeling when you reach and go past your goals and setting new ones is absolutely amazing x

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I might not have as much to lose as some of you but still feel like it's a big chunk of weight, and know that 'it's gonna be a long time' (etc) feeling.

Break it down into little chunks of time. If you need to think of week by week then do so, or month by month. :) Sometimes the big picture can be intimidating and scary. Set yourself goals - small ones and big ones - and goals that aren't simple weight losses (I'm still working on this one!) and so measure how your general state of health, wellbeing and improvement.

You have had a great start! Now enjoy the journey. I personally think this may be the key to a successful weight loss and obviously a happier time. I'm trying to think of everything I am gaining, instead of focusing on the other side.

Fill your time as much as you can with things you like, get a bit of exercise. It'll fly by a lot quicker.

Oh dear I have gone on a bit here, and I didn't intend to give a lecture, lol.

Good luck. :D


I will do this...
dawndesperatetoloose! said:
Hi jen jen, just looked at your remarkable weight losses, is that purely from sticking to exante? Bloomin amazing and very inspiring if thats so??
I lost 20lbs in February before I started doing Exante on the 23 February. And I've lost 96lbs in 21 weeks with Exante. It sounds a bit over dramatic but Exante has completely changed my life.

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really trying again!
I'm in for the long haul too with over 10 stone to shift and almost 6 stone gone now. Stories such as Marge's, Clair's, Jen's, Cybil's etc are so honest and inspirational. Read them when the going gets tough as we all have bad days but knowing we aren't alone is so supportive and the comments people give you and advice on here is second to none xxx


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Yeah long haul sucks. I started last year - lost some then maintained. I'm back now to finish my journey. I needed to lose 7 or 8 stone and that depends on how far I decide to go. I'm about half way.
It does go by surprisingly quickly

I felt a lot like you at the beginning, but once a few weeks go by it just becomes normal and you know if you stick to it you'll be losing weight.

Great week 1 loss btw x