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Hi All

I'm Sonya and I have been on CD, SS for 4 days but I started dieting the week before (which consisted of not eating anything) and when my CDC weighed me for the first time I had lost 13lbs since I had last weighed myself!

Anyway I wanted to start this thread as it can help when you are talking to people who have started the same time as you and understand what you are going through on a day to day basis as we have probably felt like that or will feel like that very shortly.

My start weight was 15st 14lbs
Current weight is 15st 1lb
and I want to lose 5st, hopefully by July.

I have been on this diet before but have never stuck to it but I will this time with lots of support on here!

My issue of the day....I am leaving my CDC! She is useless and offers no advice orguidance. I'm going back to my previous one (Trish) who is fantastic. The only reason I went with this new one is cos she does home visits and with kids and work, I thought that was a blessing!

Keep Strong!
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Hey Sonya. Found you!!

Its gonna be great to have a group to vent our frustrations on! And our achievements of course!!

I'm really lucky with my CDC - its a young chap - he's great. I spoke to 2 or 3 before I joined and just seemed to "hit it off" with him. I think its important that you get on well with them.

So have you had any side effects from SS?

My issue of the day is being home alone. B/f and i are not getting on so he always disappears at weekend. My daughter is up town with friends. Normally i would secret eat now but since being on CD I have not been hungry - apart from one night when b/f cooked burgers! OMG - the smell - I drooled for hours. Don't particularly like burgers to eat but love the smell of them cooking.

I have not suffered from headaches etc. The only thing that seems a bit messed up are my monthlys - buts thats quite common apparently?

Have a good day - be strong!!

Deb x
Hi both of you. How are we all today? It's my stepmums birthday and my Dad wants me to go to frankie and Benny's for a big family do. I'm just going to sit at the table with a shake and bar! really not looking forward to it
CD first timer - I know exactly what you mean, I'm currently sat in the house on my own as BF is out at football, normally I would be in the kitchen making lots of naughty treats for myself that I could eat in peace without any comments being made. However being on Day 3 of CD I know it just wouldn't be worth it !

I've text a friend and have arranged to meet her at 3pm in a local Starbucks (I shall stick to black coffee) just so I'm out of the house, socialising and not thinking about food.

Good luck everyone !
Oh SiobhanMT - i really feel for you. I don't think i could do it. I have a bit party to go to at the end of the month and my CDC told me to have some grilled chicken and a few green veg or salad.

All going ok today though. Tried a new flavour shake last night - chocolate orange - i hated it. So far the chocolate and strawberry ones are my favourite - and the porridges. What about you? x
My counseller has said its suggested I have four portions a day so I have three tetras and a bar each day. I kind of don't think i'd do it if I had to make up shakes and there arn't many that I really like. I spend a lot of time in my room as our housemate has his girlfriend over alot and they are always in the living room so it's easy just to pick up a tetra in there. I think I'll be ok. My dad is very judgemental so I wouldn't dare eat in front of him when he knows i'm trying to diet!
I like the chocolate tetras but didnt like the strawberry - prefer the shakes though.

Good luck at the restaurant. I guess you just need to think what you want more - some food or to be slim and happy! Works every time for me. Speak soon. x


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Hey All,

Really good to see all your responses, it's definitely encouraging!

Cd first timer, me and my CDC get on really well and I think that that is the problem. I thinks she's kinda forgotten that she is my CDC first and foremost. I have no idea what I will say to her so and suggestions are most welcome (baring in mind we have got on really well and discussed family issues and such like).
I hope you resolve your relationship issues, if that is what you want. Just remember, whatever you want in life, it's not far from your reach, your journey there might be tough and you will need to be as strong as you are being with CD. Ever need to talk then just mail me.

I've been cleaning this morning and screaming at the kids which is normal practice around here lol! I'm not feeling hungry at all which I'm amazed about but I have had very minor headaches which come and go. Like I said they are not troublesome but I never really suffer from them.

Siobhan MT, my friend is coming over and we are taking the kids to F&B's too. I'm feeling ok with it cos I honestly don't feel hungry although I do want to eat cos I'm greedy! Just have lots of water while you are there and then you'll just feel sick!lol Obviously it's advised to drink large amounts of water in one sitting. (I feel like I need to do this.)

I'm really boring and I only have the chocolate tetras and nothing else. I don't like the banana flavour and haven't had the chance to have the strawberry cos my CDC didn't have them in stock. I also found it is so easy and convenient to not have to prepare anything.

Vixster, you are so right, taking that bite is just so not worth it. It's a great idea to go out socialising cos I've found that this diet can take up my mind all the time!
Have a great time.

I'm including my email for anyone who joins this site and wants to talk privately. I'm hoping everyone treats this act in the same spirit in which I am disclosing it. Expose Email

It's my TOTM and I'm not craving a thing! Haven't weighed myself again today woohoo! Can't wait until next week for my WI. I still feel my family do not believe that I will stick to the diet and are just like "oh thats nice". It's patronising!

Keep strong everyone cos I couldn't be doing so well without all you guys!!
Hi, I started CD on March 1st and had my first weigh in last night. I lost 6lbs and I'm chuffed to bits, especially since I only started the diet on Sunday so Gods knows what I could have lost after 7 days.

This is the first diet that I've ever tried and am hoping that it's going to be my last too.

Hopefully we can all give each other support and a shoulder to cry on when we're craving something solid.
how was your trip to F and B's Sonya? My boyfriend was sat next to me and was really nice. I think he realised I didn't want him to offer me anything tho and my parents were really supportive. Felt a bit grumpy tho! x
Hi all,
Hope you got through your Saturdays ok. I'm going to try and start some light gentle exercise today. I have a treadmill and used to do 5 miles a night but that slipped as i put on the weight. I am going to start by walking for 30 mins and build up to an hour. Will let you know how i get on. My issue of the day - i just struggle to have all the fluids they suggest. I get so bored with water. The flavouring helps a little. CDC said to have no more than 2 pints of diet coke etc a day. I am also having a mug of the vegetable stock thing. Any other suggestions?

Speak soon.

P.s. I want one of those tickers but haven't got a clue how to do it. Can you help please?


D x


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Hey All, my trip to F&B's got canceled but we took the kids to Maccies. I was very tempted but my determination won! I believe that I have so many achievements like this now that nothing will take me to the darker side!!! I mean if I can resist my mum's Indian cooking then I can resist anything!

SiobhanMT I'm really pleased that you're partner was supportive as some partners can be awful and their insecurities can surface. Luckily I only have my two kids here with me and by the time they have stopped playing with their food, it looks like mush so it puts me off anyway. Lol.

Deb, (finally I use your name!) to be truthful I am only drinking water. Previously when I on SS I have had diet coke but this time I haven't as I think it will get my taste buds demanding for more!! Have you read the thread regarding the tetras? There's some interesting suggestions like add the vanilla flavor to your coffee to make a mocha.
I'm useless on here too and don't know how to get the ticker thing.

Last night I dreamt I had chocolate and ruined my diet and I felt so disappointed. I have been having these dreams alot lately. It's scary though cos I wake up thinking "was it just a dream?".
Also my thoughts are constantly being occupied with getting weighed this week and what I want to wear when I can fit in a size 12. Does everyone feel like this?

Keep strong!:bliss::bliss:
Yeah, I am like that too - we are just really focussed!!

Its feels like i am almost wishing my week away - till WI.

I always find it easier come Monday, when i am back at work. I am on the road most of the time, or in customers offices, so never get time to think about the diet, or hunger. Not sure i could do this if i was home all week - my willpower is not that good.

I have not had any dreams - just don;t seem to need as much sleep anymore - which i suppose is a good thing.

Deb x x x x


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can i join this thread too because i am on restart today?


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Working from home can be tough but there is ALWAYS something to do so I stay busy.

I see what you mean about the sleep. I have fallen asleep with my lamp on and the tv on which I NEVER do as it I normally suffer from insomnia! So yeah, I do feel more refreshed now and my skin looks and feels great. My friend said to me yesterday that I looked as if I had lost weight since the last time she'd seen me a few weeks earlier. She is so good and ate before she came to mine so me and her could not eat together. My other friend is a health freak and just keeps on telling me she is concerned and she's not really listening to me.


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sonya hunny, thats the problem with some people, they are ignorant of the diet but are not willing to learn about it...

take what she says with a pinch of salt hunny x

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