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The more you drink the more you loose?????


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Good question I cant answer it but would love also love to know.


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I know you are meant to drink a minimum of 2.2litres of water per day. If you drink more are you likely to loose more? I drink at least 3.5 litres per day. If I increase this will it boost my weight loss?:confused:
Can't find the quote for now, but I believe that Cambridge say it makes little difference....though you must have your 2.25L

I think some people find drinking more does help, and others find it doesn't do anything.

Anything over 4L made me feel very ill for some reason and didn't help the scales one bit. I found 2.25L (on top of the water in shakes and soups) just about right.


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i think the more you drink the more you are flushing ketones out of your system - 4L a day is a great amount to drink.

the more you drink the more you shrink!


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I agree, well for me anyway. I was told to drink 2 - 3 ltrs and weight loss was okay. however the weeks I drank over the 3 towards the 4 I had bigger loss's.



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i do think its the whole point of the diet - i feel great when i wee loads cos i know i will have a good loss the next morning - u are peeing out your fat! its all about flushing it out on this diet i think, and so if u drink more u will lose more! might not work for some but i think the majority of people would agree.


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completely agree, i drink about 6ltrs a day and feel so much better as well as having good losses!


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but i think the majority of people would agree.
Regardless of who's replied, I don't think it's the majority of people overall:p

It used to be thought that water helped weightloss, skin, toxins etc, but this has all recently been disproved.

There are a fair amount of links about it on the net. This is a pretty good one that appeared after it was all mentioned on the news.

ABC News: Eight Glasses of Water a Day? Who Said So?

But 3-4L is unlikely to do harm, so if that's what you want to drink, then drink ;)

When Cambridge were asked about the saying 'The more you drink the more you shrink' their reply was:

"As far as the water is concerned, we have no connection with that phrase, as I am sure you are aware, the forum chat is not endorsed by the company.
We recommend a minimum of two and a half litres daily, when using any programme, particularly sole source.

However, once established on the diet, it is perfectly acceptable to consume three to four litres daily.
Some people, particularly those who were drinking large amounts before dieting, can drink more than that without any problems.
Everyone's requirement is different.
The thing to remember is to drink the water regularly throughout the day.
It is not a good idea to go for long periods of the day without
drinking, and then consume large amounts"

So I really think that as long as you consume your 2.25L to fulfil any missing fluids from not eating...plus some more, then drink more if you are thirsty or if you feel like it.

I do see people going off the diet because they don't feel they can keep to higher amounts (3-4L+), when it's just not necessary.


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Surely though if u drink more you pee more therefore you lose more - isn't that just the concept of the diet?

Maybe what they're saying is 2.25 is the most you have to drink to benefit from the diet at the most - anything else is just a bonus.

Well i suppose everyone is different! Also water fills you up so u are less likely to want to eat.
4 liters is awesome! Becareful tho, it was just in my local news about a guy drowning himself from drinking to much water.


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As I understood it, your body *needs* around two litres of fluid per day to perform all of it's necessary functions. For most people, around 90% of this requirement can come from food alone. This is not the case with foodpacks (especially tetras and bars, which is why you're encouraged to drink more for those).
From that logic, anything above that is not being 'used' by your body and is just being flushed through, which might provide some incidental benefits but probably isn't conducive to weight loss.
On the other hand there is some evidence that drinking cold water can help burn calories because your body is forced to use energy to bring it to an acceptable, usable temperature (can't remember where I read that though).
I personally drink lots of water because it helps me (psychologically if not physically) to feel less hungry and gives me something to do other than eat!
As KD says, if going above the minimum works for you, go with it.


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ok i dont know if its the same with cd, but when i was in lipotrim i was told to drink as much as yo can hold because the water is literally pushing the fat out of your body!! thats why you get your period because its literally your body trying to expel as much fat as poss!! ok i know this could be total doo doo but thought i would put it up any ways haha


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I doubt drinking water pushes fat out. One needs to drink water to replace the water one would have from food. Drinking more than the CD recommended 2.5 litres may help people from feeling hungry and also prevent a potential binge. However, the actual weight loss on any diet be it a vlcd or not is from less (engergy) in and more (engergy) out. Though as probably all of us this forum know it isn't quite as easy as that because of the "head stuff" about food. Hence we need help from CD or other diets and of course forum support.But those who can drink more water and feel its helps them should continue.


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drinking water does not help 'push out fat'

you do not pee out fat !

the fat is converted into energy ie calories. you are only taking in 4-500 calories on solesource, so your body make up the shortfall by converting your stored fat. 1400 -ish calories equates to 1/2 lb of weight loss. hence if you are 1400 calories short per day for 7 days you will lose around 3 1/2 lbs per week.

its just math.

you do not pee out fat

u drink water because you are not eating food which contains water, so u drink water to make up for the shortfall in your daily intake.

When babies are born both male and female are about 78 percent water. As the body ages this changes dramatically. The human male at maturity is about 60 percent water and the adult human female is typically 55 percent water.

Young adult men average about 55% to 60% water with women averaging slightly less as they have more fat and babies can be as much as 75% water by weight. This can vary from person to person and can be different in different areas due to climate or enviorment.

if you drink water in excess, you are removing the electrolytes out of your body. electrolytes are made up of the primary ions of electrolytes are sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+), chloride (Cl−), phosphate (PO43−), and hydrogen carbonate (HCO3−).

if you drink too much water, basically you are peeing out the electrolytes. and hence you may become poorly.

2.5 ltrs is the reccommended amount of water to drink on these type of diets. some people can drink more, it depends on the build, activity, and gender.

but to say the more you drink the more you shrink is a dangeruos misconception.

please be careful


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so just wondering when you "cheat" on the diet y r you always advised by people to "get gulging to minimze the damage"?


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its false really. cause all that happens is when you cheat, your liver starts to store water again. if you cheat eat carbs most people can put on 4-5lbs instantly. its just the liver retaining water. if you get back on the diet, and drink water again. your liver loses the excess water. htats why most people startig the diet have a really good loss for the first week, cause 4-5lbs of the weight loss can be water. the other lbs is your fat being converted into energy and being burned as calorie.


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aaawww i see!
thanks devonbabe
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Drink to shrink I've heard

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