The munchies!


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Hi everyone.

Having had a few extra days off work recently due to the snow, I found myself at a loose end and at times doing battle with temptation. I found myself wondering around the kitchen thinking 'how much harm could a couple of biscuits do?'

I tend to go and brush my teeth at this stage which seems to help with the urge to eat.

Does anyone else have any good tips??
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Hello, I know how you feel. I too go off and brush my teeth, or take my self away from the situation and go for a nice walk.
Well done for resisting the temptation to munch x


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I drink a litre of water, slowly usually does the trick. If not I do a little on my stepper machine. And if it's definately real hunger, and not just thirst or boredom, I consider halfing a mealpack for now, and have the other half at my normal meal time. Means you are still getting all your mealpacks and NO forbidden foods.


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Hi yummy101

i Know what you mean, i really struggled a few days ago, thoughts of food & hunger just would not go away !! for me i later realised i wasn't quite it ketosis (took 8 days !!) thankfully ketosis kicked in and i'm now ok, but i also searched the other forums on minimins for inspiration, as i did not want to eat, for me it was really valuable, reading the posts of others & how they coped & the advice they gave helped me, if you haven't already have a peek at other forums LL, Cambridge, Lipotrim, you may find some advice there that you can relate to. good luck on your weight loss x


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Bronte, I am naturally nosy and go on the other forums all the time, spend too much time on Mini's altogether but it beats eating!
B xx