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The MzPiggy Diary....


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I would like to start with a little history...
Overweight as a child but it just seemed to melt away by the time i was 15 i was a size 10/12 i never thought about it and certainly didnt appreciate it, left shool at 17 and went into nursing even with shifts eating anything and sometimes going without food, my weight never really changed then my mum died, we knew it was coming but i was devastated, 9 weeks later my sister died, 2 days after her funeral i lost my dad too, before i knew it i was only just over 6 stone, but also pregnant, lost that baby at 14 weeks and was pregnant again 5months later, by the time michael was born i was 14 stone, went to ww, went down to 11 stone went on to part time nightshift and within about 3 months i was nearly 16 stone and that pattern has followed me now for many years and i am now 20 stone 3lbs and my health is suffering for it.

I have never been a huge fan of scales so i am going for the monthly weigh, i dont know how this will go, but the changes i intend to make are really quite substantial, my usual routine was take my daughter to school, buy rolls, bacon and sausage on way home- 9:40am two rolls with sausage and 2/3 bits of bacon on each, between 11 and 12 another roll with crisps or cold meat on and at least 3 kitkats or a couple of cream eggs, ordinary (sometimes healthy) dinner with the kids around 6ish and a chinese takeaway every night except a monday. Hubby works in a chinese resturant, so free meal every night.
I should really be closer to 30stone.
Right at this moment in time i disgust myself.
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hi hun realy sorry with everything that has happened are u a comfort eater i am i love pickin on crisps etc i joined ww at 14 st 1 pound and 5 6 size 16 we will keep each other goin hope 2 hear from u soon its great on here every1 is on the same boat i gues x
i know the feelin when i worry wich is almost every day i pig out and feel terrible after really enoys me got my wi 2morow dreadin it had a bad weekend but i guess i will just start off again r u goin to a glass or gona do it ureself xx


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Been to every class i can think of over the years, always end up gaining more than i lose, trying to use the paul mckenna cds+dvd this time, i have to do it this time, just started and i worry i will end up heavier than i am now, but it if having such a negative affect on every aspect of my life that i absolutely need to do it this time, the dvd is working so far in that i feel physically sick when i think of takeaway food and butter, i really hope it lasts my feelings of self loathing aren't any better, i have been off work for 5 weeks and will probably need to go back soon which i am dreading because i am heavier than i was before i went off, love the job but not my manager, only 3 of us in the office, the others aren't very friendly, there is talk of our office being closed due to cutbacks and part of me wants it to happen so i can hide away until i look 'ordinary'
aww luv u are ordinary pls dont say that i use 2 be so bad i woudnt go out the house and when i did i thought people were sniggering about me behind my back iv drove all my friends crazy with this how they cope beats me lol can i ask what is that were u want somethin and think of something wich makes u feel sick sounds interesting xx


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Thanks Georgina, you are a wee tonic. its a paul mckenna the hypnotist dvd, tries to help you change the amount you eat and the way you eat it, but if there is something in particular that you want to give up (for me its takeaway food) he makes you think of it in a way that repulses you, and right now i could not eat a take away even if i was getting paid thousands, you need an open mind, but for me its working today, try googling paul mckenna 'I Can Make You Thin' and see what you think. Let me know if you find it;)


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Still feel determined to do it this time, didnt really want breakfast this morning but had a cereal bar and a banana, must start writing down everything i eat because im sure i only did about 600 calories yesterday and that cant be good but im only supposed to eat when im hungry, im sure i will figure it out.
Hello (found you! ;))

Pleased you have started the day with determination and that you had breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day, so a little something, is so much better than nothing!

I saw a Paul mckenna success story on 'Lorraine' this morning...the lady has lost over 4 stone since January and looked good and was so happy :) Did you manage to catch it by chance?

ONE of my downfalls was takeaways, and in the early days had to force myself not to succumb to them! recently when family ordered one for fathers day, i sat in another room until every last drop of chinese meal had been eaten or binned!!! :D

You have suffered so much loss and understandably food has become an emotional crutch for you. It is so good that you realise which foods are causing your unhappiness. It must be so tempting when hubby has access to free takeaways, if you overcome that, you are showing enormous willpower and should be very proud of yourself :)

When the cravings start, and believe me , they will :rolleyes: try to keep busy with other things, i am always suggesting to others to have a long bubble bath, pampering session, paint nails, long walk, DIY, read weight loss magazine, watch weight loss shows on tv ( I love them!!!) phone a friend for a chat, clear out a wardrobe, have an early night etc etc
If hunger persists, have some fruit or a bowl of cereal, or a couple of cream crackers, drink iced water, etcetc...just no reaching for the biscuits or cakes!

As you were so slim before, you know it is possible, so keep imagining how you looked then and aim to do it again :)

I once watched Paul Mckenna on ashow, advising some overweight women to visualise that little party dress you want to wear...close your eyes, step into it, fasten it over your slim body, imagine how it feels...then step out of it and back to your actual size and weight...feel the sadness and disappointment! It made a lot of sense to me :)

Have a successful day, keep focused, keep posting and keep on track!


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Iam thinking of my fave takeaways all mixed together with hair from a barbers shop through it and spiders cobwebs covering it, he delivers for baguette express 10 till 2 today but bread rolls for me now contain a lot of and spiders eggs and other peoples hard skin scraped from their feet, i truly believe it, and i know its only the ones i would eat that i affected, i can still give any of that stuff to my family or see anyone else eat it, thats all fine because it really is just my stuff thats affected. I missed lorraine this morning, nanny mcphee was on for the kids!
Oh, how interesting to have those thoughts in your mind about calorific food. I'm not surprised it works! Its all to do with the mind isn't it? and how we visualise everything.
I can now 'smell' the fat from the chip shop when i pass by, instead of thinking...mmmm, yum yum :)

I am not very technically minded, but i think you can watch Lorraine online if you miss it? I'm still teaching myself about all this modern technology hee hee
defo gona try these been ww put on 2pound devastated but i know i must take this serious so noew am havina vew chocy bisquits and 2morow gona get back on plan x


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defo gona try these been ww put on 2pound devastated but i know i must take this serious so noew am havina vew chocy bisquits and 2morow gona get back on plan x
Bad luck Georgina, thats a pity, try not to do the biccie thing, have a look at the inspirational slides, and stay on for a chat, tell me why you think you gained. xx
i know hun just when i came home was so upset that i gauged lol i think at the weekend i was havin vodkas with normal coke and did pig out next day i am goin 2 get in2 ww frame of mind as i know i can do iut how u doin hun xx


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Course you can do it, we can do it, im doin good today been trying to make one of these ticker tape thing all the live long day, seriously doin my head in, i just cant get it, but dont get me started everybody has 1, just dont get it, ooo freakin out again !!! but not gony try any more today.
There was a woman on telly this morning who lost a lot doing the paul mckenna plan so that gave me a wee boost to see it worked for her. Hope you're feeling really positive tomorrow.:girlpower:
hiya :)

ticker advice....

trying typing in tickerfactory.com and follow the steps for weight loss, it was so easy, even i managed it! :D

Off to catch up now! Have a great day :)


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Mornin all,:wavey: thanks RainbowRose:) Definitely having a 'dear diary' moment, selling my car and 2 guys came to see it this morning, one said to the other " no way, the suspension will be shot".
Also not well, diarrhoea+sickness (hope it lasts a few months)
And fell out with the ticker factory again!
Not a great start to the day, only way is up?
hi hun! just caught up with your diary and wanted to say well done so far! Ive heard a lot of good things about Paul Mckenna.
sorry todays not as good. hope you feel better soon x
Hope you feeling better soon :)

good luck with tickerfactory! Any more probs let me know, i'll 'try' to help with my limited experience :)

grrr to the rude morons who looked at your car. I hope they end up being sold a wreck on its last wheels!!

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