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the next part of my transformation...

I had my braces fitted last week and am just getting used to them. One of the benefits is that I don't want to eat anything as my teeth are so sore. I lost 5lbs last week without even thinking!

So I've got 18 months with a 'tin grin' followed by an operation on my jaw and then I'll have the hollywood smile I've always wanted!

All I need now is a tummy tuck and a boob job and I'll be perfect lol. Be seeing as perfect is usually boring, I'm going to keep my wrinkly tum and keep investing in fabulous bras instead of surgery (much cheaper too!!)
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I'm 'lucky' because I have to have my jaw fixed too which means I get it all on the NHS. It's £40k worth of treatment so I'm very lucky indeed. I would never be able to have afforded it privately
first time ive heard anyone say lucky to have their jaw wired.

£40k. wasnt that much what she wanted done (about £5000) but we really cant afford that.
I know, once I have my operation I'll have to have my jaw wired for 6 weeks and eat froma syringe. great for weight loss if nothing else!
My lower jaw has always been something I've been very paranoid about so I'm glad they have been able to help me.
Orthodontics are so expensive though. Don't think I could afford to do it any other way


Happy in my own skin
I've just spent between £4-£5,000 on mine recentlly (I don't want to total it up as it's too scarey). 75% of that cost is cosmetic, the rest was other treatment that needed to be done once the cosmetic work started. I need another £2,500 work done on my teeth at the back so it's not urgent, I'm leaving that until next year. On the plus side....I've got a lovely smile now.

I bet you'll have a gorgeous smile RR when you're all done. It will all be worth it!
I think i'll have to pay for some cosmetic stuff when it's all done. It has needed doing for quite a while and they have said if I leave it another ten years I'll need dentures so thankfully I'll get a great smile...and all my own teeth!
I bet you're pleased with yours now Morticia!