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The person before you

Not sure if youl go for this but an interesting game i came across on another forum.

Very easy. You answer the question above you and then write a question to the next person.

Me wonders how long it will take before the topics are sex? lol

ok here goes il start with>

Have you ever Farted in bed?
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Gold Member
Lol yes

Ever had sex in bed?:D
(sorry)!!! xx


Reached Target. woohoo
Of course, hasn't everyone,
Have you ever sneaked a peak at your partners text messages?


Reached Target. woohoo
Sorry that answer was for jackie2029. but can carry on.
ok this mite get a bit complicated lol


Full Member
OMH I cant believe I am going to say this, my hubby and I had been together a few months and got totally drunk and well lets just say the whole house got to hear me having sex!!! ;) Do you have sex toys and how often do you use them??? :)


Gold Member
Lol its not my turn hahahaha xx
ok il be brave, use to be an ann summers rep so have all the toys and i tend to use them quite often, usually after a bath which is happening a lot recently due to not eating so cough cough prob 4 times a week, oh and im single, what else is a girl to do???

have you ever said someone elses name whilst having sex?


serial poster
Nope but i might have thought it!!

Whats your favourite position?


Gold Member
lol Jack im loving your honesty!!
No never said anybody elses name..yet lol

Have you ever thought of anybody else when having sex??


serial poster
you read my mind tracey lol

h x


Gold Member
Oooh Harriet no! You will ruin the illusion i have of you lol xx
yes and doggy ;)

ever left your knickers on the beach after a bit and your mums found them the next morning?


Gold Member
hahaha we are naughty! xx
its that friday feeling tracy now answer the question???? lol


Gold Member
I reckon this game is Jackies confessions lol

No to the knickers hun lol
Ever had a threesome or more??

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