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The Power Of One Success Story!


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Your story might be the source of inspiration that makes someone else feel that being slim and healthy is possible for when you have a lot of weight to lose you get overwhelmed and do feel like giving up as I think so many of us have tried and failed so many times before.

I was at rock bottom with my weight when I read a story in Women's Own and it was about Kate Aylesbury who lost 9 stone on LL.

She went from a size 28 to a size 12 in only six months and she looked amazing!

I never heard of LL but reading her story I could see it was a liquid diet and I had done something similar 19 years before and was very successful on it and I managed to keep my weight off until I gave up smoking.

It was Cambridge diet that I had done back then and in the mean time I had moved house and no one where I now live knew of anyone doing Cambridge diet or where I might get it.

However Lipotrim was available in my local Chemist and I started on my diet using Lipotrim and because I did not know much about it I Googled Lipotrim and found Discovery Health forum where I was made to feel very welcome by D_Q who took me under her wing and even though she was doing Cambridge Diet she gave me all the help and encouragement I needed right from the start, this was my first forum experience and a very good one at that, I feel very lucky I found Discovery Health and especially D_Q.

During this time I had asked my son to build me a website and he did as I thought one day I might like to do something similar.

Time passed and the site my son built was gathering dust so to speak and then this time last year Discovery Health said they were closing down to do some new updates and that they would be back in about five days or so...

We the members of the forum went into a panic as the forum was our support lifeline and some said they had other forums they were a part of and that they would be back after Discovery Health was back up and running.

I did not know how to use another forum and I felt nervous and anxious about going somewhere else, so I asked my son could he get the site up and running so we could use it while Discovery Health was down and this he did.

I posted on Discovery Health that I had a site we could use during the time that we would be without Discovery Health and that it was somewhere we could still all be together as a community without splitting up.

We set up home here on MiniMins and when Discovery Health went back up some decided to stay on here and some went back to Discovery Health and some decided to use both MiniMins and Discovery Health.

Most of the members who moved over here that day are still here, people I have come to love and respect and I am proud to call my friends for they have given of themselves to help so many people feel welcomed here and to help them on their diet journey and it is this example of friendship, support and caring for one another that carries on and has made MiniMins what we all know today.

We have grown from a couple of hundred members to now over 3,000.

So this is how MiniMins was born today one year ago...

The power of one inspirational story can cause a chain reaction that becomes bigger than the original story or those who play their part in it along the way.

I believe MiniMins is now bigger than anyone person...it is a community of like minded people on the same journey to Slimdom.

And the name MiniMins comes from a nickname that Brightness called me on Discovery Health.:)


Updated to add that our community has grown to over 70,000.
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Mrs Lard

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Dear Mini (and others)

I didn't realise the history of this amazing forum; well done for being the one to take the plunge. It's an inspirational story; how can we make sure that all new joiners get to see the history of minimins AND, in fact, current users? I bet many don't know of Mini's efforts (as well as her son's and others!)!

THANK YOU for making such a huge difference to so many. This story is TRULY inspirational.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx


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Hi Mrs. L,

Kate Aylesbury was the trigger for me when I saw her in Women's Own and the point I was trying to make is that we must claim our success and let others know by telling our own success stories, for had she not been in Women's Own telling her story I would not of seen her and who knows where I would be today???

I wrote this today in response to thread started by a member called MaxieP


saying how hard they find it to feel they deserve their weight loss of six stone as they found the diet so easy and that to say anything about it, feels like bragging...

I guess I am trying to say how important it is to tell your success story as it maybe the inspiration to light the fire under someone else.

I hope it is coming across like this.

Love Mini xxx
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Wow I for one am so glad you set this site up. It has been my life line.
Dear Mini (and others)

I didn't realise the history of this amazing forum; well done for being the one to take the plunge. It's an inspirational story; how can we make sure that all new joiners get to see the history of minimins AND, in fact, current users? I bet many don't know of Mini's efforts (as well as her son's and others!)!

THANK YOU for making such a huge difference to so many. This story is TRULY inspirational.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx
Well I for one am delighted Discovery had to close for maintenance, I know I wouldnt have done as well as I am without Minimins.

A big thank you to Mini and Pierce for this great site, its great to see it growing the way it is.

I think the story would be a great 'sticky' thread, its nice to hear how everything came about :)
Thank you all for your lovely comments.

I have stuck the thread :)



The others have already said all Iwant to say, & pierce has taken the decision to make it sticky before I began to nag him to do it but I'm not called motor-mouth for nothing.

I agree absolutley with Mini.
I'm only where I am today because of a lucky sequence of events.
My background, briefly is of staggering weight gain during four pregnancies, an delay in tackling the problem during plenty of post natal depression & finally, after losing 3 1/2 stone by myself over 18 months, I developed pneumonia ( but was too stupid to realise it). I was dragging myself about & responded to the lack of any strength by complying with my bodies demands for bread & biccies.
3 months & a course of antibiotics later I was fine again but pretty well all the weight had gone back on.
the best part of 2 years hard work...GONE. I began to see my future as shut in the world of fat with all the limitations that brings with it.
1.Driving into Worcester one morning I saw a bulletin board outside a local PO headlineing the amazing losses of Mandy from Evesham.
2. It stuck in my head, so when I got home I googled the Worcester Evening News & read the complete story on line.
The Name Cambridge Diet rang a bell in my miserable fat brain.
3. I then went to the Cambridge Web Site. Read all I could find, got the details of a Counsellor. Not as it happens the one who lives closest , but who covers my rural Area.
4. I paced the bedroom for 20 mins before summoning up the courage to ring her. She answered immediatly & was so easy to talk to,so kind & understanding, so confidence building without being pushy. I was hooked. Something clicked. It turned out she lives about 1 hr drive away down the motorway & there are counsellors within 10miles of me, but I'd chosen her & that was that.
5. As soon as we met I also knew that something different was about to happen. She made me believe in myself.

6. the first 2 weeks were hard,really hard, but any one can put in an extra effort for 2 weeks. Things were going well,I was at adrop in session with my CDC when I overheard her telling another customer about Minimins. I earwigged with all my might.

7. By bedtime i was a member here. Mini's has given me:
--Diversion when the nibbles have threatened.
--Information whenever i wanted it & saved my poor CDCfrom hundreds of phone calls.
--Support, reassurance, friendship, praise & a good laugh from people who understand in a way that the family can't.
--The opportunity to repay the debt in kind to other on the site.
--The confidence to Apply & Train for & now begin to work as a Cambridge counsellor.

I'm now a smidge over 6stone lighter. I feel better physically,mentally & spiritually. My husband gets a real thrill when someone tells him how good I'm looking. The children are no longer embarrassed by my size, (though they still are by everything I say).

All this from a glimpse of a newspaper hoarding from the car on a cold January morning.

Thanyou Mini, Pierce, My CDC, Dr Howard, forum members. xxx
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I was with DH first, and then as Mini says, the site went down for a few days to update, and I crossed over to Minimins, it was the best thing I ever did. I found inspiration, support, laughter and sometimes tears, but there was always someone who would help, and hopefully someone I could help, as I first did Lipotrim 9 years ago. I love the site, I love the people, I love the friendships I have made and the stories therein.

Thank you ever so much Mini and Pierce, you have been part of my life for over a year and I love you all x x x x


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That took me back. And it is amazing how one success story can flick that switch in our brain. :clap: Bravo to Mini and Pierce for this place, and :wow: to each and every one of us that posts here each day, bringing a smile to people's faces, a little hope and masses of support. :cool:


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Took me back too :D

I came over here as Discovery Health went down and Minimins was born and never went back!!!! :)

Mrs Depp

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I'm another ex DH-er too, though I still pop in every couple of days to catch up with a few friends and Boobyjood. :D

Like everyone else, I panicked when I heard that DH was closing for a week to upgrade. Then I read Mini's thread and decided to try this site out, before DH had even closed! :D

Thank goodness I did! I can't imagine not being here, not being able to 'speak' to all the wonderful people who have become friends, who I feel as if I know so well.

Even as we get new members daily I think "they don't know how much this site is going to change their life, how much help and support they can ask for and receive, how they'll be treated with honesty and respect no matter how they choose to lose weight because what is important is that we're all making our own choices.

Thanks Mini and Pierce!! :D:D;)
I am another who first started on DH and came over when it was down. And I am still here. I feel among friends some I have met and others I haven't. I couldn't manage without my daily fix and when I go away on holiday I feel lonely without my new friends. I could not have survived the past year without the site.
Thank you Mini and Pierce.

And it was great to read Mini's story again

Irene xx
here here me to i first posted on dh met mini russiandoll and lots of you and with your help and support i,ve got to were i m today very near my goal i have 6lb left to lose its been a long road but thanks to mini,s i know i,ll do it thank you all for this fantastic site you all have kept me on my toes !!cheers
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I'm another original DHer. I am grateful to DH because that was the starting point for meeting some of my wonderful friends. Most of them, like me, never went back when DH reopened.

I am privileged to have met so many wonderful people who have provided me with so much support and have been my lifeline for so long now.

Thanks Mini and Pierce, it has been wonderful to witness how your hard work has evolved into such a fantastic community.
G: 11st10lb
I wasn't a DHer but came straight here at the very start and have made, thanks to this site, some of the best friends you can possibly imagine and think that my weight loss journey would have been a hell of a lot tougher without them! So.. a major thank you to Mini and Pierce... long may the site continue to provide encouragement, support and love to those who call in. You both deserve a medal!
C: 14st3lb G: 12st0lb
Hi guys,I'm just am Minime original but I would never have lost the amount of weight that I did without this site. When I needed to eatI came on here and read averyones posts.I've just restarted again to lost the final 3 stone and know that I will be on this site again most of my free time. I don't post a lot but i am a bit of a lurker.Thanks to everyone on here that makes this site so wonderful and supportive.Jo xx

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