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The Ramblings of a Cheekypasterfield

Hello Everyone

Once again I am back and sadly I've been working my way up the scales

I'm 5'9 and currently weigh 11st 4lbs. I know that I don't 'need' to lose weight but I've gained 1st over 1.5 years and I know I feel better slimmer.

The annoying thing is thst in the past 1.5 years I've been on several diets (SW, WW, Slim Fast & 5:2) and here I am slowly gaining weight (the odd couple of pounds every couple of months)

Now I'm at that point where I feel Desperate lose weight, I want to make SW work but because I'm desperate it panics me that I'm not going to get the weight off.

Trying to look forward and be positive I've counted that I've got 16 weeks until my holiday so I'm planning on getting as much weight off.

Anotherpositive for me is that I've started the Couch to 5k and currently at Week 4. This is a great accomplishment for me so just got to focus on the goals!

Sorry that this first post may sound so down I just want to lose weight but my confidence in myself is low.

Just need to take it nice and gently... :)
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Morning everyone,

Hope you all had a lovely evening

I've been working out my plan of action to make SW a lifestyle change and a success

I'm going to have the full 15 syns and see how it impacts the results. I'll drop down if it's not working out

I'm going to immediately put aside 1.5syns for the sugar in my Tea. I always have 1/4tsp sugar so 1.5syns give me 8 Teas.

Another syns I'm putting aside is 2.5syns for 150ml Fruit Juice. I had an apple juice in the week and throughly enjoyed it. I might not always have it but it's nice to have the option there

Takeaway/Eating Out
This is always going to feature in my life (it happens nearly every Friday or Saturday) I'm going to try and pick the healthiest options but I am going to give myself a treat meal every so often.

I'm keeping takeaways to Fri/Sat...We've got into the habit of a mid week take way which isn't helping my waistline or purse lol

Planning Meals
I know this is a must for the plan to work so my aim is to keep it up.

There are loads of other little plans but it would turn into a huge post lol these are however my most important ones to me.

Now off to get out mince for beef burgers for tonight x
Evening all

Day 1 and I've had a fantastic day.

Day 1 - Green

Breakfast - Porridge with Skimmed milk and banana

Lunch - Mushroom Omelette with Salad and Baked beans

Dinner - Jacket Potatoe with Baked beans

Snacks - 40g Aldi Crisps (10.5)

Drinks - 4 x Tea (1)

HEB - Porridge
HEB - Missed
HEA - Skimmed milk

Total Syns = 11.5
Saved Syns = 3.5
your plan of action looks good :)
Day 1 looks good too :)
I've seen those haribo sweets but not actually made them...will be interesting to hear your verdict :D
I've also seen the recipe & pics loads of times, but somehow just don't fancy them.

Me too I want to know what your thoughts are!!!
Morning all :)

I was like a big kid this morning. I got up went straight to the kitchen put the kettle on and got the sweets out of the fridge.

And the verdict is yum! They're not as hard as haribo sweets but a great version. And my girls and even hubby likes them :)



Easy peasy

2 x Sugar Free Jelly packets (3.5 syns)
1 x Packet of Gelatine
1 x Muller Light Yogurt
1/2 pint of boiling water

Mix up the jelly and gelatine in the water.
Use 2/3 of the mixture to fill moulds
Put in the fridge to start setting

Add the yogurt to the remaining 1/3 mixture
Once the fridge mixture has set a little pour the yogurt part on top.

Let it set completely

I did some with the split mixture and a few complete yogurt mixture. Both as scrummy.

Hubby has already put a request for other flavours lol these were Strawberry
So the weekend is here and usually the downfall for me but I'm not going to let it be!

I've got Dinner planned which is SW burger and chips. Im going to be out to lunch with my mum today and I know she's focusing on being healthy so fingers crossed she'll be up for something healthy.

I'm not going to let snacking become out of hand tonight so just need to be selective with what I eat.

Hope you all have a lovely day :)
I struggle with weekends too, Claire. Just keep focussed! :)
So one thing I've realised is that I 'mop up' after my youngest re food and this could also be partial cause to my weight gain.

My youngest is at times terrible when it comes to finishing things like Ice cream or Yogurts and I 'mop up' aka eat it lol but I'm not aware that I'm consuming extra food....until today.

Today my youngest didn't finish her yogurt and I was about to eat the remains so not to waste it. Luckily I because I am aware of what I'm eating so stopped myself. Then this afternoon she had two licks of an ice cream and didn't want it. I refused to eat it but I had to throw it so sadly wasted it but I don't want to spoil my eating plan :(
Evening all, I'm still on plan.....Yay :) :) :)

Day 2 - Green (18.5 Syns)

Breakfast - Fruit and Yoghurt

Lunch - Jacket Potatoe with Baked beans and salad

Dinner - Wholemeal bread Roll, extra light cheese spread with Tomato

Snack - 6 x SW Jelly Sweets (0.5)
35g Aldi Crisps (9.5)
30g popcorn (5)
10g Chocolate (2.5)

Drinks - Tea (1)

HEA - Skimmed milk
HEB x 2 - Used both to cover the roll
Total Syns = 18.5
Saved Syns = 0
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Good morning :)

Hope you all had a lovely evening. I'm so pleased with myself as I stayed in control today and it was so worth it to get the good vibes.

Today I'm planning on having the beef burgers that we didn't have yesterday so today looks like to I'm on a Extra Easy day.

We've got to pop out to the shops so I'm hoping to go to Subway and have a chicken salad.

Which leaves me with my HEB for breakfast.

I'm going to be good and plan my meals for this week and then its off to ALDI.

What are your plans today? X
I dislike shopping on a Sunday & only do it when really desperate, today I'm clearing my craft room, I put loads of stuff in there last week when I cleared the dining room, I'm watching breaking bad at the mo so may watch some of that, I'm going on the wii, I've got a dance game which is good fun, I'm knitting a hoodie which is nearly finished so will do some knitting too. Bob is working and won't be back until after 5pm so I'm on tea duty tonight, no idea what we're having!!

Have a good day x

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