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The Sliminators


Melting the fat
Welcome Sliminators new and old to the new home, grab a floor cushion make yourself comfortable and lets get skinny!

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White Tulip

Weigh In Days
Claire - Monday
Magz - Tuesday
Redhead - Wednesday = -5
Herbo - Thursday
Lauren - Friday = -13, -4
Fiesty - Saturday = -3, -6
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Melting the fat
I noticed that Claire, made me giggle too. how are you today?
Hey, I am so looking forward to talking to you all loving the new home so clean and fresh but think we may need to buy a sofa:8855: the cushions are no good for my back lol.
Hiya Girls,

Hows everyones day been hope you all are doing great, I have had a really good day i think i am in the big K :bliss: so feeling brill. Well think its bed time now night all.
Magz x


My husband = My hero
Hi gorgeous girls!

That's fab we have a day of the week each! Means there will always be good news to give us a boost!!

My weigh in is in 2 hours!! So excited!

Have been sippin minimal amounts of water ha but my
mouth is that gross iv got to have a drink!

How are you all feelin today??

Almost the weekend so another week done!



Melting the fat
Morning fellow teamies...:massmoon:

Magz go pick the most expensive, stylish sofa you want for the common room -grins- yay for the big K too!

Good luck with your weigh in today Lauren, fingers and toes crossed for you.

I started work at 7am this morning so choccie tetra was scoffed at 8.30am for breakfast making today a looooooong day. topping up with lots of black decaf coffee to fill my ickle tum till later. I have to come into work tomorrow so its definately taken the edge of my friday feeling :rolleyes:
Good luck with your weigh in Lauren will keep my fingers crossed for a big loss, I will go do some shopping for the sofa then lol, aww i really do like having the tetras i feel they dont fill you up the way a pack does have a great day at work today fiesty.
Magz x


My husband = My hero
13lbs gone


Have a wonderful day girls I will!

OMG lauren!!!! Well done to you!!!!!!!!! That's a fantastic wi result! I hope you feel really proud of yourself for being so good. That's cheered me right up!

I feel a little headachey today and not actually that hungry which considering it's only day 2 for me, the big K shouldn't be here yet surely?? I've been fairly good so far, porridge, tetra n about 1.5l water. Been peeing like a racehorse though! I have a tiny bladder as it is so hate the constant peeing even more lol. But ah well, needs must.

Have a great day girls n well done again Lauren!!!


My husband = My hero
Thanks sweet!

Just think of yourself as peeing out the extra fat!!

Made up your hving a good day hun, well done for sticking the first few days are crappy!!

Just been n got a small skinny costas cappucino. Need the energy n it's using my milk allowance for the day. Will see me through till my bar in an hr or so n then another shake mid evening. My date's been called off due to crossed wires between us lol. Hoping to see him tmoz now, he's meant to be coming over in the afternoon. Time will tell.


This will be my year
Wow Lauren, that's fantastic :happy096:

How are all you lovely ladies today? LOL Claire, I know what you mean about the peeing, but think of the extra calories we're all burning running to the loo :D

Sorry to say I'm not having a good day today... I ended up going out to tea with a friend, and yes I ate :eek: It wasn't planned, but my friend thought I needed cheering up, and a quick drink after work (easy to stick to water) became much more. She decided to eat, I thought I'll stick to water... and the next thing I knew I'd ordered too :sign0007:

As Scarlett said, tomorrow's another day. All I can do now is draw a line under today and get back on track from now on.

Hope everybody else is having a good day

Vicki x



My husband = My hero
Good morning ladies!

It's a very early good morning from me, my little angel has been awake bloody ages!!

Vick don't beat yourself up love, straight back on today and get the lbs off u might of put on!

Mmmm bet it was yummy though?!? Hehe

Hve a fab weekend everyone xxx


Melting the fat
Tomorrow is indeed another day Vicki! -yawns- I'm at work this morning, have been here since 7.30am, forgot to weigh myself as I was running late so will have to weight myself tomorrow instead. doh.

Lauren I love your little stone red and green tick off list I may have to steal it for my sig too.

Have a great day everyone and keep drinking that water! oh I may design a little logo for us all later when I get home to pop in our signatures too.


My husband = My hero
Ooh what a fab idea! Will feel more teamy then!!

I pinched it off fat boy slimming Hun so go ahead Ha

it's just good to see the stones going!

God u work alot chik! U work 6 days a week?

What do u do so early in the mornings?? Xx


Melting the fat
I'm a hotel manager so can be here at any time but normally I am Mon-Fridays, just had to come in this morning to do some extra work that really needs doing!
G'day Sliminators!

Still on track :) Narna tetra down so far n just tucking into apple porridge. Gonna up the water this afternoon. Got my ketostix through and i'm sure they're beginning to have a very faint tinge of pink, thought that could be my wishful positive thinking! lol... Ah well, will be there soon enough i'm sure.

Hope you all have a fab day n the Sliminator blinkie sounds cool :)


My husband = My hero
So... I just had a bath - got out and for the first time ever the towl went round me with no gaps!!

Hah!!! How silly but I'm so so made up!!

Normally I tuck it in at the top and there's a gaping triangle where my belly pokes out so wooohoooo!!!

Small things ey!


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