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New Team - full


Melting the fat
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My husband = My hero
I will chick!

On day 2!

Lost 4 stone on lipotrim last year then fellmpregnant and put 5 back on so starting fresh with cd!

You've done fab already!! So close!!



Melting the fat
hello Lauren, yay one down, just need another 4. -steals your baby for cuddles-


My husband = My hero
Haha your welcome to hve her at
prime cuddling time which just happens to be etween 7pm and 10am!

Lucky u lol


Melting the fat
haha, sounds like a good plan to me. I exist on about 5 hours sleep a night as is. One of my friends needs to get pregnant again, I need my baby cuddle fix.

Its 8.30am been at work since 7am, time for me to go pull my breakfast tetra out the fridge and fill my shrinking tum.


My husband = My hero
How u gettin on chick?? I'm on day 6 now,

get weighed on Friday morning so hoping to have lost squillions!!

When's your weigh day?? Xx


Melting the fat
I get weighed at various times my Consultant works shift patterns so for the sake of this forum I'm going to take my weigh in as what my scales say on a saturday morning as they are accurate to my Consultants normally. my next official weigh in isn't till the 28th September.

How did your WI go?
Can i join 2 please? im on day 5, weigh in is on thursday :)


This will be my year
Me too please if you still have space :D
Hey ladies, i did CD last year and lost about 3.5 stone. Then went onto atkins for a while as i had to do some training. Then sts till early this year when i started a new job n it was a tad sedentary so the weight's started going back up which i hate. Attempted SW but way too easy to go over for me! Also did SF a few times which was ok but not enough lost to inspire me to carry on.

I've got my appointment with the same CD guy as before tmoz at 1300hrs so having my last proper meal now. Dreading the first few days as i know they're tough till you're into it. Can't wait for the big K to set in!! On a driving course for the next 3 weeks starting mon so i hope to be into K before then so that things go ok whilst the others stop off for junk food each day! Hopefully by the time i go back to work i'll be about a stone lighter!! Only told one or two i'm doing it so hoping to get a good reaction.

Lets all provide support to each other on here n rant n rave all we need to stay in check! Good luck for wi's this week people! My wi's are usually on mon's but i'm not too sure which i'll go with this time yet.

Hope to speak to you all again soon!


Melting the fat
ooh I go offline a little bit and we get a full team. yay. welcome everyone. If we can decide on a team name then I can change the title of our thread.


Melting the fat
Good morning skinnymalinkies, how are we all today?

I woke feeling energised this morning which is great as I have been feeling a little low the last couple of days. Seems my body is having one of those "add a pound on, take it off the next day" weeks. I must confess I am a daily weigher but it helps me keep on track, if I feel my weight is stalling I am likely to check if I am drinking enough fluid etc.

My next mini target is to get to 12 stone something, so thats only 4lbs away...focusing hard, not been 12 stone something since I was a teenager!
Hey Guys! You're just the solution we're looking for! Come and take over The Sliminators!

I'll PM you about it, but basically, there's a lovely team that needs a loving home.. and it looks like you're the ones to have it!

Hope you like the idea!

Fiesty!! I'm trying to PM you, but doesn't look like I can.. wondered if you wanted to take over the Sliminators...?


Melting the fat
I don't have enough posts to get pm's yet. still a newbie -pouts and posts some more-


Melting the fat
Thanks V,

I'll see what the others want to do and will let you know asap. xxx


This will be my year
Hi Feisty,

I'm up for it is everyone else is :D

BTW, my WI day is Wed

Vicki x


My husband = My hero
Hi guys sorry not posted!

Hi all the other members hurray!! Slimminators lol sounds perfect!!

Feist - my weigh in is tomorrow chick woohoo!!

First one so hoping for a biggie specially cos iv been on
it since the 1st!

Good luck everyone can't wait to hear how your weigh INS go


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