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The Steering Wheel Test!


What doesn't kill me.....
So, I was driving to work this morning and I noticed something very peculiar.

I drive a Dodge Caliber, and the steering wheel doesn't raise quite as high as I would like it. I drive with my right hand on the bottom part of the steering wheel... so there is like, a 1 in space between the steering wheel and my tummy.. and my thumb fits there... and well.. everything touches.. and.. ANYWAYS!!! :eek:

I noticed this morning that my thumb wasn't touching my tummy.. and I looked down and there was an extra inch inbetween the steering wheel and my tummy! I was like :eek: :8855:

I don't weigh in again until Saturday.. but :character00238:

Hope everyone else is starting to notice these little things and affirm we are all on our way to loosing weight! :cross:

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Needs a kick
Congrats LR, sometimes if the scales don't notice you will in other ways! Good luck 4 WI xx
Thats great LR :D

2 weeks ago I bought a pair of size 16 jeans, there was a gap of about 3 inches between the button and the hole :eek: Tried them on last week, I could do them up but couldn't breath or move! :8855: Tried them on this morning and i've been wearing them all day :D
Amazing, you must feel so great.

I put on one of my favourite skirts today which I normally have to wear a long top with as it doesn't really do up, and....... it really nearly does now so I wore it with a short cardi and it looked fine.

Unfortunately I sold quite a few skirts on ebay last year as I thought I would never realistically get in to them again. I am feeling so inspired now that I am beginning to regret it. Oh well, better to be thin with no clothes than fat with no clothes.
L :cry:


Is feeling the love!
Way to go all of you. :D

I bought a pair of size 14 jeans from tesco for £8 the other day. I bought them because I thought it would be a good marker to try on once a week until they fitted me.

They fitted me straight off :8855:!!! I was so pleased I called my best friend while she was at work!


What doesn't kill me.....
Wow, that is great everyone! :)

I have two garbage bags full of clothes that I used to fit into about 5 years ago... and plenty of jeans.... i used to always wear jeans, and now I never do. I'm not there yet to even attempt to try them on but sooooooon I hope! :D

Lol. With my wheel, I lower it cos I am a short ass and I used to drag myself getting in and out. (Have u seen "Norbit" - i was like his wife but a litle smaller lol!!) But now its fine I can get in and out ok!
Today I ahve trousers on that I couldn't fit in forever! Theyre tight but I am wearing thm if it kills me lol


What doesn't kill me.....
Lol. With my wheel, I lower it cos I am a short ass and I used to drag myself getting in and out. (Have u seen "Norbit" - i was like his wife but a litle smaller lol!!) But now its fine I can get in and out ok!
Today I ahve trousers on that I couldn't fit in forever! Theyre tight but I am wearing thm if it kills me lol
Way to Go Sacha!


I weigh in tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!



What doesn't kill me.....
Thanks Lind!

Well I weighed in this morning and another 3 lbs gone! Woo!

I was a little nervous because I fell off the wagon yesterday. I was emotionally in a bad place (I had googled my father so I could show a co-worker a picture and pulled up a slideshow that was made of him by a friend when he had died. I'd seen it before, but didn't know there was sound. I was completely caught off gaurd when I heard his voice! :cry:)

Anyway, it was this co-worker's birthday tomorrow and my boss bought pizza and cake. I love pizza. I like cake too. And I was really hungry! And Sad. I didn't think it would be a big deal to eat a slice and have a small piece of cake. But I ate two slices, and a small piece of cake. I didn't stuff myself, and I didn't feel uncomfortably full afterwards... but I felt a little guilty.... and nervous about weighing in.

It always seems like if I am going to fall off the wagon, it's gonna be on thursday or friday. Why can't i fall off in the beginning of the week where I can make up for it later?...:8855:

How's everyone else fairing?



Needs a kick
3ibs fab loss, everyone slips and I'm sure if your good 99.9% of the time if won't count. Good luck with the week ahead :O)


in my dreams!!!!!!
hi lr, well done on 3lbs thats fantastic and hopefully you're next weigh in will be fine too! it was only pizza and cake and if like ugg says you stick to it the rest of the week it shouldn't be so bad.

i know what you mean about the guilt, its so daft to feel that way but i think we must be conditioned into thinking that naughty food is just that....naughty and no guilt would be attached if you pigged out on carrots or veg!!!! lol just think that it was lovely while it lasted but you are now back on track. xx

Well done on the weight loss and don't spend too much time worrying about pizza and cake.

We do end to get things out of proportion don't we? I had one glass of wine and two squares of chocolate last night and got on the scales this morning expecting to have put on at least two pounds!!
I had in fact lost one so am now 11st 12 lbs, the lightest I have been for years.

Then I went and ruined it by having toast with half a pound of butter on it and am feeling so cross. When, oh when, will I be able to put something in my mouth without feeling guilt or any of those ridiculous feelings we get.

I am a reasonably intelligent professional woman who becomes completely irrational in the presence of a biscuit.

L :sigh::sigh:
I have stayed the same this week, but have eaten a lot and I feel annoyed I didn't stay on the wagon.

I eat when I'm emotional too. But by noticing it I have stopped myself from eating crap when I know I am just falling into my same old patterns. Its hard but we'll get there!!


Is feeling the love!
Hi LR, I stayed completely on the wagon this week, and to be honest I don't have any of the moral high ground feeling I thought I would.

I feel no different than I would if I had had a couple of naughty things. Because I exercise everyday I feel that sometimes I have earned the odd "nice" bit.

3lb weight loss is fab. i weigh in tomorrow and i'm worried as I am every time I weigh myself. :(


What doesn't kill me.....
Thanks for the support guys!

If I can slather those carrots in ranch dressing, the way I'd really like too.. I'd feel guilty about that too. lol.

But, letting other people know that I am dieting has made me more accountable for my eating. My boss knows and she's been supportive about it. My mom knows.. which means I can't be bad when I get home from work just because I made it through a work day.. lol! She is supportive, but not as much as I would like. Not that she wouldn't provide it, she just continues to buy chocolate cake and eclairs and well.. stuff I'm completely tempted by, but know I shouldn't eat. Then again, she can't change her grocery habits just because I'm dieting.. there are 3 other adults and 2 children in this house too.

Thankfully my daughter doesn't have a sweet tooth. She likes the occasional piece of candy... but mostly she just holds on to it for dear life (she's afraid her cousin will take it,... but she doesn't actually want to eat it). That happened last night, I gave her a piece of valentine chocolate and well.... she held on to it... for a very long time.. it was very messy..:8855: there was carmel in side!

My mom is making white chili tonight! Should be super yummy!!!! Hope she doesn't make corn muffins though... she sucks at that... :8855:

and corn muffins?


What doesn't kill me.....
Lol.. ok. White chili is nothing like regular chili. It's not tomato based and it's not made with kidney beans or beef. It's made with cantollone beans, which are white, and chicken. McCormick makes a seasoning packet for it, so you just add the beans and chicken and water. It's really good and spicey! I'm sure if you goggled it, you'd find a recipe if McCormick isn't sold there.

And Corn Muffins are basically corn bread, made in muffin form. :)


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