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The Sunday Thread!


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Got to get dd birthday sorted (its on tuesday so must buy cake and pressies at work monday :Dhehe ).So a bit of running round will get a bit of wieght off .Then got to run to other end of this fair city to do weekly shop at morrisons,then catch up with house work ,then get ready to to take dd and 14 guests out to indian for her special meal and resist eating all that lovely food :eek:.think I might just go to bed then the joys of been a mother .

phone just rang ds wants to know if I fancy taking his girlfreinds son to feed ducks arrrrr but he is a sweety so going to feed ducks lol .
Will keep my mind off food
may catch up later


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got up early and don't know why. Tommorrow when its work I shall have to be woken by the alarm!

Great day here so far, so will be going for a walk in the hills before the onset of 'the storm'. or I could go into town again and look at all the loverly jubbly stuff that I will be fitting into soon!

Hope everyone has a good day.
Same as bird I've been to bed at 3am both yesterday and today and been awake at 7 each day how strange lol aww well better than lazying around in bed all day (which is exactly what I would be doing lol)


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hey, i'm usually in bed before 10pm, and both Friday and Saturday it was nearly midnight! Up at bleedin' six o clock! What is with that? Off to the garden centre instead now. Will be window shopping again next thursday cos I have a weeks leave booked from then. Go to the hospital tomorrow to get my boob checked out to.....


The Me Is Back.........
Its my day off today got in from work at 2am after working the vomit special from waterloo 23.05
I have today and tommorow off before going back into work at 5am ouch.

But for toady just chilling out, stepped on the scales and according to them have lost 1st in 6 days, have loads of washing to do, sadly my oh(newbeggining) is at work till 6pm normally i would cook a roast for us both but as im ss i guess not.

Hope everyone has a good sunday


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