The two kinds of people who do a VLCD


The Diet Guy
I have definitely noticed that there are two kinds of people who do the crazy diet of a VLCD :)

The first kind are those that see the diet as a prison, they aren't allowed to eat, they aren't allowed to drink, they aren't allowed to go out and socialise on the diet, they aren't allowed to do things they want to do.

The second kind are those that see the diet as a choice, at anytime they can go and eat what they want, they can go and drink what they want but they choose not to because they want to lose weight and be slim more than they want to eat or drink.

The people who see the diet as a prison sentence tend to hate the diet all the way through, they generally feel unhappy while losing weight and from my experience tend to "escape" from the prison at some point and eat and drink and then the diet becomes even tougher.

For those that make a choice to just not eat or drink I find they tend to enjoy the diet!! They have made a good choice as they can feel the results and with the right mindset it is just a matter of keeping yourself focussed for a few months while you get to where you really want to get to.

All of us who start a VLCD desperately want to lose weight for many reasons and we all know the diet is in our own heads. If you drink the packs and drink the water and avoid food then you will lose weight as it is impossible not to, the only problem is whether your mind makes you falter along the way.

So please please see the diet as a choice, and a very good choice as it will change your life for the better.


Up to now thats how i have been thinking about vlcd so much like a prison sentence and stopping me living my life(which is practically non existent as it is).
I know vlcd is the way forward for me as i am a serious emotional eater but i struggle with i vlcd`s and my low blood sugars and it really upset`s me.

Doc has now asked me to take my blood sugars 3 times a day and maybe just maybe might try again with very close monitoring from the doc but i just have to wait and see.
Sorry i have taken over this post Mike !!
Thanks for that post think that will help so many people xxx
That is so true Mike, I tell all of my clients at the beginning that they really have to see it as a positive choice and if they think they are been deprived, they are making it harder for themselves.

I always tell them that when they get that call from a friend to say - ah come on, you have been on that crazy diet for ages now, one meal or drink won't hurt, that they need to be able to say, without feeling deprived, that you know, I made the decision to do this and I choose to want to lose the weight and then be able to tell their friend that it is kind of them to ask, but this is really important to them, and they would love to spend time with their friend, so why don't they get together for a walk or something instead.

I know from my own experience of doing the diet, this worked real good for me. True friends will say of course, it is the spending time together that matters.

A positive head succeeds better than a negative one :)
What a cracking post Mike :D

If my Printer was working, I'd print it of and stick it on my kitchen cup'd! :p
Hi Mike

I totally agree with your post... i was the first one the first time i did cd. i had a 'break' for hols and it has taken me about 4 weeks to get out of the mindset of the 2nd one... but now i'm back in the first one yay!!!

it really makes sense when ya think about it!!

Thanks for that you have just given me something really concrete to think about

Gen xx
Great post and I agree that you have to see the diet as a choice - I love CD it isnt a prison sentence but that doesnt stop it being hard. ;)
I definately agree that a positive attitude is the key to success :)

Great post Mike. :)
Helen, can I just say that I love your name 'Boofaloo'. The other day my OH wandered into the kitchen where i was cooking and said 'what are you singing?' - I was happily singing 'Booooooooooofaloooooooooo' over and over again! I need to get out more......
Glad i can be of service :D
I'm the second kind of VLCDer....loved it from the start...

But it's getting harder and harder.

Perfectly happy when I'm on it but alloing myself too many cheating days...and it has to stop!!

There was a time when I'd go out and be happy to stick to the I want to have a drink like everyone else.

Maybe it's cos I've become 'acceptable' to myself now??

Still got a good stone and a half to go ....think it might just take me longer than I'd planned.

I have to say that I completely agree with you Mike. LL have a section that deals like this which talks about your ego states which is why us LL'ers talk about getting into adult :)

I did the first 100 days in adaptive child, I was doing as I was told and it worked very well for me.

When the 100 days were up I struggled big time :( and set off out of the house fully intending to get a chicken shish. When I left the house I realised I didn't really want it after all as I was in rebellious child mode and just throwing a tantrum :rolleyes:

After that I realised that continuing is my choice, I am fully in adult mode and even now knowing that I only have 3-4 weeks left I will have something if I want it. Do I want? NO! I refuse to jephardise my progress for anything :D Will I be as grown up about this when conventional food come into the equation? Only time will tell but I am hopeful yet vigilent ;)
Great post Mike!
I'm definitely the second kind of VLCDer. I see CD as the golden 'key' which is setting me free from the tortuous hell-hole known as morbid obesity!

It's a way out, a route map, a godsend, a life-saver ... and a whole list of other words - all good!:)
FANTASTIC post mike so I hope you don't mind that I'll be pinching it for when I become a CDC. Infact I'll definitely be using a lot of your inspirational thoughts along the way.

Like debbie I'm definitely the second kind - CD has given me a wonderful tool to not only lose the weight, but also the space to learn about myself throughout the journey. It's been incredibly life changing :)
It's the best diet in the world (IMHO!)

Mike, I loved this post, just as I do love this diet, one of my main mottos is I Chose to do this, for me! and that is what makes me happy.
At least i know im doing this the right way x
I must be mad because I'm enjoying this diet.

I never saw it as a prison sentence. I already felt I was in prison because I wasn't living my life.

Now I feel tons better and I've enjoyed every day so far (and I'm coming up to 140 days tomorrow). I've not cheated once and never considered giving up.

flipping eck I sound like a right swot :eek: :eek: :eek:
I've been thinking about this post a lot today......

When I was SSing, I made myself think that it was the water that was keeping me alive and that the packs/bars were treats, so I looked forward to them and consciously enjoyed them but didn't feel deprived as they were like a 'bonus'.

I know of course, that they held the key to my health but it worked for me to think of them as secondary and it also made me drink gallons of water! lol