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The Un- *Supersize Me Saturday* Thread

Hi Ladies,

Did not see a daily thread and, as it is afternoon, I thought I'd start one!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend, thus far. I can see the sun trying to come out -- and am rather psyched about it!

I made it to my RC Zumba class, and even scored some RC Cheese (5% fat) for my friend CF (cheese fiend). I got some for my DH, too -- as he is doing South Beach whilst I CD it. The instructor gave us a lovely Valentine's Day menu with recipes -- and I can tweak it for SB, so I'll be making that for my DH on Monday.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend -- my best to all.

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hey Mm zumba sounds and looks a lot of fun , i am back on 810 next week so joining the gym which includes all the classes so may give it a go :) is your daughter better ?

I have had a busy morning , went to tesco to do the food shop ( not sure why I decided to go on a saturday ... madness !!!) , I had both girls with me and they were oth really good , Abbie ( 18 months ) troughed her way through a box of raisins , a packet of yog covered strawberries and about 10 bread sticks bless her ( think she takes after me !!)

I ahve just got back , fed the kids and had my bar :D yum I love orange ones but just wish they were bigger !!) gonna have a shake mid afternoon and porridge at tea time and another shake later this evening ( SS+)

Then some friends are coming over and we are going to our village local .. I love their finest tipple ... tapwater !!! I am going to have a lovely pampering bath later with some lush stuff , and I bought a load of new make up and nail varnish so really going in for making the most of myself ... I never really used to bother much ... you cannot make a pig look good with makeup ..... but now I seem to put a little slap on every morning and take much more pride in my appearance .. and I never knew how much I LOVED clothes and shopping for them ( mush to hubbies despair !!!!)
Hi all im going to need this supporting thread this week i think.!

my head has been all over the placd regarding this diet.

but will loose this last bit of weight for next month, i must.

i am doing a old skool aerobics class tomorrow morning looking forward to it.!

im feeling positive so far xx
Hi all im going to need this supporting thread this week i think.!

my head has been all over the placd regarding this diet.

but will loose this last bit of weight for next month, i must.

i am doing a old skool aerobics class tomorrow morning looking forward to it.!

im feeling positive so far xx
how much have you got left to loose shanny ?? I have been messing about but got back on track this week and feeling very deterimed that I WILL get to goal .. we can do this :D
I had weigh in on tuesday it was TOTM and gained 0.5 lbs since tuesday ive stuffed my face silly.

so today i am really focused again i have 14 lbs katie to till goal of 10 stones i have 5 weeks to loose it for good.

i cant afford to mess around anymore lol im wasting all this money and it's silly. lol

your doing ss+ this weekend i may do that too for these two days then 810 from monday as determind to do lots of exercising this week.x
Afternoon ladies!!!!
i had done one day 100% then ruined it last night and was just going to restart on monday but then my ex came over to see lil one and naturally we had an arguement as u do! Then he said somethin really horrible about me cos of my weight and now im like u no what "f**k you"!!!!!

Im gunna do this and im gunna show everyone that i can stick to this i will lose the weight and at the end of this journey he will see...

Ergh hate him!!

anyway litre and a half down already one shake down im gettin weighed on tuesday i hope i will have lost within 4 days! what you think? x x
I am 5'6'' 11 stone 1 today but got official weigh in on monday ... I am hoping to get to goal in the next 5 weeks .. am on 810 starting monday then she wants me to move up to 1000 in 2 weeks :/
how tall are you ?
i am 5ft5 after my binge weigh 11.2.5 now was in the 10.12 last week.!!

silly me huh. the end of feb i will move up to 1000 cant wait really as looking forward to eating fruit again.x
Hi Jaxy -- Good on you for not letting your anger with your ex turn on yourself. Stay focused -- think of yourself. You are worthy!

Hey Katie and Shanny --

I am bit shorter than the two of you (5'4" ish), but I am also hovering around the 11 stone mark. My goal is 9.5 stone -- but 10 stone will be my "drop dead diet again" weight -- once I reach goal.

The RC instructor weighed me (this monring) at at a STS (11.01) -- but I was wearing my fleece jacket and full of coffee. Plus, I think my hair has grown a lot this week... and it is really thick. ;)

So, I am hoping that when I weigh myself tomorrow at home on my own scale that I will show a loss (I adjust my tickers on Sunday) . I am not expecting a big loss, it has been 1 to 2 pounds a week on the average. (Much slower than the first time around on LL.)

My CDC will weigh me Monday at 9:30 and I am hoping she'll show a loss, too.
Fingers crossed.

My DD is much better. She is complaining a bit the braces; she got them on Friday. Thanks for asking, Katie.

oooo Mm I hope you get in the 10s this week :) I seem to hover round every stone mark I am about it hit .. its odd ... it always takes me a few weeks to loose the last few lbs into a new stone bracket .. but once i hit it I seem to fly until i get near the next one .. I am sure its me mentally sabotaging myself for some reason .. i know the closer I get to goal the scareder I get of not having CD to rely on any more ...hey ho .. not far to go :D
Thanks Katie,

I resist weighing myself except on Sundays. And, my scale is only one I really count. I care very little what is written in the little books by the CDC or RC person.

This is because I know that my scale is properly calibrated, and I weigh at the same time, in the same outfit (or non outfit... knickers, empty bladder and t-shirt).

So, if I am a STS I will have to have a think about I can do to move the scales and then regroup to do it.

The best thing about being a "second time around" loser -- is that I KNOW I can lose it, because I already have lost it.

The worse thing is knowing that I found some of it again -- and am still working on HOW to keep it off.

good afternoon ladies.
boy am i having a hungry day today. i dont know why, i am still very much in ketosis.
anyhow, ive had 2 shakes and am about to have a third so i think i may end up having an extra shake today at this rate.
ive also managed 3 litres water so far today.
i did have a VERY stressful day yesterday... maybe that has led to the hunger day today.
it wont win though..... i am stronger than a few simple hunger pangs :D
:p to Shanny and Katie - you are far too close to goal - I think you should both stop and wait a while til we all catch up!! Seriously though stick with it you are both so close it must feel fantastic. Can't wait to see the piccies when you get here.

Today has been horrid life wise (cd still the same as ever). DH is feeling "poorly" to ill to do anything to help but well enough to cook loads of food for himself, but then too ill to clear away. Its the one thing that really winds me up - clearing up after someone elses food when I haven't eaten it! He refused to get up this morning to do the animals (Saturday is my only day when i can lie in til 8.30) so I had to get up and do them and then he spent the afternoon in bed and left me chasing round after the children. rant rant rant.

Sorry I'll try and be in a better and more supportive mood tomorrow!
Hi Setas -- It must be the day for rants at the DHs. I had a total meltdown this afternoon about my status as a servant. lol

I hope tomorrow is a better day all around. ;)


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