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The Weight of Water


Skinny girl in a fat body
I have been reading various posts on this site saying that 1 litre of water weights 1lb. I have mentioned this in work today, and according to all our Mechanical Engineers, 1 litre of water weighs 1 kilo (2.2lb). Which is correct? I drank 4 litres of water yesterday = 8.8lb:eek::eek::eek:
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Skinny girl in a fat body
No, someone defo said 1 litre = 1 pound (somewhere). I have been guzzling like it was going out of fashion. I am nearly crying now, I am panicing about weigh in tonight!!!!!!!!!!!
I wouldn't worry too much, you will go to the toilet today and shift the water. In one end out the other ;)


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Could post a reply with the figures, but at the end of the day ..... who really cares :D

You have to drink, and on this diet you certainly have to go to the loo, and I am convinced that more comes out than goes in!!
You need that water Mia, drinking it yesterday is not going to affect your weight loss today in a negative way. Infact it could only help!

Your body uses up water so fast, I drink close to 4L everyday.

Water is so good for you!
You need that water Mia, drinking it yesterday is not going to affect your weight loss today in a negative way. Infact it could only help!

Your body uses up water so fast, I drink close to 4L everyday.

Water is so good for you!
I think she is more worried about how it will show up on her weigh in, rather than affecting her overall weightloss.. if that makes sense!


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thank you Crazylilblondie, that's right. I was only trying to explain what a shock it was to me to discover that i had drank 8.8lb of water yesterday - the day before weigh-in. I knew what the others were meaning though, so thanks everyone.
Yup it does make sense. I kind of think tho that if you drink a lot the day before your weigh in, it's an extra chance to flush the fat out! Not sure if that scientifically works :eek:


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I wouldn't get hung up on what the scales say. You are losing fat, the number of calories you take in versus the ones you use just to exist make it impossible not to.

The scales are such a tiny part of the picture. It's nice to have big losses, but it's far more important to be slim and healthy, which what you're heading towards, and quickly!


yesterdays water will all be gone by now - your kidneys do a very effective job of filtering it all, so don't panic Mia.


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Okay, just for Mia!! My understanding is that 1 pint of water weighs 1 pound, and that there are 2.2 pints in a litre, so that makes 1 litre of water weigh 2.2 pounds.

Or the other way round for those that use metric, 1 litre of water weighs 1 kilogram, and there are 2.2 pints in a litre so 1 pint weighs 454.5 grams
Hi Mia, don't forget , you pee a lot of water out!!
You'd be surprised how much you go each time..
Also fluid is lost through sweat, tears and even when you are breathing...
I wouldn't be too worried unless you gulped down a litre or so just before weigh in without letting any of it pass through (which you wouldnt do anyway!)
If you don't drink you are more likely to suck fluid into your cells and retain it as you bodies defense against dehydration.

Mia, hope this helps :) I will also start a new thread so other people know

How long does it take for a litre of water to go through our body?
The short answer is that for normal people it should take about 2 to 3
hours. There is an easy way to find out. Drink a litre of water, and see
how long it takes for your rate of urine production to go up and then go
back down.

But it depends on several things.

First, the water has to be absorbed. For example, if someone has really
bad diarrhea or is vomiting, the fluid won't be absorbed.

Second, it depends on what is in the water. If it is pure water rather
than water with salt in it, the pure water will be excreted faster than
salt water.

Third, if someone is dehydrated, say, was playing soccer for two hours and
sweated out two more litres water than he drank, the fluid would stay in
his body and his rate of urine production will stay really low until he
drinks more. And if one lost two litres of water and drinks three litres
of water, it will take longer for the rate urine production to increase
than if he is not dehydrated.

Forth, it depends on the time of day. Usually, people's rate of urine
production (assuming identical rate of intake of fluid, like if one has an
IV) in the middle of the night and increases around the time he wakes up.

Finally, it depends on the state of health of the person. IF a person has
kidney disease, the urine production might not increase as much. ANd if a
person has heart disease, the fluid may build up in his tissues instead of
being excreted.

The reference is a paper where students drank water in the morning and
determined how long it took for the water to be excreted. In this paper,
it looks like they urinated out about 400 or 500 ml of water over about 2
hours, before the rate of urine production slowed down. For a liter of
what is needed, it should take a little longer.
I agree with what everyone else says......water drunk yesterday won't affect you today weightwise....I can also see what mia is saying...I tend not to drink a lot at all on my weigh in day because I'm worried about it weighing me heavier, which causes me to have headaches and feel terrible especially if my WI isn't until the evening. After all, if you're thirsty your body is dehydrated and will be screaming for water! But we really must remember (and I should take my own advice!) if we don't drink enough and the body is dehydrated, when we do drink the body will hang on to every bit of water we do have, and that will lead to us having water retention and less good weight losses, much the same as if we starve ourselves the body will hang on to every bit of food it can. Hope this helps xxxxx
I always drink up untill 2 hours before my WI. I think if you do the same every week then any loss is true to you.

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