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The worse thing about pregnancy is...


Is a woman on a mission.
I can't wait to have this little baby and give her huggggge cuddles and in general I have loved being pregnant but the worse thing about being pregnant for me is the heartburn 24/7. Gaviscon doesn't touch it...I have the odd Zantac as it is the only thing that seems to work.

What is the worse thing about pregnancy for you?

Boo x x
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Is a woman on a mission.
Oh and from a vain point of view...I now have fat toes. I normally have nice slim feet but since being preggy my toes have looked like uncooked cumberland sausages...not a good look with summer sandals lol. x
Sorry but LOL @ fat toes.

The heartburn has recently kicked in for me and I'm finding the Sainsbury's own brand in aniseed flavour (yuk I know) if you can stomach swallowing it it works a treat, it's just so thick!

The worst thing about being pregnant for me is looking fatter and not pregnant =|
Peeing 5 times during the night, braxton hicks stopping you sleeping, feeling fat, looking fat, everywhere swelling, nausea, boking at smells walking down the street (orange juice had be running lol!).......lots of things that I didn't enjoy about pregnancy.

But then once your bump is really a bump and you are lying in bed watching little hands and feet poking out, it makes it all worthwhile. My dd used to get really active once I had gone to bed. I miss my baby bump and getting kicked and poked.

Enjoy it ladies xx
Don't even start me off, lol I feel your pain, suffered so badly with heartburn during the third tri. Yesterday it made me violently sick and left me so deyhdrated today and given me a saw tummy along with poorly throat glads due to the wretching :(
It's amazing how you forget these things, missing my bump :-( think it's time to stop at two though.
i hated being pregnant. had sciatica through most of it and high blood pressure :( and i wasnt overweight then :S but it hasnt put my off having more in future :)
she will soon be here and shes due on my birthday :D lol
Worst thing for me is feeling short of breath and lacking in energy - yawn!!
the threat of being induced normally does it for me! hope you dont have to wait too long and good luck

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