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  1. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Well where do I start! I have struggled with my weight all my life and have tried most diets over my adult life! I am 47 this year and determind to get back to my goal of 11stone!In 2000 I joined weight watchers at around 17 stone I got to goal of 9st 10 and maintained this for around 5 years! Following a bad breakup of my marriage I turned to food and put on weight over a few years until I was weighted even more than I did when I started at WW. I started diets over the next 6 years and when I got remarried in 2006 I was around a size 18. I then was in a happy place and did not diet much but really knew that I need to lose weight as I was really struggling with my self esteem. In 2011 after lots of starting WW and SW I decided I need to really do something about my weight! I had just found out I was going to be a Nan for the first time and did not want to my grandchild to have a fat unfit Nan!I started back at dieting in Oct 11 at WW but found that I was using my points for unhealthy foods, I swapped to SW and lost 3.5 stone, I then saw the adverts for Pauline Quirk who had lost all her weight on LL and looked into that! I am quite an impatient person and the rep did not get back to me so I looked up CWP and the consultant got back to me quickly and I decided that I would do that! I started on 18th Jan 2012 and stayed on SS for 6 weeks before going onto SS+ I came off the CWP on 1st May after geting to my own personal goal of 11 10lb I wanted to be in a size 12 and was really pleased to have got there!I keep this weight off by myself just healthy eating and seemed to maintain this within a range of 11st 10lb and 12st 2lb, I think I got comfortable that I was maintaining it and before I knew it, it was December and I though oh well I am really going to enjoy this Christmas and eat lots and lots! The result was that my jeans were becoming too tight and I decided after having to buy a size 14 dress to wear NYE that I was going to go back to CWP on 2nd Jan!So here I am again! I had a few products left that were in date, so I rang my consultant and asked her to come on 2nd Jan and that I would start on the morning and weigh in that evening! I dug out my scales that had been put away as I was scared to go on them (who was i kidding by not weighing!) I weighed 13 stone 8 in the morning and when I weighed in by my consultant in the evening after my first day on CWP I was suprised to be 13stone 6lb! This may have been a difference of scales but I hoped that it was that I had been on the CWP. I was a little shocked that I had put on 23lb but was determined to get that off again and get back into my size 12's again. I had kept a couple of pairs of jeans which were a 14 and had started to wear them as my other were too tight but I was not going to buy anymore that would be a very slippery slope!So why did I decide to post this time? When I think back to last year I loved reading other peoples posts and although I joined in March 12 I never posted! This time I though why not at least I can get motivation and tips from others and enjoy the banter!Why write a diary this time? I suppose it was really reading some of the other diaries on here and its a way of putting your feelings and when you are having a good day for just really want to rant that I am having a bad day! It will also be a way of keeping track of my weigh in etc .I had my first weigh in yesterday evening and was gob smacked that I lost 13lb the last time I did I my first week I only lost 5lb!Well it feels that I have just bared my sole but I have found that really helpful! I hope you enjoy reading my diary and I look forward to catching up on all of yours.If anyone can also let me know how I can get a tracker thing on the bottom of my post I would appreciate it! Also is there any way of keeping track of what posts you have commented on? Also how do I add pictures as I have some of me when I started my original journey and how I am now?Theresa x
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  3. V2120

    V2120 Member


    I am 100% sure you can do it again and it sounds like you dont have as much weight to lose this time as you have done previously.

    The ticker thingy is from Graphical Tickers and Trackers: Weight Loss, Trying To Conceive, Pregnancy... and then once youve made it, it will give you three boxes with lots of website stuff in. If you highlight the stuff in the box marked 'bb' and then paste it into your signature box and 'preview signature' it should be there. But do keep the other window open as other wise if it hasnt worked you have to start all over again!

    Hope that helps and good luck, im sure you can do it :)
  4. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    13lbs? :wow:

    Welcome to the mad house. :) Got a feeling it's not going to take you long at all to get back to where you want to be.

    Now, keeping track of posts you've commented on - that depends on how you're accessing this site. If it's via a computer, scroll up to the very top of the page and click on "subscribed threads". If it's on a phone or a tablet you'll find it at the bottom.

    Adding pictures - again, it differs depending on what you're using. On a computer, there's an icon at the top of the reply box - 3 along from the smilies button. On a phone or tablet, when you're replying you need to click the "advanced" button and you'll see the options for adding a picture there.

    Hope this helps!
  5. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Thanks Lily & V2120, I have managed to add the tracker and am going to try and add some pictures and see if that works! Thanks for your posts and good luck on your journeys Well had a good day today its day 10 today and to be honest I was so busy at work today I did not have my first product until around 3pm and had not noticed that I had not had anything yet which to me is a great sign! I have come in tonight and enjoyed my chili soup and a bar and am now sitting down with my hot water with flavouring in reading everyones posts! I really do find other peoples stories motivating and makes you realise how many people struggle with there weight but at least we have each other to keep us going! I have a really supportive partner which really helps me so much!Well if there are pictures on here it means that I have managed to post them there should be one of me before the start of my journey and one of me now! Sorry about the cigarette in the picture I did not know how to take this out! I can't give up all my vices!

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  6. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    So pleased you started a diary! Your photos are fab, what a difference!!
  7. V2120

    V2120 Member

    Your phots are amazing! Congratulations on that weightless, if you've had determination like that in the past you'll definately have it again. All the inspiration you need is right there!

    You've spurred me on now!

    I am also a fellow smoker and i have to say that the weight is the first thing on my list, smoking second! I dont think i could have dealt with some of the hunger pangs in the first few days without a time out fag!
  8. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    V2120, Thanks for your comment I agree I dont think I could give the smoking up whilst trying to lose weight and was frighten to when I had lost the previous weight! I agree I think it helps when on this diet although not entirely healthy I tend to have a cigarette instead of eating!Good luck on your journey and I am glad that I have spurred you on!
  9. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Well had a busy weekend! Had two occasions this weekend where there were people eating normal food it was hard but I managed it! It was my partners Nans birthday and all the family were together eating nice food and birthday cake! I sat and had a shake which filled me up but it was more about the emotional side of things that was hard! Then today also sat with my partner and a friend whilst they ate and I had my soup! This was not that hard I think it was easier being in my own home and I felt more in control!Been busy today cleaned the house from top to bottom and then had a nice pamper session, I died my hair and put a face pack on and then used some really nice products that I had been brought for Christmas to have a lovely soak in the bath, then used nice creams which was really nice.Sitting with my hot water with flavouring in and catching up on everyones posts!I am on day 12 today and looking forward to my next weigh in on Wednesday evening! My partner is on SW which I think I am going to do when I get to my goal this way I can maintain my weight eating healthy. I will just need to look at what there minimum joining weight is for my height as I want to be able to get weighed as I know this is the only way that I will maintain my weight! I am determined not to put it back on this time!I have tried not to weigh myself on my scales as I know that if I weigh myself and the pounds do not appear to be coming off this will demotivate me!I have a busy week coming up at work this week, which tends to make the week fly by.Well thats my update for today hope everyone is having a good week!Take Care x
  10. Yvonne in TX

    Yvonne in TX Full Member

    Hi Theresa,
    Your pics are inspiring for sure! I look forward to having the confidence to post some success pics really soon! I'm headed over to your diary now!
  11. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Yvonne & RWroeThanks for your replies its nice when people comment on your diary! I am currently working my way through everyones diaries which I love reading everyones stories!Just had my last product of the day a chocolate shake make into a mousse so nice and really filling!Well going to get back to the diaries for lots of motivation!
  12. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    Mmmm the mousse sounds nice, haven't.tried that yet, may get some at next WI. I got another lemon yogurt bar this week and they are lovely :)
  13. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Rachel, Yes I have ordered some of the lemon bars to get delivered with my order on Wednesday I am really looking forward to trying these I have head they are really lovely!
  14. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Well thats another day done! Day 13 for me today, looking forward to my weigh in on Wednesday evening! I had some products from my last time on Cambridge which were in date so I started on the Wednesday morning before I got weighed in which means that I am one day ahead when I get weighted! So its day 14 for me tomorrow! Had good day today, was busy at work and had a chili soup which was nice considering that it was really snowing hard where I work! In meetings most of the day and before I knew it 4 oclock was here and then only an hour to go before going home!Came home had a nice hot bath and another soup! Then just had a yummy chocolate mousse, I really do enjoy and look forward to my chocolate mousse!Gotta order my products by text tomorrow and am going to order some of the yummy lemon bars as I have read that they are so nice! Think I might try some other flavours next week as I tend to stick to chocolate and vanilla shakes, 7 which I make up as a chocolate mousse! Think I might try the toffee & walnut and also the cookie & cream one as my CD consultant said that she has a few left and they are going to stop as they have brought in the mango one!I am hoping that there is not a lot of snow tonight as I have a couple of important meetings tomorrow and need to get to the office! I hope that everyone is doing well and has not struggled in the cold weather! Well thats my diary entry to today I am now going to catch up on how everyone is doing?
  15. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Just popped onto the forum on my lunch hour, woke up this morning and although I do not weigh in until tomorrow night I really feel thiner this morning! I have not been tempted to weigh myself as this is my new rule only weigh at official weigh ins so feeling postive and just sitting at work tucking into my chili soup!

    Going to read others posts now to see how they are doing?
  16. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Had a good day really looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow night!

    Been invited to meet a friend from school not seen since I was 15 at lunchtime on Thursday hope its for a drink and not too eat! I will be honest but could do without unplanned social events! I am however looking forward to meeting up after all these years!

    Well it's been a long day so off to bed for me!
  17. YummyMummyBev

    YummyMummyBev Member

    Good luck for your weigh in x
  18. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    thanks Bev, Yes its day 15 for me today and I have not stopped one of my staff was taken into hospital in the night so I have had to cover a meeting for her today, luckily it was in Kent which meant that I did not have to go into the office which was nice! I also have to go to Surrey tomorow for another meeting so will work from home in the morning which will make a nice change!Really nervous about tonight I do not know why I have been 100% so must have lost something! I suppose its just that its the second week and I know that you dont tend to lose much on the second week, well I will just have to wait until 7pm and find out! I am looking forward to trying the Cookie and Cream milkshakes that I have ordered and also the lemon bars that I have heard so much about!I might have to try one of the lemon bars tonight after my weigh in and have saved a product so that I can do this!Wish me luck! I will post on my diary later what my weight loss was!
  19. YummyMummyBev

    YummyMummyBev Member


    I'm sure you will have a great Loss! Looking forward to hearing about it later! I'm nearly the end of day 2 and have been ok today! I've had the odd waiver when serving lunch at work and doing re kids dinner just a minute ago! I'm dreading tomorrow as I know what's coming lol

    Good luck with weigh in x x
  20. YummyMummyBev

    YummyMummyBev Member

    P.s let me know about the lemon bars sound lush! Mind you cabbage does right about now!! X
  21. JodiLeanne2012

    JodiLeanne2012 Full Member

    Looking forward to hearing of your weight loss! .. im on day 9 today and i have my first weigh in at 1 o clock tomorrow and i can't wait!! xx

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