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They do not fit!


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Hello all,

Well a few weeks in to me starting the dukan diet I started a thread saying, 'they fit' referring to my work trousers which previously did not even fasten! Then a few weeks later I updated to say my jeans, which I could not fasten, fitted!

Now neither of them fit because they are waaaaaay too big! It is ridiculous! Yesterday I tried on my work trousers OVER MY LEGGINGS and as I walked about a meter to my sofa they were round the bottom of bum. HAHA, my dad was laughing at me.

Today ive been wearing my jeans and as I walked down the stairs, they fell down.

I have to admit it is a great feeling. Ive just been trying on my summer dresses and all are looking good. Bought some stuff online which arrived today, got them a size smaller so its something to get into. I cannot wait!

Just had to tell this story, whooooop! :D
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hey that is great news, you must be over the moon although its gonna cost a fortune in new clothes hehehe...xx


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Well my father has kindly offered to buy me a new wardrobe (not the actual thing) for my birthday! Thats the end of Aug so at least two more months of weight loss! YAY :)

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Well done!
That must be a great feeling.
I'm chuffed too because today I tried on my engagement ring and I can now get it on easily. Cannot remember the last time I wore it as I was aways worried that it would get stuck if my hands swelled in the heat. I can now wear it! :D


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Wonderful and such a powerful motivation tool. Long may your clothes fall off you;)

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Thanks Emms.
We got engaged 20 years ago when I weighed a mere 8 stones *sigh* so it's hardly surprising that at 12 stone it didn't fit! :eek: I must say that I am surprised that it already fits when I've only lost 11lbs.
Luckily my wedding ring has fit the whole time, although I cannot get it off at the moment which admittedly does concern me. Not that I wish to remove it, but I do worry if my hand swells it will have to be cut off. So my next goal is to be able to get it over my knuckle! :cool:


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Lol, I had a ring that was stuck on my finger which I only just managed to get off when I was in hospital. I've nt been able to take it off in years but I knew they needed to get it off for my operation and was worried incase they cut it. I was so suprised when it slid off my finger - great :)

I'm sure it will be happening for your wedding ring soon :) xx
None of you should worry too much about rings being tight or stuck on. I cannot take my rings off ever, and it's not to do with fingers being swollen or fat, just that apparently some women have much bigger joints/knuckles than others. (I have surprisingly skinny fingers, considering the size of my arse :)

And congratulations on your clothes falling off you! I can't say that's ever happened to me and I'm very jealous!

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