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Things to buy to much on...


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Help is needed.

I have figured out that i only tend to snack when i'm at work!

I have my little draw which i intend to stock with syn free and very low syn snacks.

I have already got diet drinks on my list and apples - can anyone advise me on what to buy.

I've a budge of about £8 - £10 and i'm off to asda.

Many Thanks,
Alyce xx
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might also pop to aldi... :) x


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You cant beat some carrot sticks. nice and tasty and cheap too. Its usually that and grapes that I snack on x x x


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ooooh what are Mikado's ??
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They are like little sticks of crackers with a thin layer of chocolate on them.


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apples, grapes, alpen light bars (heb for 2), skips (4.5 syns) jaffa cakes (2 syns), options hot chocolate sachets (2 syns), cherry tomatos


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ooooh Sarah i'm getting some of those!!!! :D x


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Aldi's do Be Light rice cakes but in caramel. They are only 100 calories for each packets ( 10 thin rice crackers in each) but take a little while to eat and really baish that sweet craving.

They are 5 / 5.5 syns per pack but worth it ..

L xx

Mrs V

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Mugshots too??? I have loads of these in my draw at work in case I get a snack attack, as well as bananas and Alpen light bars!


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umm got a right list going here ladies - :D x
The only problem i have is i love my food too much, and i'm a savory and sweet girl - hence why i'm here hahaha :D xxx
What about boiled sweets? You can suck 'em to make them last longer!
SULA sugar free sweets - come in little boxes - some are 2 sweets for 0.5 syn and some are 0.5 syn each. Various flavours - cream caramel tastes like a Werthers - YUM!!!!
ALSO Cremosa Strawberry Cream sweet lolly - 1.5 syns each.
Smints are only 1 syn a box - I keep a pack in my car.

Need anymore suggestions?



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Bananas, cherries, strawberries, grapes, carrots, ryvita fruit crunch (synned but can't remember exactly how many and don't want to give you the wrong info!) babybel cheeses(hex a), muller yoghurts, meringue nests (again synned but worth it - especially with some strawbs and a vanilla muller....mmmmmm.....) and some cadburys freddos for when I need a choccy fix!! most of my snacking is sweet so can't help much on the savoury side!
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meringue nests - now thats a good one! i used to get some and smash one up, perfect for snacking and you feel like you have eaten loads!


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How many Syns are freddos? havent had them in YEARS!!! :D x


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Yuk banana's :9529:

lol :D xx


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Freddos (20g bar) - 5.5 on both plans
Freddo Caramel (never seen these) 20g bar 5 syns both plans.....
quite a lot of syns but a nice treat....

Your a star thanks hun :)x

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