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Think I'm gonna give up, 4th week in, 3 week of not losing

I'm crying now. Started on my own, los 2.5lbs 1st week, then put on a lb, sts, then went to class, and put on half a pound this week. I really can't see whewre i'm going wrong. I'm writing down every morsel that passes my lips. I am not cheating at all!!! I always beleived that it was inpossible for me to eat this much, this much carbs, and lose. Reckon I could be right. I so wanted it to work, but I am getting really fed up now. My photo shoot is 4 weeks, and I look like a heffer!!! I've also ran 16km this week s hve done some, though not enough, exercise. I am used to this amopunt of exercise, so it can't be that. My diaries are in the diary section, but I just don't know where to tuen now. Think I'm gonna ahve to count cals or points or just plain starve myself!! Or stay fat!!

Sorry for rant, but really p***ed off!!

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Dont give up, try doing red days, you may find you lose more, i only used to do green when i did s/world last time, but now i do 5 red days and 2 green, it works for me, have faith it does work x
Hi Lynda,

Sorry to hear you're not having a good time. I had a quick look at your diaries and they look ok, although I'm definitely eating more than you!

I know you say you're used to the exercise, but generally people who're exercising are more hydrated than others. Have you been doing a very similar amount every week since you started?

I noticed you say you went to your first class this week - if I were you, I'd keep going. You might just need to find a personal balance between green/red/EE days and unfortunately that takes time and there's never an instant fix. Remember, if you don't lose anything after 4 weeks and you've done food diaries, you'll get your money back, but most likely your consultant will be able to help with some of their handy tools, or you could try Mix 2 Max.

You're also putting yourself under quite a lot of pressure by having a strict deadline - it won't help things unfortunately!

Chin up, and keep at it - it works, but maybe it'll take a little time for you!
I totally agree with Raquel. I find Red days are much more effective than Green or EE. I also do Mix 2 Max days, when I usually have a Neutral brekkie (like cereal) followed by a Green lunch and a Red dinner (or vice-versa).

Worth a try, before you give up on SW! xx
I did 5 red days, one EE and today Green, though hadn't had tea when I went, and after the tasting session party, (gorged on butternut squash and red lentil curry, and scan bran cake), I won't be ahving tea. Still must be within syns though. Scan bran cake can't be much. That was after I weighed anyhow. I cn't handle too mant carbs, and know I can't ahve many green days from when I did it years ago. But I don't think I can even handle the free, and HEXs. Dunno what to do. Can't give up completely or Ill be the size of a house in no time. But can't carry on wiothout losing. Don't want to count points, but may be that will work better. I love eating the SW way, but I'm not losing weight, despite sticking 100% and exercising. Sorry ranting again. Think I'm gonna stick again, let consuktant peruse food diary, and if nothing next week, it's time to think of plan B. I'm fed up of being this weight. I've got no clothes that fit. ANd it's just gonna get worse, if I don't find a way of losing.

Thanks Paperclip for checking diaries. It's kind of you to take the time. What do you eat more of? I eat loads of fruit and veg, I thought. I snack alot. Not sure when to eat more. I have been running around 20k a week, for about 3 years. It drops of in school hols, I'm on my own with kids, but that's what I tend to do term time.

try not to get upset I have been sticking and going up and down by 1 lb I went back to basics this week and did extra easy, and i have lost this week, are you sure you are eating enough, I know it is weird but you have to have all your HE, and your 10 syns, if you dont eat enough then your body goes in to close down, I am sure you know all that but SW works when you eat, take care and try not to be too upset x we are here for you


I can do this............
Hi lynda
just had a quick look at your diary and it does look ok but although you say you eat quite alot of fruit and veg im not sure its enough!
By looking at you diary it seems you turn to syns to fill you up rather than stocking up on free food. Why not try and fill up on free food or superspeed foods then if you still need something then have some syns. Also your breakfast seemed the same most days maybe try changing that.

You are doing well and have got the plan right i just think you need more free food. Dont give up keep going and im sure you will get through it! xx
Thanks Henna. I thought I ate quite alot of fruit as snacks. I can, and would love to eat more. Just 500g of grapes seems an awful lot in a day already with other fruits. I'll try eating more fruit and veg sticks and stuff. I have thought of hard boiling eggs for snacks and never got round to it. I do m,y running between 1.00pm when I finish work, and 3.00pm when I pick kids up from school, so what to eat in the middle of the day is always hard. Can't really ahve big lunch bewfore I run, and too late by the time I've got kids. I do eat alot bduring the morning til about half 11 though. Then I snack after, but your right, this is when I turn to syns, and perhaps should ahve alot more free food then, some cold meat and hard boiled eggs to munch on. I've jsut pigged out cos I was fed up. Mind you only 4 jaffa cakes and an options hot chocolate, not the end of the world, and gonna have 7 red days, starting tomorrow. I've got a 10k race on Sunday, so don't wanna overdo the exercise tomorrow or saturady, or I'll never do it, or do a bad time, but will exercise and move. I do cycle and walk to get about rather than drive, when i can too.

As for brekkie being the same, it is similar most days. Not sure what to do about that. I'm getting 2 kids out the door for school,a nd me for work. Deffo can't cook in morning. Well not often. Apart from magic porridge, and cereal, yoghurt and fruit, not sure what else to do.

Thanks everyone. You are a great bunch. Don't want to leave and lose you.




i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
hi there,
looking at your statistics you and me seem to be the same with around the same 2lose . i just want to say i feel like you in that i seem to be taking 1 step forward 2 steps back . i have been on ther plan for approx 14 weeks and have lost and put on the same 3 pound . it really is a learning curve and it is worth doing the different days to see what works best . i stuck to green the first week and lost 3 pounds, stuck to it 2nd and third and gained, my c then suggested i try red (i compromised and choose ee) lost 3.5 , i am still trying to find the thing that suits me . I guess what i am trying to say is dont give up, (i just took the long way round to the point lol :D)
Hi Lynda,

You're also putting yourself under quite a lot of pressure by having a strict deadline - it won't help things unfortunately!

Chin up, and keep at it - it works, but maybe it'll take a little time for you!
I know. But when I started i wanted to lose around half a stone in the 1st 10 weeks, the photoshoot was 10 weeks away then, and the rest by crimbno. Really, realy thought, if i stuck to it that was achievable!! I absolutely ahte having my photo taken at the best of timers, just wanted to be less fat for it. Unfortunately, my Mum booked it as the prodigal son and grandson are over!!



Mad old Bat with Attitude
Okey dokey! Lets cut to the quick! If you are doing all that exercise , then you are eating nowhere near enough! PLUS! Where on earth is all your free veg? You are missing out on so many nutrients! And 500g of grapes is nothing but sugar! You need variety and a balanced diet! OK lecture over!
Sorry Hun but you haven't been doing the plan 100%, that is why it isn't working for you! Why don't you follow the plan in the mag or download one from the SW website? Adapt it obviously! But you don't eat half enough free food, and if you ignore that and fill up on syns it just doesn't work.
No need to panic! If you were learning a foreign language you wouldn't expect to be fluent in a couple of weeks! Same with SW! You have to relax and "unlearn" all you thought you knew about dieting!
Could you put your photo session back? They'll be desperate to keep the buisness! Desperate dieting is counter productive (tho I suppose they may offer the airbrush!) Cutting corners with SW doesn't work, we've all done it! And that's why people say it doesn't work. It's a carefully worked out programme. You have to suspend belief and jump in! But it's not a quick fix.


I can do this............
I was just about to say about the grapes and your exercise but as ever Judi sums it up perfectly!!!

Judi tried to rep ya for your last post but it wouldnt let me must spread it around!! x
Blimey. I'm easting more than I've eaten in years!! When you say more free foods, do you mean more meat and eggs on red days. I really thought I was eating loads, and I'm keeping well within my syns. Glad to hear there is more that I can do. Although I was surprised to hear I'm not sticking to the plan, I really thought I was. Thanks for your help guys. SO are you telling me moremeat and veg. I'm not ure when to eat it, I have a plate full of free food in the evening. I have been having salad for lunch, with meat or fish, and fruit in between. I'll look at a red day sample menu. Breakfast is usually HEXs, with fruit and yoghurt mid morning. I'm deffo open to doing as you say. I've just hardboiled some eggs and cooked some lean bacon. I'll do somehting with these for brekkie. I'll make a big pot of free soup tomorrow too. Any other suggestions. And listen folks. Thanks. I am tryin, and thought I was succeeding to stick to the plan.

Thanks for this thread. I've been going for 4 weeks and have only lost 2 lbs. Was getting very frustrated, but determined not to give up.

BTW Lynda, I'm doing a 10k race as well on Sunday. Where are you doing it? Mine is in Southsea. Good luck for it.
I'm doing it in MK. It's not going to be easy. Last time i did it I was nearly a stone lighter!! I've been thinking about this overnight. I'm still quite confused. I really have been eating (and pooing he he)more than I have in years! I thought I'd turned into some sort of eating machine, my workmate keeps laughing at how much I'm consuming. I'm really not sure how I can eat loads more. And how that will help. I'm gonna try though. My consultant also text me, and she is going to go though my diaries, although if you lot say that's the problem, I ahve every confidence that's what it is.

A little background is that I was someone who always had a bit of a weight problem, and ahve worked hard, since about aged 12, for it not to be too much of a problem. I was always laughed, I ahve to diet to stay just plump. My about 28 I was a weight I was happy with, then at 30, I had a baby. I put on 4 stone. It took best part of a year to lose it again, then geuess what? Yep, another gorgeous bouncy aby, and another 4 stone. That took another yea to lose. Then shortly after that my marriage became very unhappy. I gradually bewcame more depressed, and I quite literally stopped eating. Not deliberately. I lost loads, and became really slim!! UIn fact I actually had hip and neck bones jutting out. I got down to 9st 2lbs, through no eating. I once worked out I hadn't sat down and had a meal in 3 months. On top of this, I was running for around an hour, or more a day to keep sane!! We plit up, I gradually became happier, and the weight gradually piled back on, and on, and on. It came o more slowly, because I ahve always followed low carb diets. Not bothered about pots, pasta and rice anyhow. Just love and missed bread and cereal. I often wonder if I shot my metabolism to bits!! But those food diaries are honestly me eating morethan I ahve in years.

Sorry, long rambling post. I just thought I was eating loads, and maybe this explains why I think it's loads whilst you don't

Your body may need time to adjust in all honesty. I felt similar to a small degree as I started when my mum did and the losses were easy for her but harder for me. I think prior to Slimming World, because I had problems with depression and other things due to hormone problems I had almost stopped eating as I was concentrating on feeding my son and not much else. My mum had previously lost weight on SW to target and had regained it due to comfort eating etc through some tough times (mainly me!).

So when she started her body was use to amounts of food but the change in food types kicked the weight loss but I feel in some way I was a little slower as my body was going .. food ... what's this?? ...... and like yourself I was eating more than I had for ages.

If you think of a machine, if you hadn't used it for years, you don't expect it to function as soon as you turn it on, it may need some work, bit of oil, change of parts etc .. maybe our bodies are just learning to accept and process these good foods again and to come out of starvation mode!
Its been a while as I started over a year ago but I would say a good few weeks and I don't tend to have any room for cheating which is why I yo yo a fair bit as I still have a few personal issues that don't help and I have little willpower and get led astray easily!.

Try a few days using your book to pick out plenty of Super Free food (Orange Section) and Foods that are marked Super Speed(SS) and see if that helps as it really works for me when I need it :)

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