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Starting again...
I just dont know what to do, I was having a high week last week but this week is bad. I want to give up and do weight watchers, My husband is sick of me chopping and changeing, He said that I should stick to healthy eating and exercise and stop doing all these mad diets which make me depressed. Also even though Im now paying half the price of LL, Im still struggling with the money, My home situation is bad when we come to money and my hubby is sick of me waisting it on the diets. As we need all the cash we can get with 3 kids and a mortgage and im not currently working!

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :(
Hi - Do

They have a free 3 day trial. I have lost 4lb in 2 weeks on 1100 cals per day. That doesn't sound like many cals but with lots of fruit & veg it can be tonnes! It's only £9 per month rather than £120+ for CD. You won't lose 14lbs but you can lose 8 in a month!

(I couldn't lose on WW - I checked the cals for 19 points & it was 1500!)

Hope this gives you some help. You could try it for 3 days & if you don't like it don't do it! The trick is preparation & weighing. If you're having cereal or a salad or whatever you weigh the ingredients & enter them in. I have a whole box of special k measured into 40g little bags so I just grab one in the morning without having to worry I'll go over... etc.

Love xxx
Hi Karen, sorry to hear you are feeling like that. I am not sure really what to advise as only you know how you feel but I do know that *I* used to spend a lot more on my own food (especially takeaways and chocolate) than the £66 LL is costing me.

I do however think you have to be in the right place mentally for this to succeed - it is a hard slog at the best of times, but if your heart and soul aren't in it then I would imagine it is near on impossible.

Good luck with whatever you decided.
Sorry to hear you are very down at the moment, wish i had answer for you. LL is very expensive and CD is half the price but still alot if family are on a budget.

Have you been to your GP about your concerns about your weight, if you have a BMI of over 30 then they might suggest some help. Tell them that you have tried all the diets, and that you are very worried about your weight. fingers crossed that you have a good doctor, good luck with whatever you chose:)
Hi 5stone2lose,

If it were so easy we would not be here, this is the truth!!!

All diets are tough and this one is no different but it does offer the advantage of seeing results quickly and that can help with self-esteem and getting fit.

I am now fitter than this time last year and I just feel so well in myself.

I can only speak for myself when it comes to cost and I know I was eating the cost of CD in rubbish every week, not mentioning food.

My family are supporting me and as such we don't buy in any crap snack and sweets and our whole family have gone through a radical change in our attitude to what we put in our bodies...

I am an emotional eater and as such as well as losing weight I have to work on my issues and find new ways of coping with stress and how I react...

Losing weight is only one part of the journey, learning how to keep it of is ongoing, for if we return to doing the same old thing we will put the weight back on...Do the same thing you get the same results.

I have good weeks and bad weeks and I have to be one of the slowest losers ever and it does get me down, but I do know I am getting there.

Doing this diet you do need support and I know I rely on my family and here to drag me from day to day...Even tonight I am going out and I feel like crap that nothing looks right on me and it is a horrible night here with wind and rain.

You are feeling upset now and it is difficult to make decisions...sit down with your husband and ask him what does he suggest and get him take responsibilty for managing the healthy eating plan and exercise and with his involvement and dedication and time...not only could it work but you will have a much better understanding for each other afterwards.

Whatever road you chose you will have our support no matter what you decide.

Love Mini xxx
Is that the only reasons you are thinking of giving up?

The reason I ask is that I have a history of looking for any excuse to get a way out of a difficult situation.

This way I don't feel I have given up, more that I have been forced into doing so. :rolleyes:

Do you do this or am I barking up the wrong tree completely? If I am then I hope you are not offended :eek:
You have had so many great comments on here already that I am not really sure what to add.
Other than maybe take a moment out and think about what is right for you at this time.
CD is right for me at this time, I spend less on CD packs than I do on normal food, at work my lunch ended up costing me about £4 to £5 every day so I saved immediately on that, and while some days get me down, usually weekends, I give myself a good talking to and sort myself out.
However I did lose a lot on WW, the diet did work for me at first, however, the reason I chose CD at this time was to abstain from food so I didnt have to think about it, I think with WW, for me, I got obsessed with it and then lost the plot. After many failed restarts with WW and putting a lot back on I know that I am on the route that is right for me.
I think what I am trying to say is that no weight loss programme is easy, if it was I'd be a size 10, but what ever you choose needs to be the right path for you.

As mini says, what ever you choose we are here for you, even if you take a different path you wont be alone
I second
Is that the only reasons you are thinking of giving up?

The reason I ask is that I have a history of looking for any excuse to get a way out of a difficult situation.

This way I don't feel I have given up, more that I have been forced into doing so. :rolleyes:

I am with Chicken on this one! I have tried every diet going and when the going gets tough it's always been great for me to find a reason to stop. (not saying this is the case with you, but it was how I have been in the past)

I thought I initially couldn't afford to do LighterLife at £66 until I calculated how much I spend on food and I'm sad to say I'm making a saving.

Things are really hard for me too, being a single working parent with a mortgage, so I understand how hard it is.

I'm sure you will make the right decision for you personally at this point in your life.

Good Lucky x