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Thinking of changing to AAM

I seem to have lost the mindset I had before the weekend, I am missing the act of eating alot now and seem to not in the zone.

So rather then mess up my diet by eating a sasuage role or something I am thinking of adding a meal.

Just a simple no carb meal up to 400cal

This shouldnt effect the weight loss too much right?

Any hope of ideas from how others have been effected by AAM would be great x
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Hiya, I had a couple of wks hols and AAM wks 4 & 5 and still lost 6lbs (and I wasn't even 100% as I had a glass of wine here and there, hey I was on my hols!).
I'm kinda feeling the same so started this wk on Monday (wk 6) as another AAM week. Having a bar for brekkie, soup for lunch and then quorn salad, chicken and veg etc for tea.
Been feeling slightly more peckish but it is worth it to enjoy sitting down to a meal with my hubby in the evening.
Won't know how it's gone until Monday next week when I weigh in but I don't feel bloated or owt so here's hoping.
I know it's not sticking to it 100% but I think I was more likely to cheat trying to stick to TS although I might do the odd TS wk here and there.
Anyway, sorry for War and Peace, hope it helps, Kaka x
cheers for the info kaka, i do miss sitting down and eating with my husband, if i ate 400cal with no carbs or very very few carbs <5g would i stay in ketosis? + bar and shake
I should think so. I obsessed about ketosis and peed on sticks constantly in the first couple of wks, sometimes they were dark purple, sometimes no colour change, but the weight is still coming off so now I don't worry about it. Let's face it, if you are having a bar, a shake and a 400 cal meal with low carbs, you are still well under normal calorie intake so should lose weight whether you are in ketosis or not. I think it's more important to enjoy what you are having and be less likely to stray x
Yes but really you need to be having 3 packs a day plus a meal to get your essential nutrients.

When I did my first AAM week I really struggled to get my meals up to 400 cals. I weighed everything and put it all into a calorie checker and I usually came out with around 250-300 cals on average!

Now that I'm refeeding it's the same. I've got the cals up a bit because I'm now having some veg that is higher in carbs than that allowed on AAM but I've got quite adept at making big platefuls of food that are only 2-300 cals now!

My advice would be if you feel better having food then have it, but make sure that (at least at first) you weigh and calorie-count everything. This will mean your head will start to get the idea of what healthy portions look like and eventually you will be able to guesstimate your calories fairly accurately if you eat out or anything.

If you stick to WS properly (3 packs plus meal of up to 400 cal) you should still have reasonable losses. 2-3lbs a week should be achievable I reckon.

Let us know how you get on!
thanks yambabe, its more missing sitting down and eating as a family, I have a book from weight loss resource with is going to help with calorie counting and I will make sure I weigh everything thanks xx


Mistress of the Dark
Definitely best to switch to add a meal rather than fall off the wagon completely. I wish I had done that when I floundered on the Cambridge Diet instead of gaining back 7st :mad:

But I agree with Yambabe, make sure you still have 3 packs and the meal. These VLCDs are designed to ensure you get everything you need, and you don't want to risk getting ill due to missing out on something you need :)

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