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Thinking of giving Dukan a try..

Basically I've been following my own calorie counting diet, but I'm finding it very hard to keep going when it's just my own diet. I've been having a read through the Dukan section of the forum and it sounds great (plus the people seem fantastic :) )

I've already used the Dukan website to calculate my ideal weight etc.

So.. What would you say to someone who is thinking of going onto the Dukan diet?

G x
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yey come join the family!!
if you have been counting cals anyway you must have been doing low fat so should be ok.
get yourself the book and get yourself a shopping list. ooh excited for you :D
I was calorie counting and I have to say this is way better. Not having to think about calories makes life so much easier, plus as everything is low fat when you do stop and add up the cals you find you're never eating massive amounts yet always feel full!
God yes - Come and have a go and see how you get on! Nothing to lose except the extra lbs...

I was never any good at calorie counting. It just made me obsess about food. On Dukan I never feel hungry or deprived. Most of the time I have to remind myself to eat!!


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Hi I've only been on it for about a month now and I'd say give it a try! I'd not done any proper dieting ever really, and been my +-75 kg size 16 for 20 years (aargh I'm old...), but two kids later there is this padding on my tummy which I thought I'd try to shift just this once! My waistline has already reduced noticeably - at least as far as my clothes are concerned.

The Dukan Diet, when I stumbled across it, looked very simple, and has no complicated counting of calories / points whatever, which seemed a bonus. You're allowed to snack when you want to, and it turns out that you don't get hungry any more so snacking becomes less an issue. I googled and found some people's blogs and accounts and I was convinced to give it a try.

Yes the list of 'attack foods' is quite limited and can get very boring, just dive into our spice rack and remember to eat meat as well as fish, and add 'sauces' made from low-fat fromage frais / quark (and don't forget the egs). But soon you can add veg every second day and suddenly cherry tomatoes are such a treat :)

I'd recommend buying the book, which whilst occasionally a bit vague on detail, gives you a good explanation of how to start and how to stick with it. It also has some recipes.

Come and join us and good luck!!
Give it a try.

Read the book and look through the dukan website as it has some extra info in the chats.

The attack stage can be a bit rough but it feels very good to see the numbers on the scales going down.


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So.. What would you say to someone who is thinking of going onto the Dukan diet?

G x
Hi there - the others have already rolled out the welcome mat so I'll take a different stance.

What would I say to someone thinking of going onto the Dukan diet? to be fully acceptant of the fact that the diet has FOUR phases, and not just two... as so many (myself included, I hasten to add) seem to "forget".

Also, if you've a holiday or something planned next month, I'd not start until afterwards unless you're going to stick to it... Getting motivated to start something like this takes some doing - and certain social habits need necessarily to be rejigged - and so subsequent tries will never be quite as good as the first...

Just my take on it...
Awesome, thanks for your help! I'm thinking of starting on Monday, so gives myself time to get the shopping in and plan some meals...


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great :)
As Jo says it is easy to forget about the four stages but Ive decided this is the diet i want to stick to so Ill give it a go.
Ive got to goal so many times before and then just slowly watched the scales go up with not much concern.
I love the food on this diet, although im so looking forward to adding some toast and cheese when i get to conso and the celebration meals BUT im going to be able to use them as my treats so it will feel like im having little breaks.
I will keep up with the exercise (may not be as frequent but ill be able to walk with dogs more after bubs)
Book ordered now aswell! Looking forward to getting started, seems like it will be so much easier when there are others doing the same diet!
Hiya Gem

First chat on your board :) welcome to the group

I'm on day 3 of attack (2nd time around) I was naughty last week but I'm back now after a serious carb binge :( very ashamed...anyhows...

I've lost about 5lb since Sunday night... so the diet is pretty darn good, I just need to behave now to keep it off - cue Vicky and Jo :D

Good luck with the diet!


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I weigh myself about 4 times per day (yes honestly) with 2 sets of scales (yes honestly)
but official wi on friday unless im not going to be able to get on here on fridays then it will be a thursday. I text cheryl every morning with WI lol

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