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thinking of starting CD

Im thinking of starting CD as im a big lady and have tried every diet under the sun and nothings worked. I saw a old friend last week and she looked great had lost 4 stone on CD and was raving about but im still unsure about cost and diet so any help would be great. :break_diet:
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Hi double dumplins, all I can say is do it - it is an investment but your health is very important. I find that I spend less now on CD than I did on food which I know makes me sound piggy but food did kinda rule my life. Now with CD it is simple with no planning apart from making sure you are fairly near a loo!
Did your friend tell you how fantastic she feels - you can't put a price on that feeling
And the other great thing is the support network on this site and the pink forum - good luck with your journey whatever you decide


Cambridge Diet Counsellor

Have a look on the Cambridge web site you will be able to find the counsellor that is nearest to you. You can then give them a call for a chat, they will be able to answer all your questions.
The cost varies from counsellor to counsellor but roughly it should be around £34.65 for 21 packs and £46.20 for 28. If you are 5'8'' or more you will need 4 packs aday.
Thanks yes my friend did say how great she felt and too be honest from looking on here (which she told be about) im going to start butim worried about the no food bit i think ill fine tha the hardes

Mrs V

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I agree with Busy Bee.

If I were you, I would sit down and work out exactly how much a week/month you are spending on food - and be honest!!!
You don't have to necessarily start on the SS plan, as that is entirely CD packs and soups, you could do a 790 plan, which combines both conventional food and the CD shakes.

This isn't the easiest plan for me, but however the results are there and it really does work!! My skin looks great, I have more energy and I sleep like a rock at night!!!
Coming on here as well as SS'ing is definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Good luck with your decision.



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There Is More Than 1 Cd Diet Some Do Have A Meal Involved Talk To A Cdc For More Info.also Doing A Couple Of Weeks Prep Is A Good Way To Ease Into Ssing .i Didnt Think I Could Go Without Food But First Week Was Hard But Now I Dont Really Think About Food Too Much .also Check Out Ways To Make Each Shake/ Soup More Filling Plenty Of Recipes On Here. You Will Never Know If You Dont Try Xxx Mandy Good Luck On Your Journey
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yeh i recommend cd too!as soon as anyone mentionns to me they wanna lose weight i say "get on the cambridge". alot of ppl use it now....its actually used as a little laugh. in a good way tho not at my expense! the best thing about the diet is it completely cuts out food. so if you think a little bit of that wont hurt...IT WILL PUT IT DOWN :D:D


we here if u need nethin



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You have to go into this with a positive attitude, that you can succeed and you are going to succeed, not that you will fail. Or else, guess what, you will fail. Yes it is hard to not eat any food but thousands of people have done this diet and survived and they are ordinary people. If they can do it, so can you. I started yesterday, this is day 2, but I really low carbed last week so I was already in ketosis but having plenty of calories. I found that an easy way into ketosis, no shakiness or headaches, and now all I have to deal with is cutting down the calories. So far I'm finding this very easy. I know it's early days but I spend 5 days a week behind this desk and they don't vary so if I can do one day then I can do 100 days or however long it takes.


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Hey, don't worry about the cost, you'll probably save money by not buying food. It is hard the first week or two but you get over it you stop feeling hungry and stop craving food, the good thing about CD is it's like retraining yourself food wise to eat healthily once you rach target, you won't want the things you normally have and when you do have them they won't taste the same (you'll taste them for what they are - bad for you)

All the best on your journey, maybe once speaking to a CDC face to face will answer all your questions and make you feel better about it. Let us know how you get on hun :D


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S: 16st9lb C: 15st5lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 1st4lb(7.73%)
Thanks yes my friend did say how great she felt and too be honest from looking on here (which she told be about) im going to start butim worried about the no food bit i think ill fine tha the hardes

It is hard DD, BUT if you change your routine for example when my family sit down for their evening meal I take myself off for a walk or went up to my bedroom and watched TV. I have even joined a gym and now do water aerobics with a great buch of people. If you want some inspiration look at some of the pictures on here or on the pink forum - it does help.
We all struggle but there are some great people that help when you think food and if I think food I log on here and food is soon forgotten - Go for it, what have you got to lose except lbs!:talk017:


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Cambridge is definitly saving me money I pay £45 a week but before hand I would be going out clubbing every week and one night out can easily surpass that amount, plus am no longer having to buy lunches, food for the evening etc.
I admit it did take a couple of false starts but I am now on day 20 and apart from a vodka blip am finding it scarily easy. Go for it it is so worth the few months out of routine
Go for it, you won't regret it. For me this website is vital though and I'm not so sure I could do it without the fantastic support on here! (Thanks everyone:)) So if/when you start CD, do keep posting here and you will get lots of help and support.

Good luck with whatever you decide :)

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