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* Thinner Thursday - daily thread *


Going for Goal!
Hi Everyone, I thought I would set us off today. Well spoke to my cdc on the phone about 'out of date' food packs. She was very apologetic and is going to be telephoning cd to make them aware. She checked while I was on the phone and her stock is all out of date. Felt very sorry for her. There has def been a mix up somewhere. Anyway, got my porridge in front of me (in date! lol) and finding it a bit sickly. I'm getting fed up with my taste buds changing all the time. One minute I love the porridge, next min it makes me feel bleurgh!!!! Strange. Anyways, hope you all have a lovely day - i'm just off to check if the scales have moved this morning, so far this week I'm a sts scenario. Not impressed!!! Bloody lemsips, bloody cold, grrrrrrrr!!!! Happy days everyone :):):) Hugs x x x
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Morning Emma glad you getting your packs sorted I thought it was just me with stroppy taste buds they are more up and down than my 14 yr old son. I am guzzling water it better show in my losses this week as i hate it but i am doing it. I am getting more tattoo work done today on my sleeve can't wait roll on 4pm.

Hope you all doing ok today and remember its friday tomorrow woohoo!!!!!!!!


Going for Goal!
I thought it was just me with stroppy taste buds they are more up and down than my 14 yr old son.
LMAO!!! :):):) I'm sure your weigh in will be fab, mine usually is when I up my water intake - i do have to be in 'the mood' though, because it is difficult guzzling water. Good Luck hun. Hugs x x x
I battle with water I hate that full tummy feeling it gives you but i have just started drinking as much as i can each time i go to drink it and its working. But i hate weeing every 5 mins lol good luck with your own water battles xx


WILL be Slim!
afternoon both, thought i would join you!

Glad you got some "in date" products hun! That's really crap isnt it but at least your sorted now!
I'm the same re the tast buds.....i loved the porridge at the start, then hated it for 20 weeks, now i like it again! And i used to love the cappacino shakes, and now stick with banana or butterscotch!
I'm the same now with food....i went through a phase when i loved cottage cheese and the tuna as well....but now i just cant be bothered with them so i just stick with quorn!

What funny people we are! lol Dont see animals being so picky!

Had ANOTHER (now i have named it i can deal with it) Wednesday Wobble that involved food that i shouldnt have been eating! BAD LIZZ!!! However, it means i now know that i have issues on wedensday nights (my DH works wed-sat pm) so i can deal with that now! Still not impressed with myself today!

I have 7 weeks to my birthday so i am setting myself the target to lose 1 stone by then on 1000 cal plan so we'll see how i get on!

In the office today (which makes me miserable) so i'm tired, quiet and sitting in a corner trying to avoid everyone i work with as i hate it here! Thank god its Friday tomorrow!

Hope everyone else is ok?



please try again
afternoon girls

well today is weigh in day, really dont want to go, feel like ive put on a few stone
my face is killin me today, think ive got sinusitus yet again so might have to make a call to the gp
managed 4 1/2 litres of water yesterday so am happy with that, will try to do the same again today
went to my sisters to let the puppy out for a wee, bless him you could here him whining from the street, took him out, gave him a treat and he was asleep before i had put his treat bag away, lol will go back to see him in an hour after ive picked him up
Hello emmapetty and kerryberry

'Aah' and 'ouch' girls, you are experiencing two elements of life that I can't bear - having a cold and pain. Well, I have assumed that there is pain involved when you get a tattoo but maybe it is more of a strange sensation. My best mate has a couple of lovely very artistic tattoos, I suppose my body adornment is my jewellery. Its Silver Day on QVC now and I'm working from home, so as you can imagine I have indulged already. Never particularly expensive stuff but it all adds up - nice shades of different pink opaque gemstones (the cheaper variety) bracelet and a red agate bracelet, together less than £40, keep saying that I will stop all this indulging myself, ha ha!

Anyway, I'm so rotten at drinking water that I haven't yet started, so far black coffees and should have a pack soon. I am starting to lose inspiration, feel a bit hungry - I have decided to get little stickers from an art/craft shop and reward myself on my calendar with sticker for each day achieved. Will try anything to keep going!
Hope that we will all be thinner by the end of today - positive thinking here, yes we will x


please try again
hey lizz and bling, good to see you both

bling, step away from the phone! lol

i have a metal money thing ( piggy bank ) that i put a pound in for every pound gone, £5 for every good week and £10 if ive been naughty, keeps me focused as i cant really afford the £10
Good advice summayah - thanks, I think I have increased my 'silly shopping' as a way of compensating for the chocs, cakes, wine etc that I no longer buy. And like many people now I am not assured job security, so really I ought to be upping the savings. My parents were so good at budgetting the family finances when I was a child, think they would be horrified at my habits!
Hope it goes well with your weigh-in today, I will be checking in later to see how you have got on x
Well the pain from being poorly can't be helped my pain is self inflicted but tattoo pain isn't too bad at the time but my body goes into a kind of shock after which i normally counteract with chocolate but I have to just suffer on CD. I love tattoos but i understand why people don't have them or want them, mine is becoming more like a hobby this one is taking a while as I can only sit for 1 hr at a time and the lady who does mine Julie is booked up for six weeks at a time so my next session won't be for another 6 weeks.

Blingbabe my inspiration goes up and down I have been really tempted and hungry this week but I am focused to day water flowing down but we all have crap days you will get there.
Thursday - good intentions for today to go swimming didn't quite happen. Got my bag together and my bar and water and drove 20 minutes to the pool, got half way to the changing rooms and realised my swimming costume was still hanging on the door knob at home.
ho-hum... went shopping instead. Nothing interesting though.
Am having problems with the water today and I usually find it easy.


WILL be Slim!
I am starting to lose inspiration, feel a bit hungry - I have decided to get little stickers from an art/craft shop and reward myself on my calendar with sticker for each day achieved.
I do it for my DD so why not for me too!
Will be doing this myself now and then rewarding myself (non-food of course) at the end of 10 days...even if its just a lipstick or an extra bit of money in the disney fund!
Superb idea and i will be partaking in this now!

Today isnt turning out to be as good a day as i hoped! But tomorrow is another day....i just shooting i really do!

Hi again dear daily threaders

I went to WHSmith and found some nice floral/stars glittery stickers, so I can start my new keeping focused activity.
Did something great today, cut up my QVC card. It had got beyond a joke, I bought so much jewellery, make-up, skin care, clothes, handbags, boots and shoes, I really do have enough to last many many years. I still have a few things to arrive, but now at least I can't order anymore. Luckily it didn't lead to debt, although I was starting to want more and more 'high-end' products! I was worried by a story in the newspaper about an unfortunate lady found dead in her home because her multiple purchases fell on top of her (shopping addiction). Thankfully, far from that stage but can acknowledge I have so many nice items to enjoy for a long time ahead - no need for anymore. Phew!
Feeling quite positive, another 2 packs and hopefully 1 more litre of water.
See you all tommorow on daily thread x


please try again
those stickers sound great bling, think i might join you all, a sticker on the chart for every 100% day as i seem to have things sneaking in that shouldnt be
got weighed tonight and told my cdc evenings are no good for me, have said this to her before
i lost 1lb this week. my fault, with being ill i wasnt paying enough attention to what i do


please try again
and if you see me on tv for murder please dont think badly of me but if he says one more time im not trying hard enough to lose the weight im gonna kill him
Hi all,
Bling, pmsl at your last post. I know i shouldn't laugh, and it has got a serious note- but seriously- i can barely remember a day when you weren't referring to some shopping fun on qvc or similar! What will you do with your time now?- (Think of ways to spend the money you've saved when you get to goal!)
Sumayyah, who says that? Your cdc?!! Whoever they are they obviously have no concept of just how difficult this can be!
Got to dash, oven is bleeping at me xx
Tattoo: front finished time to start th eback of my arm
Ok, firstly summayah, I have been waiting for your post this evening re: weight loss. Its best to be realistic here, I am sure that you felt disappointed because we all wish for substantial losses. You have stated that you know the reasons why the loss was not what you hoped for, so you will be able to work on increasing next week's result.
Or in other words, sorry that this week didn't go as well as planned, and very much wishing you a much more pleasing loss in 7 days time. Don't be disheartened, you are doing your best whatever 'he' says (your boyfriend?) because we all know that this diet isn't easy and we all have different kinds of struggles. Its brilliant that you are a measurable, tangible step closer to your goal, all the best - you deserve to do well x

butterfly - well there is still online websites (butler and wilson, amazon, independent retailers etc) plus my main office is close enough to Oxford Street. Even today I bought a pair of silver ear-rings from H.Samuel and a silver plated sparkly cat handbag charm from Debenhams, then used make-up voucher plus own cash for mascara in Boots (although have drawerful of unused mascara)
I am writing this down to shame myself, I bought 3 pairs of ear-rings yesterday and a murano glass ring, I AM A SHOPAHOLIC!
I probably got myself a couple of 'luxurys' or treats a week, but vastly bought more since CD.
I will now read through my selection of trashy novels and biographies (Cheryl Cole and Colleen Nolan) - I have been buying them up too, LOL x

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