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  1. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    It is Day 2 for me. I was very tempted to start on the total solution route because I just want to get rid of this weight as soon as I possibly can. However, I do not want to just lose weight, I am horribly unfit (out of breath walking up stairs) and will do ANYTHING to avoid any form of exercise - getting in my car in preference to a short walk to the shops. I want this journey to include losing weight AND getting fit - I want to tone up those saggy old muscles of mine. I have spoken to my Doctor and friends who have had success on VLCD diets and concluded that the extra meal will go a long way to support my intentions. I want the meal replacement side of things because it will take many of my temptations out of my life and I can hopefully change bad habits and deal with my carb cravings.

    I start at a weight of 16st 5lbs and a size 20. I want to lose 6st. I have spent the last 10 years growing in size due to inactivity and over eating - all fuelled by personal tragedy (a familiar story for many I imagine). My husband is truly the most wondrous man - I can not imagine there to be anyone better in this world - sadly because of my issues, which really centre wround my weight - I haven't enjoyed life as much as I should have and this has a knock on effect for my husband. So, this diet is for the both of us.

    I have planned all the meals and booked all the exercise classes for the week. I will walk whenever I can - everything is in place ... It's just down to me to make it happen
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  3. paulaanne

    paulaanne Full Member

    good luck bubbles working solution is brilliant I really look forward to my cooked meal in the evening, I do not crave any sweet or savoury foods whats so ever I,m sure you can do this.
  4. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Hello and welcome! :)
  5. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    Thank you responders - I am so ready for this. I hope I can get to the stage where I do not feel I am missing out on anything
  6. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member


    I am sticking to this but it has been difficult. Lots of mind games on food for me. Am I hungry? ... not really BUT I have spent at least 10 years over eating so in my head it feels like I am very empty and I have a strong desire to "fill up".

    I am keeping in my mind the wonderful feeling I had when I woke up this morning which was positivity and pleasure that I have taken some steps in the right direction - so different to feeling regret about the previous day and wanting change.

    I have followed the diet and also went to two classes (spin and body pump) - the second class was spin and it was a bit strange because I could feel my muscles fluttering and a little weak from the body pump class before BUT I did get through it and tried to keep up and felt really good after.

    I really enjoyed the added meal - chicken with veg, soy sauce and chilli shoved in the oven to cook in a little clay pot

    so far - so good
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  7. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Well done! :D
  8. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    Thank you
  9. kazagirt79

    kazagirt79 Member

    Wow well done on the exercising :) good on ya.... I tried spinning once, was nearly sick and couldn't stand up.... So never tried it again after that lol x x x
  10. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    ha ha ... yes it is funny a lot of people say it's a killer but strangely for me I like it. I am sold on the calorie burning and I love the loud music - really motivating. I am just doing spin and body pump at the moment because high impact classes are out (for now) because although I have the all clear to exercise from my Dr - he has advised I can do as much as I can handle - I can not do high impact stuff yet because I have been inactive for so long that my joints and body can not support the work until I have been more active and lost some weight. I found this out the hard way when late last year I got into my head that I would get fit - starting with some walking .... walking can't hurt right? wrong!!! I over did it (typical of me :rolleyes:) and ended up with stress fractures in both feet! totally down to being out of condition and carrying too much weight .... oh and walking in trainers ... yep ... I can be really stupid sometimes. All or nothing with me usually - If I am totally honest, I hate exercise - I have spent the last 10 years avoiding it but, it has to be part of my journey now, it can not be just about weight loss, I owe it to my body not just to lose weight but to also get as healthy as I possibly can. My body has been good to me considering how much I have neglected it. My eldest brother has just been diagnosed with Diabetes (amongst other things) it is a condition that I have not given enough thought to, and I am very aware that I am definitely following him down that route, this has made me look at my own behaviour.
  11. kazagirt79

    kazagirt79 Member

    What was wrong with wearing trainers??aww jeez not good with your brother, but as you say it gives a bit of reflection for you..... I'm like you, hate all exercise, where as I have two sisters, the opposite, who run, and do loads of exercise !! X x x
  12. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    A good morning for me - I wake up feeling muscle ache in my shoulders and chest from my first body pump class - although a little unpleasant, it is a reminder that I am doing the right thing.

    I am "dealing" with the whole meal replacement thing. Breakfast was a shake with a big spoon of coffee. I have the rest of the meals lined up for today including a salmon fillet and veg for later (again it will be just shoved in the oven in the pot - nice and easy). I did walk past a fruit bowl in the house today and could smell its contents, and that was a little difficult because it is not something I would normally notice but today that fruit smelt good - I know I am really going to miss eating that but I am telling myself that it's not a NO to fruit for the rest of my life ... just for a few months :)

    No classes today (I plan to have 2 rest days a week) - I have booked all my classes for the next 7 days. I have booked classes for 5 of the 7 days, sometimes doing two classes in 1 day. I absolutely know I am going to have days where I just don't want to go to the gym and my sabotaging internal voice tries to talk me out of it by coming up with some bogus excuse for not going - I am going to do my best to ignore it.

    I did something I rarely do today - I looked at myself in my underwear in a full length mirror. Hmmm - not a great sight, which is why I usually avoid any reflection of myself because it will totally depress me and get me reaching for snacks to fuel my self pity. Today, I just stood and wondered how I had let this happen(?) No time to reflect - move on and make good I say - fingers crossed that there is an ok figure left and not too much damage after the weight loss.

    Mood today: really very positive, impatient and determined
  13. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    Exactly!! what is wrong with trainers? Well apparently, people often wear the wrong trainers which have been badly fitted and do not support the foot for the activity they are doing. For me, trainers + overweight + inactivity (meaning soft tissue in feet out of condition) = stress fractures!!

    I have two brothers - one overweight, the other who eats like a horse but has a physique which looks like he spends hours in the gym - he doesn't, he is just blessed. xxx
  14. kazagirt79

    kazagirt79 Member

    Oooops god knows what trainers I have, I went for the ones that looked the nicest lol......... Aww don't you just hate those who are blessed...... Ggrrrrrrr!!!!! But do you know what..... At least we are making a start and trying to change our future x x x :) pay on the back to you cause I haven't even started yet lol.... (Will you remind me of this positivity next week when I'm starving, feeling sick and tired lol ) x x x
  15. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    Lol - yes indeed

    What's the deal with start next week? Have you a big event this weekend or are you working your way through the food left in the house?

    I am really hoping the positivity remains next week, so will gladly send those vibes to you - I just hope they are still there and I haven't slipped into "wretched mode" which often comes around the 2nd week of a diet for me. It happens when I suddenly start allowing negative thoughts to take over and I feel overwhelmed with just how much I need to do to achieve success - "so why carry on/bother?" but I'm ready for those feelings ... I am not going to let them ruin it all xxx
  16. kazagirt79

    kazagirt79 Member

    Haha because my friends who encouraged me to do it with her, can only do it Monday, i was going to do it before but thought it's better to try support each other..... That's why it's that day.... And hopefully there will be no food in by then either hahahaha

    Well we will need to kick each other's butts next week then :) x x x
  17. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    I see ... great that you have a friend doing it at the same time as you. Hopefully it will give you both some mutual support.

    I will be on your case next week ;)
  18. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    so far so good

    Still feeling good - I am not hungry but definitely feeling deprived. I feel strangely calm about all this and in control.

    Meals will be much the same as yesterday with the planned meal replacement shakes and a chicken breast and vegetables

    I had 2 classes booked for this evening but found out yesterday that I needed to attend an evening meeting - so I had to cancel my classes and try find other classes to do. I could only get on a spin class at 7 o'clock this morning :eek:. I must admit I booked it grudgingly and immediately wanted to cancel it - I mean, who wants to be up that early exercising?? Well, apparently I do! I have to admit it was a great class - in fact so good that I have now swapped my Thursday evening spin class for this early morning one.

    Mood: positive, calm & happy
  19. kazagirt79

    kazagirt79 Member

    Good work, keep it up huni :) xx
  20. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    Well that is my first week up and I have stuck to the working solutions option. I haven't tried the Total Solutions route this time because I have tried various total meal replacement diets on and off on quite a few occasions in the past (Cambridge (sole source) & Lipotrim) and lasted less than a week without feeling totally wretched, unwell and cheating - I never had the energy to exercise something very important to me now. This has always then led my "mode of operation" with me carrying on with them for a few weeks more with a few days of being 100% followed by a day or two of, what can only be described as, bingeing. I would eventually give-up lighter than I started but then spend the next couple of weeks with an increase in my food intake so I would then end up heavier than ever. I have therefore, nothing but admiration (and a little (ok - a lot of) envy) for those people on here who just get on with it and are like "Diet Warriors" on the total solution route - it just is not an option for me. A friend suggested that I should accept this and start with the intention of having one meal a day because the extra calories might be the difference for me .... and she was so right. I will not lose the weight as quickly as total solutions but I will lose the weight because I have more chance of sticking to it.

    I have been really happy and incredibly positive this week - I feel I can do this and although I have felt a little stomach empty at times, for the most part I have not been hungry. The added high protein meal has been something I have looked forward to and enjoyed every day. I have had the energy to work out most days - which has been a revelation and I can see now that I may even find I enjoy that part.

    One week down and 6lbs lost - would I have liked that figure to have been more? .... absolutely!!! But, am I happy? ... totally - because I know I am going to be successful this time and that this is just the start of regular weekly weight loss.
  21. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Well done bubbles. you are doing so well & your determination in wonderful.

    6lb is a brilliant loss considering your are doing WS.

    Keep going & you will be noticing the difference x

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