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This is the last time I do this

So here I am on the Cambridge Diet again!

I did the diet about a year and a half ago, I lost just over 3 stone on Cambridge, and learnt some valuable lessons from it.

Then I stopped the diet, a stone and a half off my goal weight. I stopped because I couldn't afford to keep up with it.

The good news?.... A year and a half on and I haven't gained! In fact I did lose a further 7lbs, but then gave up smoking and put that back on. So basically back to where I was when I was last on the diet.

The bad news?.... I should have been at my target weight a long time ago. My diet has changed massively since shedding the weight, and I am a self confessed gym addict. I am perfectly capable of maintaining my weight, what I can't do is lose this last little bit. Did I eat too much? Not enough? Exercise too much? Gain a pound of muscle every time I lost a pound of fat?...... I don't know. I've tried everything, I'm bored of fighting with my weight, I need to do this once and for all, CD works. FACT.

My motto: quick and painful, it's gonna hurt, it's gonna be tough. But I'm bored of asking myself all the above questions and finishing where I started.

Here's the thing..... It's day 3, ss+ (apparently they don't let u do just 3 packs anymore, so I've gone for 3 packs and a small meal). Today I am finding it tough because I am hungry, but I still have the same positive attitude I had on Friday when I started. It's Easter weekend and I am so serious about doing this that I started on Good Friday! That in itself shows my dedication surely?

I got a lot of stick the last time I did this diet. I am not justifying my actions to anyone, and if one more person tells me 'it's not good for me' I'm gonna flip out and tell them about themselves (funny how it's always those who have a long line of failed diets who have something to say)

Anyway, for that reason I have decided that this is going to be my place to talk, ask, vent and praise. I hope you all welcome me with open arms. I found the forums on this site so helpful the last time I did the diet, but never contributed.

So here's my two cents.... I am feeling hungry but still feeling positive. I am here to support as well as be supported.
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soon 2 b skinnysexybumtum
Hey babes, hope today's been good. I'm a cd returner n also started on good fri. It's been tough but glad I've got through day3. I'm too sick n tired of dietin n def need to get to my target weight this time. I discontinued cd last time before I got to goal, which was 10lbs away... n now I'm back with 3st to lose :( Don't know how n why I let this happen, really let myself down! I've got to prove to everyone n more to myself that I can do it.... n this time I will.
It's encouraging to know that u managed to keep the weight off, big well done for that hun! U sound so focused n determined, am sure ul get to target soon.
Fab to have someone who has started on the same day... Keep posting :)



soon 2 b skinnysexybumtum
Ps: love the positive attitude :) x
Hi there,

Well done getting through day 3! Stay strong! Today was really tough for me but I made it through! I did one thing I wasn't sure of which was crumble half a stock cube in a cup of water and drink it! It really took the edge off and stopped me eating so it can't be all bad, I do feel a little bloated, but I'm sure it'll be fine in the morning. (hopes)

Try not to worry so much about having put the weight back on, focus on getting it off, and think about where u went wrong before and do the opposite. The fact it you are here and are actively trying to lose. And you WILL do it! For me the biggest thing was actually taking control of my life, looking back I can't belies how ignorant I was to the calories in the food I was eating. I found counting calories and actually weighing that 'portion' of pasta really put things into perspective. Also, the great thing about the CD is that it takes me back to basics. Food is about survival, nothing else. We eat because we have to fuel our bodies in order to survive.

I'm glad I'm not the only person to start on good Friday, day 4 tomorrow, just 4 more days and the weeks over! Just think, we'll be slim by summer and never have to do this diet ever again!

Apparently it has been reviewed as 'not good for you' I did 3 packs before and it was fine. But recent regulations have said that a VLCD shouldn't be less than 600ckal, therefore Cambridge suggest either 4 packs, or 3 packs and a meal. Although anyone over 5'8 would have done 4 packs a day before.

My question was... "what encouraged this recent change"? .... Something must have happened for someone to look at a diet that had been regarded safe for years and then say it's 'unsafe'....? She didn't know, all she knew was that she would be in big trouble if she let her clients do 3 a day now.

Although, she did also say, if I still want to do 3 a day then just don't tell her...


soon 2 b skinnysexybumtum
Good luck for day4 hun... xxx
Thank you. Today has been much easier on me despite spending the day surrounded by food and being given another Easter egg! I now have two which I have put away as a treat for when I reach my goal.

Got one more shake to have this evening and the day 4 is officially over! Bring on day 5!

How has your day been? Hope it's been a good one!
Are you over 5ft 8 or got a medical reason for not being allowed to sole source? Sorry - I'm just confused as I only just stopped being a counsellor (I'm still on website!) but never got any notification that 3 packs a day was being withdrawn.

Anyway, that aside, glad you are feeling much better. Xx
Hi Mandy, I'm not sure when they changed it. Last time I did the diet and was on 3 a day. I'm 5'2. My CDC did say that she had only just got the new forms etc when I saw her on Friday so maybe it was just last week it changed?

What made you stop being a CDC?... I was thinking I might become one, it's an amazing diet!

Today my attitude is 'just do it' don't think about it, don't over complicate it, it is what it is, I'm not depriving myself, I'm doing this for myself! I'll be at my target weight in just over 5 weeks, so let's hope I can maintain this attitude.
Wow! QP I am so impressed (a) you maintained and (b) you postive and pragmatic attititude/mindset about doing CD. I've been on a bit of a high having finally got through 7 days. I have found today very difficult as if all the "magic" of being in the zone disappeared overnight. You're thread has been most helpful. You are doing brilliantly and I have not doubt you'll reach your goal in 5 weeks time! Kira x
Hi Kira, thank you for your kind words. I find a positive mental attitude gets me through most difficult aspects in life. This diet is so tough that I absolutely refused to put back on what I had worked so hard to lose!

A very well done to you for making it to day 7! If you can get past them, you can get past another 7 days! Is this your first time on the CD? As I recall it can get tough at times, however, I also recall how hard it is to get back into it after just one moment of weakness. Just keep telling yourself it's not forever, and think how amazing you will feel when the weight is off? I am now a mere shadow of my former self, I hated who I was when I was 4.5 stone overweight, I was always 'the fat one' I had zero confidence (although I portrayed a different story). I used to eat to feel better and then feel bad for eating. How does that make sense?!!

Best thing I ever did was take control of my own weight. It's just a shame I have yet to lose this stone and a half! Just 5 weeks and 3 days to go. It's that simple!

If you don't mind me asking, how much weight do you have to lose?
I think it's a great diet too - initially but after you've witnessed the trials and tribulations of clients you start to realise the other things these kind if diets do to you and I just couldn't go on doing just 'half' a job. So I'm working toward helping in a more 'overall' way.

I don't want to say too much because I don't want to project any negativity toward Cambridge. It is ideal for getting a bulk of weight off. I just don't think what follows the initial loss is a good enough plan.

I'm on SS myself now fir about another 2 weeks before going over to Dukan so you can see I think it's good.

It still says on website that SS is possible?? Weird.
I totally get what you mean, I don't think much of the maintenance plans, I worked out my own maintenance plan that works. Make the better food choices 80% of the time and exercise. I actually don't appreciate someone telling me what I should and shouldn't eat. I'm not an idiot, I know pie is calorific!

I totally respect your choice to help in a more overall way. I think the negativity that comes with Cambridge has a lot to do with maintenance. It's about finding the root of the problem, and changing lifestyle, not telling people what to eat.

Best of luck for the next two weeks! What's Dukan? I'm only doing this to get an stone and a half off. I have no intentions of going past 810.

That's odd that it's not on the website. Maybe it was just the CDC's in my area, I spoke to two before choosing one and they both said the same? Who knows?


soon 2 b skinnysexybumtum
" 'just do it' don't think about it, don't over complicate it, it is what it is, I'm not depriving myself, I'm doing this for myself! "

Thankyou so much for such a motivating thought... If u dont mind Im gonna copy what uv said above and add to my sigi xxxxx
Morning! Got through day 8 yesterday! QP I've done CD twice before 2008 and then 2009 and 2010 maintained but towards the end I allowed weight to increase slowly. Then early 2011 kept trying to re-start.

Mandy Moo I've come to realise it doesn't matter what diet plan one is on, to keep the weight off one's mindset to food and exercise has to change in order for the weight not to creep back on. It's quite simple. Eat less, you don't gain weight, eat even less you lose weight. Add in some exercise you feel fitter and metabolism increases so the odd extra bit of food doesn't increase the weight. The path to losing weight is to have a plan that one can stick to physcially and mentally and the path to keeping it off is continuing to put in the effort to maintain the weight one has lost. That is where I have gone wrong in the past. I simply stopped putting in the effort to maintain having put in all the effort to lose the weight in the first place. I want this to be the last time I have to do CD, I would like to be able to "control" my weight by eating real food - just smaller, healthier portions.

SP today I weigh 9st 13.4 (I am a daily weigher, I find it keeps me on track!) I started of at 10st 8.2 and I would like to get between 8st 7 but ideally 8st as I am 5ft1 and a bit with a small frame. So another 2 ish stone to lose. I am going to try and take your mental approach as I think that will help me get through the next few weeks.
Hey Kira. Well done for getting through day 8! Well done you!

I am do daily weigh ins but am only going to report my weekly loss here.

I am 5'2 and aiming for 9.7 on CD ss, but don't have an actual target weight. I've been doing a lot of weight training since last year and have definitely increased muscle, therefore my 'weight' and the 'body' I am aiming for may differ. I just want everything that jiggles off!

We have similar weight loss goals and it sounds like we have similar 'frames'.... I don't know about you, but I always find it encouraging to know that someone else out there is striving for something similar and starting where I am. I have in the past got a little disheartened by those losing like 12lbs in week one!!!.... But of course I have to consider what they weighed in the first place.

I would definitely be interested to know what your weekly losses are (if you don't mind sharing). I'm weighing in on Thursday, so a day early due to bank holidays. I'll post my weekly loss.

Have a grey day 9! I'm on day 5 and standing strong!! X


soon 2 b skinnysexybumtum
Hope ur day has been good. 5 days down, 2 to go... Roll on day6!!!
Nite hun xxx

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