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this must be a record???

ok so weigh in day today OMG and u remember how i said i hate been awful all week!!

well i lost 0LBS how terrible i must of been the first person ever to have nt lost in there first week i mean i no i cheated but that is just no excuse!! my cdc said treat this week as my first cos i had such a bad week and few home probs aswell but i am so shamed of myself that i have to laugh! considering the last time i did cd i lost 12lbs the first week!!!

Ah well heres to hopefully losing this week finger crossed!!!
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Stop beating yourself up, learn from it and move on. The only way is up and this time next week I am sure you will have the impressive loss that you would expect after being 100% on plan.
Keep on here as the support is A1 and busy fingers on the keypad avoid temptation elsewhere!!
Good luck for your week 1
Dolly x


Now Maintaining :)
Sorry you didn't lose this week. I'm sure you'll get a big loss next week to make up for it.
Aw hon I'm so sorry.But please don't keep giving out to yourself in your head or telling yourself how horrible you feel as that will only trigger more comfort eating and round and round the circle goes.Keep telling yourself that you WILL do this, that you are choosing to do this for you. I am forcing myself to think positively all the time and it's working!You can do it!Gg
thank you! im fine during the day its just the evenings! but after nt losing a single pound this week im really not happy so i will be kickin my ass into gear! x
Evenings were my worst too... that's when I would feel bored /down / lonely / frustrated and would reach for the takeaway menu to make myself feel better.. which would soothe me for while I was eating (distraction?) and then afterwards I would really hate myself, swear tomorrow would be different, avoid people more as the weight went up so I felt more bored / lonely / sad etc... and so the cycle went on.
im bookin new york for next year i need to get my act together, i want a new figure for that so gta get my head into shape aswell!!

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