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This wagon is leaving on 1st Nov, want to jump on?


Hello hello!! Thought I would start yet another thread. :D

I have been off the diet for a few days now, birthday at home, actual birthday yesterday and now, Halloween tonight for b'day with friends!

So....my grand plan is to get on the wagon tomorrow and cling for dear life!! But I know myself that when I fall off (or rather jump off with great force) the wagon I find it really very hard to get back on when I plan to do it. It usually takes me a few re-starts to do it and it hacks me off!!!

So tomorrow is going to be getting back on the wagon day - not day 1, I've only ever had 1 day 1 and that was...oh..heck....2 years ago now. This is just going to the last getting back on the wagon time and this time I'm seeing it through to the end!! No doubt I will use this thread as a sort of diary to ramble on and on and on but maybe thats where I've been going wrong before? Never really had a diary.....:)

So...anyway...anyone want to catch a lift with me to slimville? we leave tomorrow, pack your bags, rations, tea and coffee only please. I may be late as I may be hung over, but can someone hold the wagon for me please?
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I'll come with you!! will be a good ride! But i think i will be on it much longer than you will, probably another 8 months longer!!! eep!


wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! i'm with you guys all the way!!

thanks for starting this nicole!!


Gen xx


OK...so here I am avoiding doing work for Uni....again and so I have drawn a very uber useful picture of the wagon....it's a special carpet bag wagon...as although it looks like a strange 70's version of the Little House on the Prairie wagon....it's soo much better than that. I has 163 king size beds so that we can all be nice and comfy... 20 blenders to whizz up our shakes with....a giant greenhouse so we can grow our own peppermint tea and a super dooper alarm system to alert us if any of us try to get out! it's kinda like prison that way.....:p;) Must also add that super dooper wagon is solar powered but has the facility to be battery powered when there is no sun.

Since it is a carpet bag wagon there is lots of space for extra stuff....anyone any ideas what else would be useful in the wagon??:D


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Great stuff!!!


Introducing the Zappy Gloop Machine!!

The wagon is not cute!!! the wagon is major hardcore and craaaaazy!!!! the wagon is the coolest wagon out there, like a really hot designer wagon!!

At the request of Kazz I have designed with my fabulous art skills the "Zappy Gloop Machine" it is, in essence based on a metal detector that you must walk through in airports apart from this one is BETTER!!!

It really isn't fussed about metal....it's tuned into finding out if there are sneeky wagoneers who have tried to get in evil citric acid, or a cheeky bag of malteasers!!! Whenever you get into the wagon, whether it be at the front of the back, now that the Zappy gloop machine has been fitted to both ends you will not be able to get any bad food in without getting zapped. The gloop part of the machine is that when you walk through it, the gloop passes over you....if you are found to have any contraband the gloop sticks and this acts as a conductor for the zappy bit and you are propelled away from the wagon and any wagoneers!!

Good job Kazz....couldn't be having any carbs on the wagon now could we?:D


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slimville will there be any stops and is there a buffet car???


Hrm....stops....me think not...if we stop I have a feeling some people might go AWOL plus...don't you know there is a fabby-dabby-doo loo in this wagon? It's from Japan and it has one of those bum washy things built in....also, because I don't like germs the flush is actually on the floor and you press it with your foot so no more germies on your handies!!!

So, no need for stops!!

Buffet car....well, if you check into the 1st class section of the wagon, otherwise known as the boring section, yes, there is a buffet cart where they will make any ration of your choice made to your own specification. See wonderful pictures.... Alternatively, you could just slum it like the rest of us and make your own rations....depends if you're having a bad day and need someone else to make your rations for you.....and if you trust them....:rolleyes:


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OK Wagoneers!! I am signing off for the moment....I have to get all scaried up and ready for clients tonight...then off out...don't know if I'll be back on till the morning but we shall see!!!

ROLL CALL!!!!! all wagoneers must be checked in and passed through the zappy gloop machine before departing!

So far....there is:


not sure about Kazz, Cah-ching and mustdo it....are you just helping with the wagon design?? :D

Anyway...toodle pip for now...I shall be back...maybe even with pictures!!:)


Gonna be a 10!
Has any one ever told you you're nuts? lol!
I'm with you on the wagon if theres a super dooper bed for me too? Tomorrows my second day so maybe we can exchange tips and stories on our journey to slimville .... no folk songs though pleeeeease! lol!


just to have my bum washed i'm aboard!!!!!!


will i be able to send postcards to friends and family .....how do we replenish sachet supplies....and are the guards sha**able? susan


argh!!! I'm pished. I'm surprised I can see the keyboard at this time...I;be had unpeteen glasses of water nad aoutr 4 glasses of wine and a sh0ot of vodka jelly amd now I'm home and making pasta! I need the darn wagon bacK!! gimmie the wagon!!!!!!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad:
Damn it's 12.20am have I missed it's departure?????

I will run to catch it up!!!.... Maybe not it's cold out there and dark and scary, went to bed to early as I felt shite, had to catch the last hr of MHL........