This was so sweet


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This is so sweet.

I was in the cloakroom at our primary school. A little lad from the reception class was in one of the toilets doing a poo (not sure you needed to know that:rolleyes:). Anyway, he was singing away, completely in his own world, making up the lyrics as he went.

I didn't catch it all, but the bits I did catch were so sweet.

Lines included were:
I love my school
I love my teacher (not me BTW...couldn't do reception class!)
I love my Mummy and all my family
Mummy will collect me from school
I'm safe here with my friends.
Best of all, my family love me.
I'm so happy.

He's a definite for my choir in 3 years time;)

Anyway, I keep thinking about it. Just wanted to share.

You know that fact that he's only been in school a few weeks and is happy to do a no.2 at school, swinging his legs and singing is lovely and tells you how secure and happy he is, even if he hadn't sung those words. My son in reception still holds all day if he possibly can coz he likes his mummy to wipe!

Maybe one day he will be singing in the cubical too! I hope so.

Lovely story. His mum would love it but I guess you probably don't know who she is!

Dizzy x
I will tell his teacher on Monday, so she can report back to Mum. I know I'd like to hear that if I was his Mummy :)
Awww bless him - there's nothing better, more special or moving than a happy child, is there!

Thanks for sharing that - it made me smile!